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I am what could be described as an "avid" boardgamer. I will play almost any boardgame at least once, and again (and again and again) if I like it (and can find opponents willing to play). I'm not real fond of wargames, especially "traditional" ones with LOTS of pieces on a side and lots of information packed onto little counters. I also don't play RPGs (Role Playing Games) or CCGs (Collectible Card Games). My current favorites are railroad-type games, especially the 18xx family.


I had so much stuff here I moved it to its own page.

Other Board Games

Besides 18xx, some of my favorite games are Other games which I like or think are cool but don't get to play often are:

Game Conventions

There are lots of game conventions of various sizes throughout the year and throughout the country. I don't have the time or money to make it to more than a small fraction of them, but the ones I know about are listed here.

Game Companies on the Net

General Board Game resources

Other Gaming Resources

Vaguely Game-Related Stuff

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