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Hi, this is Ken. There's not a lot on my page, in fact pretty much nothing at all, and I'm not going to claim that it's "under construction" or some such. Still, I'm sure that someone who might want to contact me can use it.

Contacting Me

Phone: (678) 485-9141

Address:  302 Montrose Parkway, Norcross, GA 30092

Email address:


Resume (deleted... please contact me if you want a copy).

Sega Dreamcast VMU CRC program (in C). vms_crc.c

Member Nethack development team 1988-1994, 1995-2000 (with a break for finishing my thesis).

I am looking for old time radio episodes.

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Some of my interests include old time radio, Japanese animation (anime) and comics (manga), Nethack, video games, and roleplaying games. Anime used to be really obscure, but it's amazing how big it's gotten. (Update: It's shrinking again. Ah well.)

I maintain(ed) the following FAQ files listed below. These are all obsolete now and I haven't touched them sometimes in more than ten years.

Miscellaneous links I find amusing (though I refuse to put my entire bookmarks list here like some people do):

Telnet links: These should not be necessary, but I've encountered library computers that don't let you type in arbitrary URLs. These are useless unless you have accounts on these systems: Nyx, Spirit of the Night freenet Nyx10 a2i Communications

Atlanta, Georgia anime/manga shopping guide (work in progress) No longer a text version, because of all the links in it, but still pretty minimal HTML that's easy to save or print.

The end.

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