June, 1996

          By Ava Apple

     In March the University YWCA in Berkeley held it's
annual student/teacher recital and Raul Ante, Bobby
Concepcion and myself gave a hustle demonstration. It was
very well received, especially by my salsa students, some
of whom are starting to express interest in learning
     After performing I spoke with Eric Concepcion about
how he got started dancing. "I started doing Hustle in 1973
and at the time it was the most popular dance around." Eric
was living in New Jersey at the time and going to a disco
near Secaucus, N.J., called "Shadows". One couple would be
dancing while the others would take turns cutting in, "You
had about 30 seconds to show your best moves, and not only
to show your best moves, but to protect them from being
copied. That's why I couldn't learn at first ... the guys
were so protective ... unless it's your friends. So I would
go to "Roseland" in New York. It was a little larger and
the people were a little friendlier."
     Before leaving for the service in '76 Eric taught his
brother Bobby how to dance. In '77 Eric was hired as a DJ
at "Big Valley Ranch Cattle CO." in Albuquerque, N.M. and
started teaching there every Thursday.
     After that he went to the Philippines. "Everywhere I
went the Hustle was there, but everybody kept doing your
basic turns, back & forth, nobody wanted to experiment ...
Back then it was the 'Rope' where you could stay together,
both hands never leaving each other and still do about 20
     In the early 80's Eric and Bobby moved to the Bay Area
and started going to "Tingles". Although it had a small
dance floor, expensive drinks, and a formula set list- 5
fast songs, 1 medium, 1 slow, 1 medium then repeat-
"Tingles" was the place that many of us in the Bay Area
met, danced and learned the Hustle.
     Another dancer that I've known for many years is
Tulsa. I met her at "Studio West", one of my favorite
disco's. It was built in a big warehouse near the foot of
Broadway St. in San Francisco, had two dance floors and was
open until 4am seven nights a week.
     Tulsa has always loved to dance. She started dancing
Hustle in the early '70s. When the movie, "Saturday Night
Fever" came out she feels "That killed it for us. That's
when all the 9 to 5 er's discovered disco and took over the
floor". Tulsa learned mostly by watching and cites Debra
Bailey, Snowy Winters and Ava Apple as dancers that she
watched and emulated, when Debra and (her husband) Aaron
got on the floor I got off the floor to watch them". She
was partners for a while with Sonny Umpad and feels that
she learned a lot from dancing with him.
     In the late 70's Tulsa came in first place at a dance
contest in Oakland, CA and won a trip to Hawaii. In '84,
with my professional partner of ten years, Andre
Washington, Tulsa danced a student/teacher Hustle Routine
at the International Grand Ball in San Francisco and the
Imperial Star Ball in Las Vegas, earning a gold award at
both events.
     On that same trip to Las Vegas, Andre and I went to an
after hours disco after the ball was over and took first
place in their contest. We were the only couple partner
dancing (Hustle, lifts, drops), everyone else was break
dancing. The other dancers were so good that Andre wouldn't
let me through the crowd to watch them before we danced.
The contest didn't start until 2:30am and when we went
outside to practice it was hot and muggy. After the contest
the other competitors came up to congratulate us and to say
how much they enjoyed seeing "Partner" dancing.
     Personally, I am very pleased that the Hustle is again
gaining in popularity since it was the first partner dance
I learned and still one of my favorites. Many night club's
are having 70's nights - lets try to go to some of these
clubs to show them what we do and get some new "blood"
dancing and learning Hustle.
     Remember, you're never too old to learn something new
so keep dancing and keep learning! Until next time ...

Here are some bits of information concerning the up coming
Hustle USA dance championships.

Rules and regulations

For the Theater Arts Hustle Division, 50% floor dancing
with 50% side by sides, lifts, drops, aerials and adagio.
Classic Hustle Division, this routine should consist of 75%
floor dancing, 25% side by sides and drops. All drops must
have one foot on the floor. Open Cabaret Division, Hustle
dancing not allowed in this division. We invite any other
partner style dance form to compete in this division. NOTE:
Contestants competing in any of the Hustle Divisions are
also allowed to compete in the Open Cabaret with a partner
of their choice performing another dance style. Just Dance
Division, no choreography, no costumes, we pick the music
you pick the partner. Jack-N-Jill Division, dancers pick
their partner at random. Lots of fun and entertainment.
Professionals and Amateurs are allowed to participate in
this division. No costumes allowed. Note: the Jack-N-Jill
division will require a $10.00 entry fee per person on the
day of the event. Bookends Hustle Division, for any two
males or two females who want to 'strut their stuff". No
choreography, no costumes. We pick the music you pick the
partner. Night Club Salsa Division, this routine should
consist of 75% floor dancing, 25% side by sides, shines,
and drops. All drops must have one foot on the floor. For
all amateur divisions trophies awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd
places. For professional divisions CASH and trophies are
awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Both Amateur and
Professional Hustle Divisions, Open Cabaret and Night Club
Salsa routines, shall be no longer than (3) minutes, Just
Dance Hustle, Bookends and Jack-N-Jill competitors will
have one minute and 30 seconds to perform their best
material. Competitors may not use any props in any division
of Hustle USA Dance Championships with the exception of
Open Cabaret. There is a minimum of three couples to hold a
dance competition. All competitors must complete and sign
an entry and waiver form by September 1, 1996. A couple
shall consist of one male dancer and one female dancer with
the exception of the Bookends Division. An amateur and a
professional dancer are considered to be a professional
couple. Absolutely no private filming, videos or
photography will be allowed at any and all of the
workshops, contest and floor dancing! It is understood that
all contestants and attendees consent to release the use of
their photos, biographies and names that may appear on
television or in any videos for sale. The objectives of
Hustle USA Dance Championships are to unite hustle dancers
across the United States and around the world, helping the
dance grow and be recognized as a national dance by
providing workshops, dances and competitions to everyone. 

Maria Torres and Angel Figueroa will make their return to
the Bay Area June 21st through July 3rd. Private lessons,
coaching, choreography, workshops and maybe a show are on
tap. So stay tuned as more information is available!!

Thank you, to Debra Hampton and Dave Sarul for the Super
Workshops held May 18th and 19th. And a special thank you,
to all of you who attended and those of you who again
helped in making all our workshops a great success, Robin
Rebello, Stefanie Elkin, Dennis Mc Affee, Marc Mc Govern,
Bobby Concepcion, Lloyd Guro, Carolyn Jones, and Les

Well, I think it's time to sign off, until the next news
letter, keep dancing and prancing.


Raul Ante


Grand Palace Restaurant, 711 Town & Country Village,
Sunnyvale, CA  408-733-7466, D.J. John Schlicht (Sir
Dancealot), LESSONS 8-9PM W/Raul Ante & Bobby Concepcion,
(Beg/Int/Adv Dancers), DANCING 9-12 $5.00 Cover Charge,
MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE, Swing, Salsa, 2 Step)

Metronome Ballroom, 1830 17th St @ DeHaro, S.F., CA
415-252-9000, LESSONS 7:30-9PM (HUSTLE), $10.00 Lesson &
Party, DANCING 9-12, $8.00 Party only, HDC MEMBERS $1.00
off Admission MUST SHOW CARD!!! MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE, Swing,
Pavilion (Cubberley Community Ctr), 4000 Middlefield Road,
Palo Alto, CA  415-856-9930, LESSONS 8:00-9PM (call for
schedule of dances), DANCING: 9-12AM $5.00 Cover Charge,
HOST: Robin Rebello, MUSIC MIX: (BALLROOM, Swing, Hustle,
Friday, June 14th "Grand Opening" Phil Trau's "SWING THING"
$7.00 admission. Swing, Salsa, Cha Cha and Hustle music
American Legion Hall, 130 South Blvd. Way San Mateo, CA.
Dancing 8-12 midnight FREE FOOD! for info Call Phil or
Sandy at 510-462-7920

Starlite Ballroom (Rhythm  Street Ballroom), 1160 N. Fair
Oaks, Sunnyvale, CA 94089 PH# 408-745-7827, LESSON 8-9:15PM
Beg/Inter HUSTLE, DANCING 9:15-12AM General Admission
$7.00, HUSTLE CLUB MEMBERS $6.00 (SHOW CARD), (Discount
only applies to Saturday night dance), MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE,
Latin & Requests)

The Funhouse, off highway 101 on the corner of 5th & Davis
St., Santa Rosa, CA., Info hotline: 707-545-5483 or
1-800-964-5392, Dancing 8-11pm, $7.00 admission,
Entertainment: World Class All Star Band "QUEST", MUSIC
MIX: (WCS, Hustle, NC2 Step, Freestyle), 

Imperial Dance Studio, 822 Cassia St., Redwood City, 
415-585-6282, DANCING 6-10PM $7.00 Cover Charge, HOST:
Michelle Kinkaid, MUSIC MIX: (WEST COAST SWING, 2 Step,

DANCING IN L.A.: SUNDAYS ( Every Sunday )
Press Box (inside Westminster Lanes), 6471 Westminster
Blvd, Westminster, CA., Info call 714-893-5005, LESSONS
5-6PM Int N.Y. Style Hustle $5.00, (Includes Dance),
DANCING 6-11PM $3.00 Dance Only, D.J. Ceaser (A.K.A Mr.
Hustle), MUSIC MIX : (HUSTLE, 2 Step, WC Swing)

Starlight Dance Studio, 
6506 El Cajon Blvd Suite "H", San Diego, CA., Info call
619-287-9036, MUSIC MIX: (WEST COAST SWING, Hustle), Friday
Night Group Classes, Rising Stars Dance Club, Starlight
Dance Studio, 6506 El Cajon Blvd Suite "H", San Diego, CA.,
Lessons 6-7pm Beginning Hustle, 7-8pm Int/Adv Hustle,
$10.00 per class

Stepping Out Studio, 1780 Broadway @ 57th St., New York,
212-245-5200, LESSONS W/Maria Torres 9-9:30PM, DANCING 9:30
to 12:15, $5.00 Cover (except for special events), D.J.:
Bobby Morales and Nelson Roman, MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE, Latin)

Please Note: Dances that are listed first, under MUSIC MIX,
are the Primary dance music being played. All other dances
will be secondary. Dances listed third or fourth may not be
played at all, so beware!

Metronome Ballroom, 1830 17th St @ DeHaro, S.F. Call
415-252-9000 for info, WEDNESDAYS at The Monte Cristo Club,
Beginning Hustle with Paul Overton 6:15-7:30PM, THURSDAYS
at the Monte Cristo Club, Pre-intermediate Hustle with Paul
Overton, 9:00-10:15PM, 

Moonlight Ballroom (Powerhouse Gym), 950 King Dr., Daly
City, CA, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Group Classes,
Saturday Workshops. For info regarding group classes and
workshops call: Cruz Sumera @ 415-469-0610 pager
415-923-8787 or Lisa Grefaldia @ 415-695-1368, Hustle
classes are all levels (beg/int/adv). 

Premier Ballroom, 4181 Cushing Parkway, Fremont, CA 94539,
Sunday, June 23rd, 7-8pm w/ Roberta Sun, call 510-770-1178
for info regarding group classes, Group classes in HUSTLE
are beg/int level

Starlite Ballroom, 1160 N. Fair Oaks, Sunnyvale, CA  call
408-745-7827 for info. Group classes are held Monday
through Thursday evenings @ 6:15, 7:15, 8:15, 9:15pm in one
hour sessions for 4 consecutive weeks. Please call for
their schedules. We will list only Hustle Dance information
when available.

Club Xenon Ballroom, 2055 Gellert Blvd Suite #2
Daly City, CA 94015, Beg/Int/Adv Hustle and Latin Dances,
Jam Session parties Fridays and Sundays, Workshops and
Floor rent available for teachers. Call Mario @
415-754-1744 for info


Saturday, June 29th, with Arthur Calandrelli at The
Metronome Ballroom, 1830 17th St., S.F. 2pm-4pm for more
info call 415-252-9000

Saturday, July 13th, with Arthur Calandrelli at The
Metronome Ballroom, 1830 17th St. S.F., CA 2pm-4pm for more
info call 415-252-9000

AVA APPLE 415-681-8140, ARTHUR CALANDRELLI. 415-567-3421,
MARGE GABBERT 415-334-9914, MICHELLE KINKAID 415-585-6282,
ADELE POENISCH 408-293-0679, ROBIN REBELLO 415-856-9930,
LES ROBINSON 408-381-5083, YLVA WINTZELL 415-583-6507

DONNA BOYLE 215-482 0343 (Philadelphia), DEBRA HAMPTON
213-653-7088 (Los Angeles), DAVE SARUL 213-653-7088 (Los
Angeles), CEASAR RICAURTE 714-837-0440 (Los Angeles),
MICHAEL KIEHM 619-287-9036 (San Diego), MARI KIEHM
619-287-9036 (San Diego), MARIA TORRES 718-802-1999 (New
York), KENNY GONZALES 718-518-0210 (New York), (Aerials
only), ANGEL FIGUEROA 212-245-5200 (New York), BARRY
DOUGLAS 810-457-3110 (Michigan), MAGGIE TENNESSEN
602-973-6134 (PHOENIX, AZ), ATLAS GRIFFITH 602-973-6134
(Tempe, AZ), RANDY ATLAS 305-756-5027 (Miami, FL), BILL
WASHABAUGH 407-393-0741 (Boca Raton, FL).

DANCE SUPPLIES: (Dance Shoes and Dance Wear)

Ballroom Dance Supplies  (BDS), 372 Bird Ave (Off Hwy 280),
San Jose, CA 95126, Tel/Fax 408-293-1727  Bill Rowe,

A Keen Dance Shoe Supplier, Metronome Ballroom, 1830-17th
St @ DeHaro, S.F., CA 94103, 415-547-8483 pager
510-355-4443, Ann Keen

Jodee Adair Design Emporium. Specializing in practice &
social dancewear, P.O. Box 10440, Santa Ana, CA 92711,

Specializing in "Evenin' Star" Dance Boots call Rosemary
McNally @ 510-769-1845

70'S DISCO D.J. (Mobile D.J. parties & weddings), PLUS
Hustle Dance Music tapes. (1) tape for $20.00, (2) tapes
for $30.00 (3) tapes $40.00. John Schlicht 408-249-3123
(Sir Dancealot), (Tapes are available at the Tuesday Night
dance @ Grand Palace)

Tape#1: Beginning/Basic Hustle, Tape#2: Intermediate
Hustle, Tape#3: Advanced Hustle. Instructors: Michael &
Mari Kiehm, For info and to order call 619-287-9036

Lincoln Center Hustle Event, Thursday August 8th, 1996,
France Joli & Tavares will be performing along with many
other goodies!!! Tickets can be 
purchased in advance, more info to follow.

1996, LOCATION: Inn On 57th Street, 440 W. 57th St., New
York, N.Y., Room reservations call 212-581-8100, NEWLY
REMODELED BALLROOM!!!! Single/double .. $135.00/day,
Triple/quad .. $150/$165/day, When making reservations MUST
MENTION, HUSTLE USA!! Call by August 1st, 1996, Other hotel
reservations can be made at, The Wellington Hotel, 7th Ave
@ 55th St  (212) 247-3900, Single/double .. $135.00/day,
Triple/quad .. $175.00/day, Also The Ameritania, Broadway &
54th St. 212-247-5000, 
2 Day Tickets @ $60.00 (advance purchase), Single day
Tickets @ door $45.00, Saturday afternoon only $20.00, 
Saturday evening only $25.00 For Tickets & info Call,
1-800-92-HUSTLE (1-800-924-8785), Make checks payable to :
Hustle USA, 724-1/2 N. Croft Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90069, 

Jeff Chandler and THE TOP HAT DANCERS, present a nostalgic
look back to the 1930's night club scene. With dazzling
floor shows that feature some of the Bay Area's top
professional dancers. For a great evening of fun and
entertainment and for those of you looking for a change of
pace This IS The Place! Each Month has a different show!
"TOP HAT CLUB", FOR INFO CALL 415-436-0433, $20.00 Advance,
$25.00 @ Door, S.F. Press Club, 555 Post St., S.F., CA.,
RESERVATIONS: TOP HAT CLUB, 1388 Haight suite 209, S.F.,CA
94117, (Include your name and phone number)

HUSTLE USA "T" SHIRTS ( black w/ white lettering ) @ $15.00
plus shipping. (Large & X-large sizes only), Write or call:
Hustle USA @ 1-800-92-HUSTLE, 724-1/2 N. Croft Ave., Los
Angeles, CA 90069.

TWO DAY EVENT @ $60.00 + shipping & handling, Call 1-800-92
HUSTLE (Dave Sarul or Debra Hampton), or write to: HUSTLE
USA, 724-1/2 N. Croft Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90069, or: Call
Nan Bohrar, HUSTLE USA @ 212-532-9800 or 212-753-2354, or
write to:   Nan Bohrar, 360 E. 57th St., New York, N.Y.
10022, (Make checks payable to : Hustle USA)

Coming Soon Hustle Dance Club "T" shirts and imported
Hustle Dance Music Tapes!!! FOR MORE INFO CALL: Earl Ante @

Back issues of Hustle news can be accessed on the Hustle
For Internet services contact Rahul Dhesi 408-293-8078

#190, Barak Yedidia, San Carlos, CA
#191, Brenda Snead, Troy, MI
#192, Dorin Delnevo, New Hyde Park, N.Y. 
#193, Laurie Toyama, Campbell, CA
#194, Janelle Aman, Santa Rosa, CA
#195, Gail Barton, Redwood City, CA
#196, Judy Dragon, Santa Rosa, CA
#197, Velva Hampson, San Mateo, CA
#198, Ron Nicholson, Santa Clara, CA
#199, Sonny Stella, San Bruno, CA
#200, Elia Wu, Palo Alto, CA
#201, Eric concepcion, Hayward, CA

Aldena Duval NEWS LETTER: Raul Ante, Carolyn Jones, Les
Rahul Dhesi, Michael Cohen GUEST SERVICES: Bobby Concepcion
EVENT COORDINATORS: Jay Larrick, Robin Rebello EVENT
VOLUNTEERS: Stefanie Elkin, Dennis McAffee, Jay Larrick,
Jay Larrick

For new memberships send check or money order to:
HUSTLE DANCE CLUB, P.O. Box 945, Brisbane, CA 94005-0945,
or call, 415-467-8830, MEMBERSHIP FEES: $15.00 PER YEAR,
$20.00 PER COUPLE.