the 1856 Alpha PBEM game

This is one of several currently running PBEM 1856 games that I know of. Paul Work is moderating the "alpha" and "beta" games. I'm also providing web space for maps and summaries of 1856 Beta. Rob Stimets is documenting more - see my 18xx page for a list.



(In the randomly-determined "seating" order)


All the maps are generated using ps18xx, a postcard-ware package by Matthias Close available from the German 18xx FTP site.

The Postscript version of the map includes all the tiles laid, in order, so you can reconstruct the moves if you really want. The images were created using Mac Ghostscript, saving as PICT, and then converted to GIF with GraphicConverter. If you want a really detailed look at the map, go with the Postscript.

Current PostScript map (57k)


Neatly formatted text summaries of each Share and Operating Round

Recent Current Round Status

Stock Round 6

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