Well, we have just completed our second Hustle Workshop and I am pleased
to announce it was another Great Success. Mother's day weekend saw Disco
Dave Sarul and Debra Hampton ( from HUSTLE USA ) perform a Hustle floor
dance exhibition at both the Friday and Saturday night dances. And
Saturday afternoon they put on two great workshops in New York style
Hustle, those of you who were not able to attend really missed out but
stay tuned for there return. Our own Hustle Club Members, Ylva Wintzell,
Bobby Concepcion and Raul Ante also performed an entertaining "Hustle
Cut" demonstration at both dances. Ylva Wintzell and Marc McGovern
performed a Hustle Dance Routine on Saturday night and all the
performers received a rousing applause for there dance exhibitions.

At this time I would like to thank all the people who attended the
workshop, for there support and special thanks to Robin Rebello,
Stefanie Elkin, Carolyn Jones, Bobby Concepcion, Jay Larrick and Dennis
McAffee for there super effort before, during and after the workshops.

To Robin Rebello and Phil Mast, Thank You for allowing us to dance at
your Friday and Saturday night Dances.

A Special Note: People interested in tickets for the HUSTLE USA DANCE
CHAMPIONSHIPS, to held in New York City in October, we have plenty of
application forms. If there are any Club Members who wish to attend,
just call 415-467-8830 or 1-800-92 HUSTLE and we will mail you a form.
Club members who have purchased tickets are, Cathy Econom, Marc
McGovern, Raul Ante, Lilianna Martinez, Ava Apple and Ylva Wintzell COME
JOIN US IN THE BIG APPLE for some great dancing and fun.  

BITS AND PIECES: Here is some information you may be interested in.
Those of you who attend Country Western dances are aware of Country Two
Step, West Coast Swing, Country Cha Cha, Country Waltz and Line Dancing.
Well this Year 1995 they have included "HUSTLE" as one of there featured
dances. The Country Dance Classic, held in Fresno, offered Hustle
Workshops, Competitions and Dances as part of there four day event, this
past Memorial Day Weekend. Several Members of the Hustle Dance Club
competed in the "Open Division Street Hustle". Congratulations to Ylva
Wintzell & Raul Ante for placing 3rd and Marc Mc Govern for placing 5th,
in the Open Division. Other members who competed or participated in the
four day event where Steve Ahl, Gregory Harrison, Tulsa Jarvis and
Pamela Jawish. Attending the festivities were, Gary Anderson, Beth
Bellamy, Bobby Concepcion and Cathy Econom.

                             HUSTLE DANCING

Starting June 6, 1995, HUSTLE DANCING every Tuesday night @ GRAND PLACE
Dance instruction 8-9pm, Dancing 9-12 MIDNIGHT ( huge dance floor )
Music by: John Schlict  ( Sir Dancealot )
Dance instruction by: Bobby Concepcion & Raul Ante   8-9PM 
Admission: $4.00. NO DRINK MIN.
Directions: Hwy 101, exit Mathilda (south), left turn on WASHINGTON,
left turn on FRANCES, left turn on CAPELLA WAY

EVERY 2ND AND 4TH FRIDAY OF THE MONTH @ Metronome Ballroom, 1830 17th
St  S.F, CA (415-252-9000) Lessons 7:30-9pm w/ David Wiese & Sherrie
Paregian  Dancing 9-12 midnight. Admission $10.00 Lesson/Party, $8.00

                            HUSTLE WORKSHOPS

Sunday, July 9th
          NEW YORK HUSTLE WORKSHOP with Ava Apple
          All levels welcome. Partner not required. 2:30-4:30pm
          $20.00 general public, $17.00 YWCA & HUSTLE DANCE CLUB Members
          Price includes admission to practice party that night.
          HUSTLE/SALSA DANCE PARTY 5-8pm,$4.00 party only
Location: University YWCA
          2600 Bancroft Way
          Berkeley, CA  510-848-6370
          info 415-681-8140

FOR DANCE SUPPLIES: Bill Rowe's BDS ( Ballroom Dance supply )
                    372 Bird Ave. San Jose, Ca 408-293-1727

                    Anne Keen Dance Shoe Supplier
                    Metronome Ballroom, 1830- 17th St. S.F., CA
                    510-547-8483 pager 510-355-4443

                              AVA APPLE      415-681-8140
                              MARGE GABBERT  415-334-9914
                              LES ROBINSON   408-381-5083
                              CRUZ SUMERA    415-923-8787 (pager)
                              YLVA WINTZELL  415-583-6507

                              DEBRA HAMPTON  213-653-7088
                              DAVE SARUL     213-653-7088



Bonnie Adams, Virgina Adams, Steve Ahl, Amy Aldrich, Karen Andersen,    
 Gary Anderson, Earl Ante, Raul Ante, Ava Apple, Rita Arbour,         
Toni Barajas, Beth Bellamy, Michael Beniston, Janada Berghouse,     
Sixto Bernal, Jerry Bielfeldt, James Bower, Wayne Burdett, Kris Carlsen,
Cynthia Chaddick, Wing Cheng, Larry Cho, Myoung Choi, Michael Cohen,
Sherri Cook, Bobby Concepcion, Linda Curry, Aldena Duval, Cathy Econom, 
  Ted Eisenstadt, Stefanie Elkin, Michael Everest, Ann Felldin,
Esther Feuerstein, John Frazer, Sarah French, Marge Gabbert,         
Steve Gavazza, Peter Giricz, Carl Hage, Gayle Hand, Richard Hanson,
Gregory Harrison, Patricia Hastings, Diane Hayes, Gary Helfert,    
Samuel Howard, Tulsa Jarvis, Pamela Jawish, Carolyn Jones, Ed Johnson,
Ann Keen, Deepak Khiani, Hayes Kolb, Patricia Kopache, Jay Larrick,  
Rick Lasslo, Theresa Ledt, Donna Lee, Susan Lin, Valerie Lisiewicz,
George & Vera Loskutoff, Michael Marangio, Tess Martillano,       
Liliana Martinez, Dennis Mc Affee, Marc Mc Govern, Robert Mirolo,     
Bill Mitchell, Erich Mitsch, Barbara Morris, Steve Nguyen,         
Laurie Nielson, Mickey Pawlik, Eric Pearson, Alex Pepple, Adele Poenish,
Alain Quinto, Eric Raeber, Alexander Rawls, Robin Rebello,             
Peggy & James Religa, Ginny & Les Robinson, Bill Rowe, Mario Rulloda,
Lilly Santos, Phillip Seyer, Phillip Sienna, Deborah Simon, Gail
Stevens, Rosencruz Sumera, Gary Tom, Hue Vu, Carlos Waleski, Douglas
Wardian,    Ylva Wintzell, Carol Wlock, Talma Wong-Stein, Jeff Yee,
Virgina Ynegas.