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Frequently Asked Questions and Semi-Random Ramblings (Under Construction)

If you've read my Usenet postings and ever wondered about if and when the Berkeley Farm and Pleasure Palace will ever not be "under construction", or were curious about the Temple of Grooviness or my other occasional sigfiles, you've come to the right place. I guarantee NO frames, NO animation, NO heavy graphics, and NO weird backgrounds to keep Web waits to a minimum. In case you're wondering, you are visitor number [an error occurred while processing this directive] to the electronic version of the BF&PP (or, as it becomes when I neglect the gardening for netsurfing or other pursuits, the Weed Farm and House 'O' Whimsey).

What I don't have right now is a Web-ready picture of myself. This will change as soon as I get off my duff and start bribing my scanner-owning friends with truffles or somesuch.

I cheerfully admit to being a Usenet junkie. (What can I say? I'm an inveterate reader and I got out of the habit of watching TV years ago.) Besides being an interactive way to play hooky from my Adult Responsibilities, I've met a lot of really great people on the Net and had a few adventures travelling around to meet and visit them.

Most of my other favorite ways to procrastinate are astonishingly low-tech. (My day job involves keeping a lot of computers running, and dealing with people who are not terribly happy that the computers in their lives are not doing exactly what they want, so I don't much like dealing with 'puters on my free time, except to read netnews.) I like cooking and eating, puttering in the yard, quilting, paper crafts, or just reading and listening to the radio with the cat on my lap.

I've tried to provide an interesting selection of links for your perusal; click here for the ones that didn't make it onto one of my other subpages.
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