May, 1996

     In last month's "Step by Step" column the opening
paragraph's question should have read "How long have you
been dancing Hustle & how did you first learn? In the last
paragraph the first sentence should read - Some of my first
teachers were Bob Dean, Bob Massie & Ron Bermudez.

The Low Cost of Private Lessons Vs. Those Expensive Group

What? No, that's not a misprint!
     How long have you thought about, toyed with,
procrastinated over, rationalized away your desire to be
the best dancer you can be booked for dances in
advanced...or to hear some applause from the gallery as you
leave a sizzling dance floor? hey, it's possible. It's not
an ego trip. It's fun to dance well.
     It's true, you can't package, collect, or bequeath
private dance lessons. But you can share their value every
time you dance with someone. Unlike software training,
dance lessons never become obsolete. Unlike a vacation,
they never have to end. Private dance lessons always have
the features you need, because they're made just for you.
Investing in privates dance lessons is better than
investing in all those other "necessities," because PDLs
never have to be cleaned, repaired, or returned. They are a
totally stress-free investment. They never go down in value
until you die, and then you won't care.
     Now, you say you've never had to pay for a private
lesson, because you've danced for ten years, taken only
group lessons, and your partners tell you you're "the best"
(Dance people are very nice.) Or you've just started
dancing, and remembering the patterns in all those group
classes is hard enough.
     Well, group classes have their purpose- partners,
patterns, and price- so I won't say they're pointless. But
groups are not the most efficient use of your time, and
that's expensive too. You may actually be delaying your
success by perfecting bad habits that take just as long to
unlearn as the correct way takes to learn. Without the
watchful expertise you get in a private lesson, it's too
easy to create pattern aberrations, or become an advanced
cross-dancer (leading the leader or following the
follower). If, on the other hand, you take what you've
learned in a group class, along with problems or questions
you have, to your private instructor, he or she can:

     correct pattern peculiarities,
     flush out idiosyncratic meaningless gestures,
     add momentum, consistent tone, and resistance,
     adjust your weight placement,
     fine tune your lead or follow,
     align your head and frame,
     check your timing,
     and make sure you're belts are tight. (Huh?)

So don't delay, 
spruce up your image,
and invest today
in something important.
We all will say
we never thought
you could look that way.
Private Dance Lessons

By Adele Poenisch

May 10th and June 14th, at the Metronome Ballroom's Friday
night Hustle Party and every second Friday of the month
there after, it is now officially The Hustle Dance Club's
"CLUB NIGHT OUT". All HDC members will receive $1.00 off
admission price when you show your membership card! So Come
Out And Join The Fun @ The Metronome Ballroom!

For those of you, who would like to keep track! Maria
Torres and Kenny Gonzales took first place in the Open
Hustle and second place in the Theatre Arts divisions at
the Garden State Dance Sport Championship held in New
Jersey. Things seem to be going very well for our "Hustle
Diva". In addition to this past ballroom competition Maria
and Angel Figueroa took two First Place Awards, in Hustle,
at the Swing Dance Championships in Dallas. For you
critics, of New York Hustle, you better take notice, this
dance is on Fire! And when Maria and Angel, or Maria and
Kenny, or Maria and heaven forbid, Arte Phillips are on the
dance floor, watch out, sparks are going to fly! Maria,
Angel and Arte will make their return to the bay area in
June so stay tuned for more information!

Friday Night, May 17th Hustle Dance Exhibition with Hustle
USA's Debra Hampton & Disco Dave Sarul @ The Pavilion, 4000
Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA. You won't want to miss
this one. Plus Two days of Workshops (see details below).
Speaking of Debra and Dave, here is a bit of information
that may interest you. During the California Swing Dance
Championships, held at the Buena Park Hotel, in Buena Park,
CA. Debra Hampton and Disco Dave Sarul took FIRST PLACE, in
the "Just Dance Hustle Champions Division", second place to
Melonie Roberts and her partner Murray, third place to
Miller Kraslov and his dance partner Eliane. In the Pro/Am
Advance Hustle Division Debra Hampton and Archie Dawson
received First Place, in the Pro/Am Novice Hustle Division
Disco Dave Sarul and Robin Schlessinger received a third
place. Other winners included Beata Howe and Michael Kiehm
in the "Just Dance Jack and Jill Championship Hustle
Division, and Jessie Infante and his partner Rosalie
received a first place in the "Just Dance Advanced Hustle
Division. Congratulations to all the winners and

I would like to thank Janelle Aman and the Redwood Empire
Swing Dance Club, for inviting several Hustle Dance Club
members, and allowing them to preform at their Saturday
night dance. Ava Apple, Bobby Concepcion, Ylva Wintzell and
myself (Raul Ante) received a warm welcome and a hearty

For those of you who witnessed our first Jack-N-Jill
contest at The Grand Palace, it was very impressive to
watch the quality of the dancing. The twelve finalist
provided some exciting dancing and it was very
entertaining. The results are as follows, first place to
Laurie Nielsen and James Religa, second place to Jenifer
Zhang and Earl Ante, third place to Hue Vu and Jay Larrick.
Congratulations to ALL the Dancers who participated, and a
special thank you to Ylva Wintzell, Bobby Concepcion, Lilly
Santos, Stefaine Elkin, Dennis McAffee, Monica and the
Grand Palace staff and of course D.J. and M.C. "Sir
Dancealot" John Schlicth for a job well done.

I think it's time to sign off, I feel a case of "Brain
Drain" and I need to re-charge what little brain cells I
have left. Until next time Keep Dancing and Prancing.


Raul Ante


TUESDAY:  Grand Palace Restaurant
          711 Town & Country Village
          Sunnyvale, CA  408-733-7466
          D.J. John Schlicht (Sir Dancealot)
          LESSONS 8-9PM W/Raul Ante & Bobby Concepcion
          (Beg/Int/Adv Dancers)
          DANCING 9-12 $5.00 Cover Charge
          MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE, Swing, Salsa, 2 Step)

2ND FRIDAY OF THE MONTH (May 10, June 14)
          Metronome Ballroom 
          1830 17th St @ DeHaro
          S.F., CA 415-252-9000
          LESSONS 7:30-9PM (HUSTLE), $10.00 Lesson & Party
          DANCING 9-12, $8.00 Party only
          HDC MEMBERS $1.00 off Admission MUST SHOW CARD!!!
          MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE, Swing, Salsa)
          Pavilion (Cubberley Community Ctr)
          4000 Middlefield Road
          Palo Alto, CA  415-856-9930
          LESSONS 8:00-9PM (call for schedule of dances)
          DANCING: 9-12AM $5.00 Cover Charge
          HOST: Robin Rebello
          MUSIC MIX: (BALLROOM, Swing, Hustle, Latin)
          May 17th, Hustle Exhibition with Hustle USA's
          Debra Hampton & Disco Dave Sarul

          Starlite Ballroom ( Rhythm  Street Ballroom )
          1160 N. Fair Oaks
          Sunnyvale, CA 94089 PH# 408-745-7827
          LESSON 8-9:15PM Beg/Inter HUSTLE 
          DANCING 9:15-12AM General Admission $7.00
          (Discount only applies to Saturday night dance)
          MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE, Latin & Requests)

          The Funhouse 
          off highway 101 on the corner of 5th & Davis St
          Santa Rosa, CA
          Info hotline: 707-545-5483 or 1-800-964-5392
          Dancing 8-11pm
          Entertainment: World Class All Star Band "QUEST"
          MUSIC MIX: (WCS, Hustle, NC2 Step, Freestyle)

2ND SUNDAY OF THE MONTH (May 12, June 9)
          Imperial Dance Studio
          822 Cassia St
          Redwood City,  415-585-6282
          DANCING 6-10PM $7.00 Cover Charge
          HOST: Michelle Kinkaid
          MUSIC MIX: (WEST COAST SWING, 2 Step, Hustle)

DANCING IN L.A.: SUNDAYS ( Every Sunday )
          Press Box (inside Westminster Lanes)
          6471 Westminster Blvd
          Westminster, CA    714-893-5005
          LESSONS 5-6PM Int N.Y. Style Hustle $5.00 
          (Includes Dance) w/ Ceasar and Patricia
          DANCING 6-11PM $3.00 Dance Only
          DJ Ceaser (A.K.A Mr. Hustle)
          MUSIC MIX : (HUSTLE, 2 Step, WC Swing)

          Starlight Dance Studio
          6506 El Cajon Blvd Suite "H"
          San Diego, CA
          Info call 619-287-9036
          MUSIC MIX: (WEST COAST SWING, Hustle)
          Friday Night Group Classes
          Rising Stars Dance Club
          Starlight Dance Studio
          6506 El Cajon Blvd Suite "H"
          San Diego, CA 
          Lessons 6-7pm Beginning Hustle
                  7-8pm Int/Adv Hustle
          $10.00 per class

          Stepping Out Studio
          1780 Broadway @ 57th St
          N.Y., N.Y.   PH 212-245-5200
          LESSONS W/Maria Torres 9-9:30PM
          DANCING 9:30 to 12:15
          $5.00 Cover (except for special events)
          D.J.: Bobby Morales and Nelson Roman
          MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE, Latin)

Please Note: Dances that are listed first, under MUSIC MIX,
are the Primary dance music being played. All other dances
will be secondary. Dances listed third or fourth may not be
played at all, so beware!

          Metronome Ballroom
          1830 17th St @ DeHaro
          S.F. Call 415-252-9000 for info
          WEDNESDAYS at The Monte Cristo Club
          Beginning Hustle with Paul Overton 6:15-7:30PM
          THURSDAYS at the Monte Cristo Club 
          Pre-intermediate Hustle with Paul Overton

          Moonlight Ballroom (Powerhouse Gym)
          950 King Dr.
          Daly City, CA
          Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Group Classes
          Saturday Workshops
          For info regarding group classes and workshops 
          Cruz Sumera @ 415-469-0610 pager 415-923-8787 or
          Lisa Grefaldia @ 415-695-1368
          Hustle classes are all levels (beg/int/adv)

          Premier Ballroom
          4181 Cushing Parkway
          Fremont, CA 94539
          Sunday, June 23rd, 7-8pm w/ Roberta Sun
          call 510-770-1178 for info regarding group classes
          Group classes in HUSTLE are beg/int level

          Starlite Ballroom
          1160 N. Fair Oaks
          Sunnyvale, CA  call 408-745-7827 for info
          Group classes are held Monday through Thursday
          evenings @ 6:15, 7:15, 8:15, 9:15pm in one hour sessions
          for 4 consecutive weeks. Please call for their schedules.
          We will list only Hustle Dance information when available.

          Club Xenon Ballroom
          2055 Gellert Blvd Suite #2
          Daly City, CA 94015
          Beg/Int/Adv Hustle and Latin Dances
          Jam Session parties Fridays and Sundays
          Workshops and Floor rent available for teachers
          Call Mario @ 415-754-1744 for info

Saturday, May 18th ( N.Y. Hustle Workshop )
          Pavilion Gym B
          4000 Middlefield Rd.
          Palo Alto, CA
          1-2:30pm Int. Hustle Workshop 
          3-4:30pm Int/Adv Hustle Workshop 
          With Debra Hampton & Dave Sarul
          $25.00 per workshop, $40.00 for Both
          HDC members $20.00 per workshop, $30.00 for Both
          Workshop will cover styling, dance elements and 
          Int & Adv patterns.

          This Workshop is for the Advanced or Seasoned 
          Hustle Dancer, all Professional Dancers and 
          Instructors ONLY!!!
          This is NOT for Beginners or Intermediate dancers.
          Workshop will cover Visual and Open Dance
          Floor Work and Mans Tail Spins Plus Adv Styling.
          Pavilion Gym B
          4000 Middlefield Road
          Palo Alto, CA
          11am-12:30pm Masters Hustle Workshop
          With: Debra Hampton & Dave Sarul
          $30.00 for Workshop, HDC members $25.00
          NO COMPS!!
          For info call 415-467-8830 (Raul Ante)

          Privates with Debra will be scheduled Monday 
          through Thursday May 20th to May 23rd, First Come

          First served, call 415-467-8830

Saturday May 18th 2-4pm Int. Level Hustle     
          with Arthur Callendrelli
          Metronome Ballroom
          1830 17th St @ De Haro
          S.F., CA  info call 252-9000

          AVA APPLE.......... 415-681-8140
          ARTHUR CALANDRELLI. 415-567-3421
          MARGE GABBERT...... 415-334-9914
          MICHELLE KINKAID... 415-585-6282
          ADELE POENISCH......408-293-0679
          ROBIN REBELLO...... 415-856-9930
          LES ROBINSON....... 408-381-5083
          YLVA WINTZELL...... 415-583-6507

               OUT OF TOWN? NEED A LESSON?
          DONNA BOYLE........ 215-482 0343 (PHILADELPHIA)
          DEBRA HAMPTON...... 213-653-7088 (LOS ANGELES)
          DAVE SARUL......... 213-653-7088 (LOS ANGELES)
          CEASAR RICAURTE.... 714-837-0440 (LOS ANGELES)
          MICHAEL KIEHM.......619-287-9036 (SAN DIEGO)
          MARI KIEHM..........619-287-9036 (SAN DIEGO)
          MARIA TORRES....... 718-802-1999 (NEW YORK)
          KENNY GONZALES..... 718-518-0210 (NEW YORK)
           (Aerials only)
          ANGEL FIGUEROA......212-245-5200 (NEW YORK)
          BARRY DOUGLAS...... 810-457-3110 (MICHIGAN)
          MAGGIE TENNESSEN... 602-973-6134 (PHOENIX, AZ)
          ATLAS GRIFFITH..... 602-413-1517 (TEMPE, AZ)
          RANDY ATLAS.........305-756-5027 (MIAMI, FL)
          BILL WASHABAUGH.....407-393-0741 (BOCA RATON, FL)

DANCE SUPPLIES: (Dance Shoes and Dance Wear)
          Ballroom Dance Supplies  (BDS)
          372 Bird Ave (Off Hwy 280)
          San Jose, CA 95126
          Tel/Fax 408-293-1727  Bill Rowe

          A Keen Dance Shoe Supplier
          Metronome Ballroom
          1830-17th St @ DeHaro
          S.F., CA 94103
          415-547-8483 pager 510-355-4443
          Ann Keen

          Jodee Adair Design Emporium
          Specializing in practice & social dancewear
          P.O. Box 10440
          Santa Ana, CA 92711

70'S DISCO D.J. (Mobile D.J. parties & weddings)
PLUS Hustle Dance Music tapes.
(1) tape for $20.00, (2) tapes for $30.00 (3) tapes $40.00
          John Schlicht 408-249-3123 (Sir Dancealot)
(Tapes are available at the Tuesday Night dance @ Grand Palace)

          Tape#1: Beginning/Basic Hustle
          Tape#2: Intermediate Hustle
          Tape#3: Advanced Hustle
          Instructors: Michael & Mari Kiehm
          For info and to order call 619-287-9036

          HUSTLE USA
          Oct. 12 & 13th, 1996
          LOCATION: Inn On 57th Street
                    440 W. 57th St.
                    New York, N.Y.
          Room reservations call 212-581-8100 
          Single/double .. $135.00/day
          Triple/quad .. $150/$165/day
          When making reservations MUST MENTION
          HUSTLE USA!! Call by August 1st, 1996
          Other hotel reservations can be made at
          The Wellington Hotel
          7th Ave @ 55th St  (212) 247-3900
          Single/double .. $135.00/day
          Triple/quad .. $175.00/day
          Also The Ameritania, Broadway & 54th St. 
          Hustle dance categories include Professional and 
          Amateur divisions in, Theatre Arts and Classic 
          Hustle, and a Jack-N-Jill Hustle Contest, Just 
          Dance Hustle Contest and Book Ends Hustle
          Contest.  Also included are the Open Cabaret and Night Club           
          Salsa/Mambo Divisions. In addition to the three 
          Hustle Workshops there will be a Salsa/Mambo 
          workshop by Eddie Torres. The Mambo King of Latin
          Dance has carved out a reputation as one of the
          most authentic, creative, innovative Latin Dance 
          performer, choreographer, and instructor in 
          America. Eddie Torres accomplishments include
          his many collaborations with Tito Puentes 
          Orchestra, choreographing music videos for artist
          like: Ruben Blades, Orquesta Delaluz, Tito Nieves,
          Jose Alberto El Canario, David Byrne; founding a 
          Dance Co. dancing for President Bush, performing 
          at Carnegie Hall, the Apollo Theater, and Madison
          Square Garden. The Hustle Workshops will include
          a Master Hustle Workshop by Maria Torres and Arte 
          Phillips, which will cover music history & dance 
          fundamentals for all levels. Hustle Workshop Plus
          by Donna Boyle an intro to dips, drops & spins.         
          And a Hustle workshop with Debra Hampton which 
          will cover open floor work & traveling.
          Workshops are $10.00 each for attendees
          and $15.00 each for general public.
          Masters workshop @ $20.00 each for 
          attendees and $25.00 each for general public. Pay
          for workshops at the door. In Addition, hours and      
          hours of General dancing with New York's tops 
          D.J.'s Bobby Morales, New York's Best hustle D.J.
          and Nelson Roman, from the Hottest N.Y. City
          Clubs. Plus a Friday night weclome party at Dance          
          New York Studio for all attendees, pace youshelf 
          for this one, last years welcome party was beyond
          description, the dancing was so HOT, our feet           
          were sizzling for three days!
          This event is "The MECCA" for Hustle Dancers. A 
          Hustle Dance event, sponsored by Hustle Dancers, 
          for Hustle Dancers and judged by Hustle dancers! 
          So start planning now, to make 
          your pilgrimage to New York City, for some of the
          BEST Hustle Dancing you will ever see in one
          place at one time! 

          2 Day Tickets @ $60.00 (advance purchase)
          Single day Tickets @ door $45.00
          Saturday afternoon only $20.00
          Saturday evening only $25.00
          For Tickets & info Call
          1-800-92-HUSTLE (1-800-924-8785)
          Make checks payable to :
          Hustle USA
          724-1/2 N. Croft Ave
          Los Angeles, CA 90069

          American Star Ball
          May 17th, 18th & 19th, 1996
          Sheraton Hotel
          Medowlands, New Jersey
          Again more Hustle Competitions, this time all 
          dances are judged per your level of expertise.
          For more info call Stepping Out Studio (212) 245-5200

          Fresno 96 Country Dance Classic
          May 24,25,26 & 27, 1996
          Holiday Inn Centre Plaza
          2233 Ventura St
          Fresno, CA 93721
          Call Alexis for reservations 209-268-1000 M-F
          Four days of workshops, three nights of open 
          dancing, two full days of dance competitions. 
          Two venues featuring both a country ballroom
          and a swing/hustle area to dance.
          Hustle Workshops and a Open Hustle dance 
          We do have brochures and applications for those 
          who wish to attend or compete, call 415-467-8830

          UCWDC C&W Dance Championships
          May 17th, 18th & 19th, 1996
          Adams Mark Hotel (713-978-7400)
          2900 Briarpark @ Westheimer
          Huston, Texas
          Swing/Hustle Dance contest on Saturday Night
          There will be two Hustle & Swing contests held on
          Saturday night. The Open category will allow
          lifts, drops, aerials and entrances but music          
          will be determined by draw. Costumes are allowed 
          for both Hustle and Swing. Emphasis in both
          dances will be lead/follow. Second Category will be
          novice. Music by draw, must start in closed 
          position and costumes are allowed, no lifts,
          drops or aerials. Entry fee $10.00 per person plus
          a weekend pass or a one day Saturday pass. In
          this event there will be a special room for Hustle and 
          Swing Dancing ONLY, $5.00 per day. For info 
          concerning this event call 713-589-9535 or for 
          latest info 
          ( or 

Jeff Chandler and THE TOP HAT DANCERS, Ylva Wintzell, Diane
Jarmolow, David Weise, Alise Halbert, Arthur Calandrelli,
Ava Kaye, Dale Neale, Sharon Ashe, Jim Edwards and Michael
Goldfried. For a great evening of fun and entertainment and
for those of you looking for a change of pace This IS The
Place! Each Month has a different show!
          "TOP HAT CLUB" 
          FOR INFO CALL 415-436-0433
          $20.00 Advance, $25.00 @ Door
          S.F. Press Club
          555 Post St
          S.F., CA
                        1388 Haight suite 209
                        S.F.,CA 94117
          (Include your name and phone number)

HUSTLE USA "T" SHIRTS ( black w/ white lettering ) @ $15.00
plus shipping. ( Large & X-large sizes only )
Write or call: Hustle USA @ 1-800-92-HUSTLE
               724-1/2 N. Croft Ave
               Los Angeles, CA 90069

TWO DAY EVENT @ $60.00 + shipping & handling
Call Nan Bohrar, HUSTLE USA @ 1-212-532-9800 or
or write to:   Nan Bohrar
               360 E. 57th St
               New York, N.Y. 10022

Coming Soon Hustle Dance Club "T" shirts and imported
Hustle Dance Music Tapes!!!
FOR MORE INFO CALL: Earl Ante @ 510-782-3440

Back issues of Hustle news can be accessed on the Hustle
For Internet services contact Rahul Dhesi 408-293-8078

#185, JoJo De La Fuente, Santa Clara, CA
#186, Minda Grefaldia, Pacifica, CA
#187, Paul Grefaldia, Pacifica, CA
#188, Veronica Meneely, Santa Clara, CA
#189, Glen Havens, San Jose, CA

Congratulations to Linda Curry and Ed Herman who decided to
Hustle Dance together forever. Thank you for that wonderful
reception that featured dance exhibitions from attendees,
HDC members, Gary Anderson, (West Coast Swing), Jay Larrick
and Stephanie Elkin, (Night Club 2 step), Ava Apple, Bobby
Concepcion and Raul Ante (Hustle), and of course Ed and his
lovely wife Linda (Waltz and Cha Cha)

Aldena Duval NEWS LETTER: Raul Ante, Carolyn Jones, Les
Rahul Dhesi, Michael Cohen GUEST SERVICES: Bobby Concepcion
EVENT COORDINATORS: Jay Larrick, Robin Rebello EVENT
VOLUNTEERS: Stefanie Elkin, Dennis McAffee, Jay Larrick,
Jay Larrick

For new memberships send check or money order to:
HUSTLE DANCE CLUB, P.O. Box 945, Brisbane, CA 94005-0945,
or call, 415-467-8830, MEMBERSHIP FEES: $15.00 PER YEAR,
$20.00 PER COUPLE.