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Spreadsheet Demos

The demos below are very simple spreadsheets with stand-alone equations giving just a hint of what the full spreadsheets are capable of. When you receive a password (see the respective "Use" sections), you will be able to download the full spreadsheets, plus a 24-page manual. The full spreadsheets contain numerous equations, for both the front and rear suspensions, and connect them together, forming an interactive spreadsheet that allows you to design the suspension as a whole... not just as separate components, so you can avoid much costly testing. The manual also provides additional tips for making these measurements more accurately, and applying the information gained to an overall picture of how these and other suspension components interact, and how you might change them for improved handling. It is also a handy guide to basic suspension theory.

For a demo of how the spreadsheets work, click on one of the links below. These demos are not stand-alone applications, they are spreadsheet files. You must have Microsoft Excel installed on your hard disk to use them. Determine which demo you want to try, then click on the corresponding link below. The file will download to your hard disk and open in Microsoft Excel. You may be prompted by your browser to locate Excel the first time you do this.

Here are two figures, taken from the manual, which are necessary to determine where to make the measurements the demos call for. All dimensions entered MUST be in either decimal inches or pounds, except when otherwise indicated.


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