Boxster Engine Modifications

This is something you should approach with caution, and a large bank account! None of these mods is legal in SCCA Solo II "Stock Category" autocrossing, though some are legal in the "Street Prepared Category."

Computer Chips

These control the fuel injection and ignition timing, and other functions of the Boxster's engine. They are not legal in SCCA Solo II "Stock Category" autocrossing, but are legal in the "Street Prepared Category." Note that aftermarket chips may not be legal for street use.

Several manufacturers have recently started to market these for the Boxster. Chip changes are much more complicated with the new "OBD II" emissions laws, though less beneficial too, since the OBD II requirements have resulted in highly efficient chips already. But there's always room for improvement since the chip programming always includes some margin for error, like low octane gas, high temperatures, poor maintenance, etc. Follow these links:

ZucZ Performance Motorsports

Fabspeed Motorsport

Wetterauer Automotive Engineering

Windward Performance Products

Cams, Big Bore Kits, other Crazy Stuff

Not much available here, though there is a company called Wendland Motorentechnik that offers extensive internal goodies... but their website is only in German. This stuff isn't legal for street use, or in SCCA's "Street Prepared Category." Some of these mods can be performed by any skilled auto machinist, like regrinding cams. Others may require custom parts. But the results are only as good as the machinist doing the work, so be careful, and always test the car before and after the mods are performed.

NEW: Turbo Performance Center is currently working on a 3.0 liter conversion kit for standard Boxsters. This should be a very nifty alternative for owners of standard Boxsters to buying the new Boxster S... especially if the warranty has expired. It's not cheap, I'm sure, but it might still be cheaper than taking a sales loss on an older standard Boxster and buying a new Boxster S.

911 (996) Engine Swap

This is a conversion that should theoretically be easy since the Boxster and 996 engines use the same basic block. Increases engine displacemement from 2.5 liters to 3.4 liters, and power from 201 hp to 296 hp! The only big mechanical problem is that the 996 engine rotates the transmission in the opposite direction, so the Boxster transaxle has to be modified to allow reverse rotation. The only two places that I know of that are pursuing this are Kelly Moss Motorsports. and Zucz Performance Motorsports. There are undoubtedly other complicating factors, like whether the Boxster transmission is strong enough to handle the extra power, the engine management elctronics, etc. But it sure sounds like a fun conversion to me! Not legal in SCCA's "Street Prepared Category."

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