PBEM 1837

1837 is set in Eastern Europe (Austria/Yugoslavia/??) and introduces yet another type of railway, the Coal Company, which operates out of a mine and runs. This is a player-moderated game, so there is no "official" modearator.

I'm looking for a good name for this game. Suggestions are welcome, and any used will be credited.



The players (in turn order via a dice server) are:


The "master" PostScript map, built using the ps18xx package, is kept up-to-date and includes the map history. At the end of each operating round, a GIF will be created from the PostScript, which is detailed enough to figure out routes, but not clear enough to read the small print. File sizes (where given) are rounded.

Current Round Actions

Stock Round 1

Current Holdings

(Starting cash = 380, certificate limit = 14)
        Name       Cash    Certificates
        ----       ----    ------------
        Chris       40     BB, EOD, BB(priv), S4(ST)
        Randy       60     SB, S1(WG), KKB, S2(KB)
        Andy         0     EPP, MLB, ZKB, EHS
        Dave        95     EKT, AB, S3(NT)
        Peter      180     RGTE, SPB
        Matthias   380

Start Packet Remaining (full price)

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

Text Summaries of past ORs

None, as yet.
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