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DSP Suspension Design Software

DSP Suspension Design Software takes the guesswork out of suspension tuning... for everyone from "Big Three" automobile manufacturers to budding autocrossers!

Design Your Car's Suspension on Your Computer!

Suspension technology is highly confusing, and there's a reason for this: It is highly complex, and there is rarely any one "right" answer. Even many aftermarket manufacturers can only guess at the optimum spring and sway bar rates for their performance suspension kits. And what they build may not be what's best for you. But many of the common mistakes in suspension design are completely avoidable. That's what this software is designed to help you with. This software makes all the complicated calculations needed to design the optimum springs and sway bars for you — or to help you decide which of the aftermarket components are best for your needs.

This suspension design software lets you take into account various characteristics of your car, such as corner weights, the suspension type, the suspension geometry, wheel widths and offsets, and wheelbase to intelligently select springs (coil, leaf, and torsion bar springs) and sway bars (also called swaybars, anti-sway bars, or anti-roll bars) that work together. They even work for tubular sway bars and torsion bars! Load the spreadsheet into your laptop computer and you can make quick calculations at trackside, helping you save valuable time in car setup!

Easy-To-Use Spreadsheets

This suspension design software is available in spreadsheet format. Anyone with a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel will be able to use them without any difficulty. No advanced knowledge is required beyond that. The accompanying user's manual discusses how to use the spreadsheets, and is also a handy guide to basic suspension theory.

Spreadsheet Demos

Simple demos are available which show how these suspension design spreadsheets work. You must have Microsoft Excel (or a compatible application) installed on your hard disk to use them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This FAQ covers some of the more common questions people have about this software.

Official PayPal SealSuspension Design Advice

Here some of the most common suspension modifications are discussed, and the problems that each presents and how you can overcome them.

Purchasing and Downloading the Spreadsheets and Manual

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