PBEM 1835 : Kappa

One of a number of concurrent 1835 games being moderated by Bill Stoll (jvcb28c@prodigy.com). It will be a "medium-speed" game, with players (supposedly) checking email 1-2 times a day during the week, but not weekends.

No variant rules are being used, although they were discussed.



The players (in randomized turn order) are:


There is a "master" PostScript map, built using the ps18xx package that will be kept up-to-date and also include the map history. At the end of each operating round, a GIF will be created from the PostScript, which is detailed enough to figure out routes, but not clear enough to read the small print.

Recent Round Actions

Operating Round 5.2

Stock Round 6

Starting Real Soon Now(tm)

Text Summaries of past ORs

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