No matter where you go, there we are

I wasn't that close to Susan Hattie Steinsapir, but the story of her illness, heart transplant, and death, as chronicled in was deeply moving. If you are tired of hearing about sleaze and slime on the Internet, read the wonderful page that Mimi and JB Hiller created for her. (And sign your medical wills/donor cards, please, and let your next of kin know.) Since Susan loved cooking and eating, be sure to check out Mimi's Cyber Kitchen afterwards.

Other Friends of Charlotte

Elaine Richards, artist, net.diva, garden goddess, cat herder, and diva-of-all- trades extraordinaire

Sheba and her sculptures - buy now before she is famous and they cost more

Bob Kenyon, Aggie alum, sax player, home improver, FAQ beautifier, and car guy

Charlotte P. Lee, who is far more eloquent about Berkeley than I am 'cause she grew up there

Trish Roberts, spinning in the public sphere (Is that like the rED bAll?) with the Puritans and a seemingly inexhaustible supply of .sig quotes

Phil Birmingham, brew dude, jumpin' Java jivester, and particle smasher

Ayse's Maison Aubergine

JennyG, her Attack Mini, and assorted brewhaha another trendy moron with a web page (and no, my friends don't want unsolicited commercial email, either)

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