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Welcome to my little corner of the web. I'm using it as a place to collect and share information I think is useful or entertaining (to me, at least). Since I never know where I (or anyone else) will be accessing this from, none of my pages are Netscape enhanced. I will eventually add HTML 2 and 3 tags, but since I'm trying to focus on content, fancy (and slow) background images and huge clickable imagemaps seem a wasteful luxury for right now. (Plus, I'm trying to take a moral stand against companies trying to set standards through sheer market share rather than technical excellence. If it's such a good idea, everybody should agree what the standards should be. I also don't voluntarily give money to Microsoft.)

I think the basic structure of my pages has stabilized enough to make a change page worthwhile. This will usually only reflect organizational changes, or significant new additions. Minor updates to individual pages probably won't rate their own entries.


What do I do to support myself? I work as a 'consultant' for a small company, which basically means a lot of computer-related work. Mac and Dos/Win configuration, integrating stuff to work together on LANs, Oracle DBA, Unix sysadmin, and whatever else comes up. Link page

Not really work, but definitely a position of responsibility, is being a member of the Board of Directors of the Santa Clara Valley Science and Engineering Fair. Back in the fourth grade, I entered a project and got hooked, so I kept participating until I graduated from high school. Now I can help give the same opportunity to current students. If you're interested, check out the science fair web page.


What do I do when I'm not slaving away in front of a computer? Right now, my non-work interests (read: timesinks) include:
(Board) Gaming
Especially the 18xx family of Railroad games, other 'development' games, and more ... I also PBEM. (I have even played Advanced Civilization by email, before the computer version existed :)
I almost got seriously into this while attending Harvey Mudd College, but resisted until a couple years after I graduated, when I ended up getting recruited by a friend for AnimeExpo staff.
Random Humor
Consisting mostly of culling written things from the net. See what sort of things amuse me.
2 scratch leagues a week, where I'm averaging about 195.
I've been an avid reader as long as I can remember being able to read. My favorite genres are SF and light fantasy, but I'll read just about anything (including cereal boxes)
Home Improvement
Having just bought a house it's the real thing, not the TV show. Starting with LOTS of shelves for the books and games.


Where I keep my most-used links (that might or might not be on the more specific pages). This will often get out of date before I clean it up - so all the links may not work and the organization is sub-optimal.
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