Pages I like that I haven't mentioned elsewhere

The Computer Virus Myths page - I visit this one daily in the course of doing my day job

Monk Magazine - Simple, mobile, and true

Got a complaint about someone? Or feeling mischievious? Get the to do the writing for you.

Fun for kids of all ages at Archie McPhee

The Shakespearian Insult Generator - for those who wish to be creative when they swear in public

For more anti-spam (and anti-idiot) advice and stories, see Rahul Dhesi's page (and no, I don't get free time for plugging it :-). While we're on the subject, of course, I know I've plugged the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Emailpage, but you don't want to miss it.

Charlotte L. Blackmer: another trendy moron with a web page and a big bookmark file. Rates for accepting unsolicted commercial mail: $250 US per instance.

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