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People I know who have pages, or personal pages I think are cool, or both...


This gets its own page because:


There's enough of this that it gets its own page. Links not yet incorprated there will still show up here, though


UC Irvine Bookstore The Hunting of the Snark Marbelized Paper

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Transportation Places Financial Shopping by Net


Was anybody famous born on your birthday? Check out Encyclopedia Britannica's Lives

Ferret Central is maintained by a fellow RSI alum. (Plus it's a neat site)

A whole bunch of cat pictures. I don't have a cat in my new house yet, but will eventually...

The Asylum's Lite-Brite

Gargoyles You know, those stone things usually only found on cathedrals.

FTP some art, some of which is by artists I've actually heard of. I haven't even begun to look at what all is there, it's just a site I may want to refer to later.

About QuasiTiler version 3.0 which does some cool stuff

SF Bay Area Chapter of the ACM

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