Team Bicycle Trip Planner

The Team Bicycle Trip Google Calendar is a place for you to see what other teammates are up to, and for you to tell the rest of us which races you are most interested in entering, and any workout rides, parties, etc. That will allow us to arrange carpooling and team tactics, and lets you know what workout rides people are organizing so you can join in the fun. Visit the official race calendars for the latest race schedules (see "Helpful links" below for some of these).

Helpful links

Quick-start guide to using the team calendar

To get to Google Calendars, just click here:


When you get there, if you're not already logged in, you should see a page named "Welcome to Google Calendar" and a login section in the upper-right that says "Sign in to Google Calendar with your Google Account" above it. Enter the e-mail address you use for team e-mails, and your password and click on the "Sign In" button. If you're already signed in you will go to the Google Calendar page directly with no login or clicks needed. If you don't have a Google account yet, click on the "Create an account" button instead, again, using the e-mail address you use for team e-mails.

If you login with a different e-mail address you will not see the team calendar on Google. Let Dennis or Nils know and we can add your other e-mail address to the list of visitors authorized to see the calendar.

You should now see the Google Calendar page. On the left side you should see the "V My calendars" box (that "V" is a downward-pointing arrow). In the box you should see a list of calendars, including your own calendar plus any other calendars you've been granted access to. That should include the calendar named "Team Bicycle Trip." If the little arrow to the left of "My calendars" is pointing to the right instead of pointing down, click on that arrow so the list becomes visible.

Make sure that the "Team Bicycle Trip" text in the list has been highlighted in color; if it's not highlighted then highlight it by clicking on it. Once it's highlighted then you should be seeing all the team events in your calendar view on that same page, in small boxes of the same highlight color as the text in the list (on my calendar view the team events are in a dark green, but that might be different in your view).

If you still don't see the team events in the calendar, but do see "Team Bicycle Trip" highlighted in your "My calendars" box list, make sure you are looking at the current date, or in the future. This is done by clicking on the "< > Today" buttons at the upper-left corner of the calendar. Heck, try the "Refresh" button while you're at it, just in case. If you go too far back, before September 2007, you won't see any team events because that's when Dennis created the calendar.

This page allows you to quickly see the team calendar. But you can't edit the team calendar from this page. To do so you need to go to the Google Calendars Web site and login as above.

Need more help? Go to the Google Calendar Help Center