FAMOUS QUOTE: by Abraham Lincoln:

     "THINGS may come to those who wait, But only THINGS left by those
who HUSTLE."    (Provided by: Michael Cohen)

Someone once told me Hustle was a HOT dance, that it was HOT in New
York, it was HOT in L. A., Those of you who attended our June 24th
workshop, with Maria Torres, really found out what HOT means! Attendees
who are still alive, must be commended for surviving one of the hottest
days of the year. The out side temperature was over 100 degrees so you
can imagine what the inside was like. On the positive side we got a HOT
pattern and the workshop detailed much needed styling and technique for
Hustle Dancing. Maria will be back for another workshop and private
lessons, sometime January or February 1996. Our next workshop date will
be November 11, 1995 stay tuned for more details.

Thanks again to all of you who have supported our workshops, and special
thanks to: Robin Rebello, Stefanie Elkin, Jay Larrick, Dennis Mc Affee, 
  Bobby Concepcion, Les Robinson and Carolyn Jones for all they have
done to make our efforts successful. Club Members who wish to volunteer
their time and resources, Please call me, ( Raul Ante ), at
415-467-8830. Your services would be appreciated. 

I would also like to thank all the Club Members who attended Ava Apple's
Hustle Workshop/Dance, Jerry Bielfeldt, James Bower, Sam Howard,
Lilianna Martinez, Marc Mc Govern, Adele Poenisch and Deepak Khiani: Ava
thanks you for your support!

There has been much discussion concerning the different styles of Hustle
Dancing ( N.Y., L.A., Orange County, Ballroom, Club or Street Style ).
There are some people who say one style is superior to the others or
that a certain style is the "New Style". Good dancing is good dancing no
matter where or what part of the country it comes from. I have seen good
dancers, with different styles of Hustle and it was all very exciting to
watch. Just remember, a bad dancer will make any style look bad. All
Styles of Hustle have something to offer. All real Professional Dance
Instructors have something to give in terms of knowledge. Old basic
Hustle moves are the roots to the "New Styles of Hustle". The Hustle
Rhythm or beat is the same for ALL STYLES. As Maria Torres told me
"HUSTLE IS HUSTLE" no matter what style you are doing. All the different
styles offer new ideas in movement such as traveling from a slot, to a 
circular, diagonal, linear movement. There are influences from Latin,
swing and ballroom dances. Some of the foot work and body styling, we
are seeing, in HUSTLE, is coming from international style ballroom.
There is more to dancing than just patterns, I see a definite need for
people to learn better rhythm, more positioning, connection, foot & body
technique and much more. To the beginner and the intermediate dancer, be
wary of all those people who are constantly giving you advise on the
dance floor, it may not be your fault. Seek the advise of a real
professional, one who makes their living teaching dance, you will be
much better off. The Bay Area has some very good, quality, Professional
Dance Instructors, see our list below, take a lesson. Do not change your
style of dancing, on someone else's whim, be creative, let your style
grow. We, THE HUSTLE DANCE CLUB, see the need to expose you to as many
different styles of Hustle as we can, and to provide quality
"PROFESSIONAL DANCE INSTRUCTORS". So far, we have concentrated on New
York Style Hustle. In future workshops we will have Instructors from
different parts of the country ( Detroit, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San
Diego, Phoenix, San Francisco and parts unknown ). With all these
different influences, we will have our own unique San Francisco or Bay
Area style of Hustle! So remember to keep an open mind, variety is the
spice of life, dancing is life, keep dancing.


      Tuesday Nights at  Grand Palace Restaurant  Hustle/WCS/Salsa
                         711 Town & Country Village  
                         Sunnyvale, Ca     408-733-7466
                         Lessons 8-9pm w/ Bobby Concepcion & Raul Ante
                         No extra charge for lessons
                         Dancing 9-12 midnight
                         $3.00 cover charge

      Thursday Nights at Caribbean Gardens Restaurant  Cha Cha/Hustle
                         1306 Old Bayshore Hwy         Merengue
                         Burlingame, Ca  415-347-9007
                         Dancing 9-1AM                  
                         Lessons: 7:30-9pm with Ylva Wintzell beg/int
                         Cover: $4.00  CLUB MEMBERS: $3.00 
                            ( MUST SHOW MEMBERSHIP CARD )

2nd & 4th Fridays of the month at:

                         Metronome Ballroom  Hustle/Swing/Salsa
                         1830 17th St. at De Haro
                         S.F., Ca   415-252-9000
                         Lessons: 7:30-9PM $10.00 includes party
                         Beg/Inter Hustle with David Weise 
                         & Sherri Paregian
                         Dancing: 9-12 midnight $8.00

Every 2nd Sunday of the month at:

                         University YWCA  Hustle/Salsa
                         2600 Bancroft Way
                         Berkeley, CA
                         Instructor: Ava Apple
                         Dancing: 5pm-8pm $4.00
                         info: 415-681-8140  510-848-6370

     Sunday Evenings at:
                         Avenue Ballroom  WCS/Two step/Hustle
                         Taravel & 16th Ave
                         S.F.  681-2882
                         Dancing 5pm-8pm Lessons By: Philip Seyer
                         Small Donation Please, but not required.

L.A. Hustle Dance:       Sat. Aug. 5th, Thursday Aug 17th & 31st
                         Long Beach Dance Centre
                         5107 East Ocean Blvd.
                         Belmont Shore, CA
                         D.J: Ceasar Ricaurte (714-837-0440)

CLASSES: (Beginners) Mondays at:
                         The Metronome Ballroom
                         1830 17th St At De Haro
                         S.F., CA  415-252-9000
                         with David Weise

     (Intermediate) Tuesdays at:
                         The Metronome Ballroom
                         7:30-8:45pm pre-intermediate 
                         8:45-10:00pm intermediate 
                         with David Weise

Future Dates:

Sept. 10, 1995 Hustle workshop with Michelle Kinkaid at Imperial Dance 
Studio, 822 Cassia St. Redwood City , info call  (415) 585-6282
Workshop 4pm-5:30pm, Dance 6pm-10pm

Oct. 14th-15th, 1995 Hustle Dance Championships in New York City. Call
415-467-8830 for details or 1-800-92 HUSTLE

Nov. 11, 1995 Hustle Dance Club Workshop, at Pavilion 1:30-3pm,
3:30-4:00pm with Debra Hampton and Disco Dave Sarul. Details to follow.

Dec. 3, 1995 Hustle Workshop, Santa Cruz Swing Club, with Michael Kiehm
Call Santa Cruz Swing Club, ( Beth Bellamy 408-475-6515 ) for more

Club Membership: ( 108 members )

Bonnie Adams, Virgina Adams, Steve Ahl, Amy Aldrich, Gary Anderson,    
Karen Anderson, Earl Ante, Raul Ante, Ava Apple, Rita Arbour,        
Toni Barajas, Lee Beer, Beth Bellamy, Michael Beniston, Janada
Berghouse,  Sixto Bernal, Jerry Bielfeldt, James Bower, Wayne Burdett,
Kris Carlsen,  Cynthia Chaddick, Larry Chao, Wing Cheng, Myoung Choi,
Michael Cohen,     Sheeri Cook, Bobby Concepcion, Linda Curry, Aldena
Duval, Cathy Econom,   Ted Eisenstadt, Stefanie Elkin, Mike Everest, Ann
Felldin,           Esther Feuerstein, John Frazer, Sarah French, Marge
Gabbert,         Steve Gavazza, Peter Giricz, Jonathan & Elenita Goco,
Carl Hage,      Gayle Hand, Richard Hanson, Gregory Harrison, Patricia
Hastings,      Diane Hayes, Gary Helfort, Edward Herman, Sam Howard,
Tulsa Jarvis,     Pam Jawish, Carolyn Jones, Ed Johnson, Ann Keen,
Deepak Khiani,      Hayes Kolb, Patricia Kopache, Jay Larrick, Rick
Lasslo, Theresa Ledet, Donna Lee, Valerie Lisiewicz, Susan lin, George &
Vera Loskutoff,    Michael Marangio, Tess Martillano, Lilianna Martinez,
Dennis Mc Affee, Marc Mc Govern, Robert Mirolo, Bill Mitchell, Erich
Mitsch,        Barbara Morris, Steve Nguyen, Laurie Nielsen, Mickey
Pawlick,          Eric Pearson, Alex Pepple, Adele Poenisch, Alain
Quinto,  Eric Raeber, Alex Rawls, Robin Rebello, Peggy & James Religa,
Ginny & Les Robinson, Bill Rowe, Mario Rulloda, Lilly Santos, Phil Seyer
Phil Sienna,        Deborah Simon, Gail Stevens, Cruz Summera, Gary Tom,
Hue Vu,         Carlos Waleski, Doug Wardian, Ylva Wintzell, Carol
Wlock,             Talma Wong-Stein, Jianpo Xie, Jeff Yee, Virgina

Club Officers & Volunteers:

President:                  Raul Ante
Vice President:             Ginny Robinson
Treasurer/Secretary:        Aldena Duval
News Letter:                Raul Ante, Carolyn Jones
                            Ginny & Les Robinson
Inter-net:                  Michael Cohen, Ginny Robinson
Guest services:             Bobby Concepcion
Event Coordinator:          Jay Larrick, Robin Rebello, Cathy Ecomon
Sound Equipment:            Robin Rebello (Friday Night Dancers)
Event Volunteers:           Stefanie Elkin, Dennis Mc Affee,
Professional Instructors:   Ava Apple      415-681-8140
                            Marge Gabbert  415-334-9914
                            Robin Rebello  415-856-9930
                            Les Robinson   408-371-5083
                            Ylva Wintzell  415-583-6507
Cabaret/Aerials/Lifts/Drops James Bower    415-266-8254