My 1999 Porsche Boxster

My Boxster Has Become a "Garage Queen!"

I was looking for a replacement for my high-mileage 1993 Mazda RX-7 twin turbo, and considered a number of other cars, some much cheaper than a Boxster. So how did I end up buying a Porsche Boxster? Well, I'm married to an awesome woman who suggested that I consider one. In her words: "What's wrong with getting a Boxster? Those are pretty neat." How could I argue with that!

So we went to the nearest Porsche dealership, and we couldn't even get the time of day from them. Next we went to Carlsen Porsche in Palo Alto, California, where we met the ever-friendly Mike Bradley. This was in March of 1998. We put down a deposit to get on the waiting list and, well, waited. Until September, in fact. At that time we were first in line to place the actual order, which we did after throwing in some more money. Expected delivery was in December but didn't actually happen until January 22nd for some reason. The actual build date was 12/23/98.

The waiting list to order my Boxster was so long that those other cars almost tempted me away from the Boxster while I waited for it to arrive. But none of them really seemed to be a better choice for me, and so I held firm to my decision. So far I'm very glad I did... even after over five years of ownership! Read on to see exactly why I love the car so much.

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