Nov. 1996

Step by Step .... By Ava Apple

"Heaven, I'm in Heaven... Oops... That was last issue. But
it's also how we felt when we went to New York for Hustle USA 1996.

The girls (Daria Sanchez, Margie Luna) and I arrived
Wednesday and went to Maria Torres' weekly hustle party at
"Stepping Out". Lots of good dancers to watch-I say watch
because nobody asked us to dance until the end of the
evening. Thursday we walked around Manhattan-it's like San
Francisco's Union Square X 100. In the evening we went to
the "Latin Quarter", Giro was playing-Big name Salsa bands
that we get a few times a year play every weekend in N.Y.
Again nobody would ask us to dance, so Daria and I got out
on the floor-I led-from then on we had plenty of partners.
By Friday Ann Keen had joined us- Ann, Margie & Daria went
exploring while Leo Garcia and I spent most of the day
putting together a routine for the "Night Club Salsa"
Division on Sunday. That night was the "Hustle USA"
welcoming party at "Dance New York". No lack of partners by
now,-we already knew some people plus our fellow
Californians were there (see "Bits & Pieces" for all the
names). We all had a blast, non stop dancing-great
music-dancers from all across the U.S.

Saturday the competition started. The first event was
supposed to be "Bookends" but it was delayed for over an
hour. We were supposed to dance for 1-1/2 minutes, all the
couples at the same time, but instead they had each couple
dance one at a time for 3 minutes. After about 2 minutes I
was thinking to my self, "How can I lead Margie off the
floor?" But by the time I could think of anything the music
was fading. I also danced in the "Just Hustle" Division
with Luis Rosa. We had met the night before at the
welcoming party and managed to come in 3rd out of about 15
couples. The day didn't end until after midnight and we
were back again early Sunday. I didn't get to watch a lot
of the competitors routines because Leo and I were getting
warmed up for our routine. I did get to watch the "Theatre
Arts" division which was won by Kenny Gonzales and Nellie
Cotto. What a treat to watch them, I've been a fan of
Nellie's since I first saw her with partner Floyd Chisholm
on the Merv Griffin Disco Championships (this was before
"Dance Fever"). By Sunday night we were so exhausted, all
we could do was go out to eat-we were supposed to go to
"Yakkity Yak" in New Jersey but our bodies needed a rest!

Monday night we danced again,-this time at Paul Pelicoro's
"Dancesport", lots of good dancers and a contest that was
fun to watch. Tuesday morning Daria, Margie and I were
guests on "Personal FX", a cable show about collectibles
and collectors. In the evening we went to the legendary
"Copacabana" (two blocks from the hotel), kind of like
Kimball's "Carnival" but bigger and packed with dancers.
They have two dance rooms,-the main room has Salsa bands,
the second room plays Hustle, Latin, House, etc.
Unfortunately for us they closed at 2am. On weekends
they're open till 4am.

Needless to say we had a great time and are planning to
attend the event again in '97. Hopefully the "Inn on 57th"
will have finished it's renovations. However it will
probably be more expensive then. When we checked into our
room we were surprised to find a trophy wall-there were
several smashed cockroaches displayed on the wall by
Daria's bed. Every time we saw a live one I would start
singing "La Cucaracha". Luckily the hotel staff was
friendly and fairly helpful which counter-balanced the
crummy things about the place.

Time to go-remember to keep working on your dancing no
matter what your age or level, there is always room for
improvement. Raul and I will be teaching a Hustle workshop
on December 14th and Maria Torres and Angel Figueroa should
be here mid January. "Do the Hustle..."

BITS and PIECES: Hustle USA Dance Championships.
When someone coined the term "The City that never sleeps"
that is exactly what it felt like. Upon our arrival on
Friday afternoon it was off to the welcome party, at "Dance
New York Studio", the dancing was at a frenzied pace, non
stop action. Hustle and Salsa exhibitions were in order,
Disco Dave Sarul and Debra Hampton with Hustle USA mascot
Sean delighted the crowd with some Hustle Dancing, then
Donna Boyle and her Performance Hustle team were next, very
entertaining. The Salsa exhibitions included, Delille
Thomas and his beautiful dance partner Duplessey, (who
happens to be Eddie Torres' niece), and the one and only,
Maria Torres, with The King of Salsa, Eddie Torres (no
relation by the way), both exhibitions were flashy, sexy
and HOT, the room temperature rose about 20 degrees. I
really can't tell you how late Friday night or how early
Saturday morning, we stopped dancing, all I can say, is all
the Dancers were, exhausted and weary. Saturday morning the
Hustle and Salsa workshops began at noon, and it was time
to go to work. Judging the contest this year were Head
Judge and Teacher of the Month, Angel Figueroa along with
Lourdes Jeuers, Esther Don, Louis Orlando, Delille Thomas,
all from New York and myself, Raul Ante, from California.
At this point, I would normally start describing all the
action that went on for two days, but, this news letter
would be endless, so guess what! I going to be short and to
the point! It was fabulous, exciting, fun. How's that! I
know that's pretty lame, but I'll do one better. Ask one of
the following Bay Area residents who attended this year and
get their thoughts. My special thanks to the following:
Audrianna Correa, Sammy Irizarry, Brian Colbert, Betty
Waldron, Mario Rulloda, Bobby Concepcion, Ylva Wintzell,
Ava Apple, Margie Luna, Daria Sanchez, Marc Mc Govern, Tom
& Janada Clark, Allan & Yumi Sam, Ron Nicholson, Carla Von
Merz, Jian Xie, Paula Tierney, Sam Howard, Chona Lista,
Motoko Komatsu, Ann Keen, Arthur Calandrelli and Raul Ante,
from the Los Angeles Area: Debra Hampton, David Sarul,
Beverly Ball, Alma De Vera, Richard Slivkin, Robin
Schlesinger, Marc Miggins, Jodee Adair, Stephen Hicks,
Jayma Newland, Archie Dawson and Josie Ramirez. If that's
not enough, how about, our out of state Hustle club
members: Tony Pace from Texas, Adler Manjares, Tess
Martillano, Nan Bohrar, Maria Torres, Angel Figueroa and
Dorian Delnevo from New York, Joyce Szili from Washington
D.C., Gordon Lee from, Minnesota, Bev & Bob Budzynski,
Barry Douglas and Joyce Staughton from Michigan, Randy
Atlas, Drew Axlerod, Bill Washabaugh, Frank Mazzarella from
Florida, Keith Gussoni from Louisianna, Av Shiloh, Donna
Boyle from Pennsylvania, O.K!, O.K!, Enough names. I can
guarantee you'll hear both positive and negative comments,
but, most will all agree this was a Hustle Dancers Paradise
and if you were not impressed with the quality of dancing,
or the quality of the music, or the quality of the
competitors, YOU, simply, were not there!! Or, perhaps you
had your head miss placed some where. My apologies to all
those people, whose names I've forgotten or left off. Now,
for the results:

Jack-N-Jill Hustle: 1st Place, Bobby Concepcion & Kim
Vanaman, 2nd, Archie Dawson & Josie Ramirez, 3rd, Tom
Robertson & Jeanette Axlerod.

Just Dance Hustle: 1st Place, Brain & Sylvanna Gallagher,
2nd, Johnathon Bowers III (G.Q) & Dara, 3rd, Luis Rosa &
Ava Apple.

Bookends Hustle: 1st Place, Luis Rosa & Cedric Freedom,
2nd, Jeanette Axlerod & Sylvanna Gallagher, 3rd, Ava Apple
& Margie Luna.

Night Club Salsa: 1st Place, Oscar Torres & Lucy Rios, 2nd,
Leo Garcia & Ava Apple, 3rd, Sammy Irizarry & Audrianna

Cabaret: 1st Place, Brian & Sylvanna Gallagher, 2nd, Lucas
Jamie & Marianna Hettinger, 3rd Jose Solano & Alessandra

Amateur Classic Hustle: 1st Place, Brian & Sylvanna
Gallagher, 2nd, Ralph Corey & Diane Massiello, 3rd, Steven
Borth & Janet Miller.
Amateur Theatre Arts Hustle: 1st Place, Brain & Sylvanna
Gallagher, 2nd, Errol Vega & Nan Bohrar, 3rd Ralph Corey &
Diane Massiello.

Professional Classic Hustle: 1st Place, Kenny Gonzales &
Nelly Cotto, 2nd, Tony Pace & Sheryl Forrester, 3rd,
Lawrence Rush & Elizabeth Darchi.

Professional Theatre Arts Hustle: 1st Place, Kenny Gonzales
& Nelly Cotto, 2nd, Lucas Jamie & Marianna Hettinger, 3rd
Jose Solano & Alessandra Montalto.

Kenny Gonzales and Nelly Cotto also took first place in the
Hustle Competition, held Monday night, at The Dance Sport
Ballroom and Latin Studio. And finally, this years
recipient of The "Eddie Vega Award of Excellence" goes to
none other than Hustle "Diva", Maria Torres. My
congratulations to Maria for an award she truly deserves,
for all the outstanding work she has done to keep Hustle
alive and well. 

Special recognition should go to several Bay Area
residents, Marc McGovern, Ylva Wintzell, Sam Howard, Margie
Luna, Sam Irizarry and Audrianna Correa, for participating
in the competitions, and doing very well. Plus, a special
congratulations to Ava Apple for her second place in the
Salsa Competition and third place finishes in the Bookends
and Just Dance Hustle Divisions. Last of all and best of
all, Bobby Concepcion, for his FIRST place, in the
Jack-N-Jill Hustle Contest, I hope he doesn't change his
first name to "Mr. Jack", any way, great job by all of you.

Again, I would like to thank Hustle U.S.A. for doing a
wonderful job in organizing another fun and exciting Hustle
competition, in spite of some major problems with the
Hotel, Maria Torres, Debra Hamptom, Dave Sarul and Donna
Boyle, you and your staff, came through in the clutch. Also
to, head judge, Angel Figueroa for keeping all us judges in
line, and last of all, to M.C. and D.J. supreme, Bobby
Morales for the excellent job at M.C. and also his
assistant Nelson Roman for providing some dynamite MUSIC.
Until next Year! (Sept. 26, 27 & 28th 1997)

P.S.: Check out the Jack-N-Jill Hustle contest, starting
Tuesday Dec. 3rd with finals the following Tuesday Dec.
10th at The Grand Palace, 711 Town & Country Village
Shopping Ctr., Sunnyvale, CASH awards for first, second and
third places, $5.00 per person to enter plus $5.00 cover
charge for the dance. Host, M.C., & D.J. John Schlicht (Sir

Here are some interesting results from the Regional Dance
Classic, held at The Holiday Inn in Fresno, California:
Open Hustle Division, 1st: Robert Royston and Laureen
Baldovi, 2nd: Dave Sarul and Debra Hampton, 3rd: Toby
Munroe and Laurie Bradshaw.

Just Dance Hustle Division, 1st: Kyle Redd and Jeanna
Brown, 2nd Dave Sarul and Robin Schlesinger, John MacMullin
and Nancy Goldberg.

Jack-N-Jill Hustle Novice, 1st: Shiloh & Heather Wagner,
2nd: Frank Oliva & Terri, 3rd: Mark and Linda

Jack-N-Jill Intermediate, 1st: Eric Meyers and Crystal,
2nd: Deno and Laura, 3rd Mike and Debbie.

Jack-N-Jill Advanced: 1st Ed and Lisa, 2nd Toby Munroe and
Robin Schlesinger, 3rd, Chuck and Jeana Brown.
(Sorry about the last names but that's how the results were
given to me, so, if you we there, you know, if you were
not, we hope you know who some of these people are.) 

More results from Robin Rebello's Friday night Pavilion
Dance, there were twenty seven couples who paired up for
the Jack-N-Jill Hustle contest and how about these winners:
1st place to: Sam Howard & Jian Xie, 2nd place to: Scott
Lacey & Savi Hwang, 3rd place to: Marc McGovern & Susan
Lin, congratulations to all. Also providing some
entertainment were Audrianna Correa, Raul Ante and Bobby
Concepcion doing some Hustle floor dancing and Hustle
"cuts", and with Peggy Religa judged the contest also. A
Hearty, Thank You goes to Robin Rebello and her staff for
engineering a great contest and dance.

Well, I'm tired and hungry and I can smell the turkey
roasting, so have a Happy Thanksgiving! Keep Dancing and
Prancing! And I'll meet you on the dance floor! Regards,
Raul Ante, President

TUESDAYS @ Grand Palace Restaurant, 711 Town & Country
Village, Sunnyvale, CA  408-733-7466, D.J. John Schlicht
(Sir Dancealot), LESSONS 8-9PM W/Raul Ante & Bobby
Concepcion, (Int/Adv Dancers), DANCING 9-12 $5.00 Cover
Charge, MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE, Swing, Salsa, 2 Step)

2ND FRIDAY OF THE MONTH (Dec. 13th) @ Metronome Ballroom,
1830 17th St @ DeHaro, S.F., CA 415-252-9000, LESSONS
7:30-9PM (HUSTLE), $10.00 Lesson & Party, DANCING 9-12,
$8.00 Party only, HDC MEMBERS $1.00 off Admission MUST SHOW
CARD!!! MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE, Swing, Salsa) Special Note: The
Hustle Dance will held @ 300 De Haro St. just around the
corner from the Metronome Ballroom!

FRIDAYS @ Pavilion (Cubberley Community Ctr), 4000
Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA  415-856-9930, LESSONS
8:00-9PM (call for schedule of dances), DANCING: 9-12AM
$5.00 Cover Charge, HOST: Robin Rebello, MUSIC MIX:
(BALLROOM, Swing, Hustle, Latin)

SATURDAYS @ Starlite Ballroom (Rhythm  Street Ballroom),
1160 N. Fair Oaks, Sunnyvale, CA 94089 PH# 408-745-7827,
LESSON 8-9:15PM Beg/Inter HUSTLE with Bill Carr, DANCING
9:15-12AM General Admission $7.00, HUSTLE CLUB MEMBERS
$6.00 (SHOW CARD), (Discount only applies to Saturday night
dance), MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE, Latin & Requests)

2ND SUNDAY OF THE MONTH @ Imperial Dance Studio, 822 Cassia
St., Redwood City,  415-585-6282, DANCING 6-10PM $7.00
Cover Charge, HOST: Michelle Kinkaid, MUSIC MIX: (WEST
COAST SWING, 2 Step, Hustle)

WEDNESDAYS @ at Twelve oo Four Restaurant, 2300 Beverley
Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. Lessons with Jessie Infante,
7:30-9:00pm (Hustle), Dancing 9-1am, MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE,
Cha Cha, Mambo, Tango)

THURSDAYS @ Press Box (inside Westminster Lanes), 6471
Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CA., DANCING 8pm-1am, $5.00 
cover charge, D.J. Ceaser Ricaurte (A.K.A Mr. Hustle),
MUSIC MIX : (HUSTLE, N.C. 2 Step, WC Swing)

EVERY 2ND SATURDAY @ Starlight Dance Studio, 6506 El Cajon
Blvd Suite "H", San Diego, CA., Info call 619-287-9036,
MUSIC MIX: (WEST COAST SWING, Hustle), Friday Night Group
Classes, Rising Stars Dance Club, Starlight Dance Studio,
6506 El Cajon Blvd Suite "H", San Diego, CA., Lessons 6-7pm
Beginning Hustle, 7-8pm Int/Adv Hustle, $10.00 per class

WEDNESDAYS @ Stepping Out Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio,
1780 Broadway @ 57th St., New York, 212-245-5200, LESSONS
W/Maria Torres 9-9:30PM, DANCING 9:30 to 12:15, $5.00 Cover
(except for special events), D.J.: Bobby Morales and Nelson
Roman, MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE, Latin)

FRIDAYS @ Universal Dance Center, Rt. 130 & Haddon Ave.
near the Cooper River, Collinswood, N.J (609-869-0010)
Classes start 8:30, with Donna Boyle, practice party 9:30,
also every First Friday of the Month "Hustle Party" MUSIC
MIX: HUSTLE, Latin, Wcs. For more info on upcoming events
Call "DISCO AMERICA" @ 215-934-6644

TUESDAYS @ The Ascot, 1708 L St. N.W., Washington D.C.
(202-296-7640) Hot Hustle dancing from 9-12:30am $8.00
cover includes 2 cocktails and open food buffet. D.J.'s
Joyce & Annette. MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE, Latin, Swing)

SATURDAYS @ The Junction, 1330 E. Gude Dr. Rockville, M.D.
(301-217-5820), Group hustle lessons 7-8pm Int level $6.00,
8-9pm Beg level FREE! Dancing 9pm-1am. $5.00, D.J.'s Joyce
& Annette. MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE, W.C. Swing)

WEDNESDAYS @ Empire Lounge, South West corner of 24th St. &
Camel Back, Phoenix, Az., 7-9pm MUSIC MIX: D.J.'s choice,
for more info call John MacMullin @ 602-943-5240 

Please Note: Dances that are listed first, under MUSIC MIX,
are the Primary dance music being played. All other dances
will be secondary. Dances listed third or fourth may not be
played at all, so beware!

California Dance Club, 938 The Alameda, San Jose, CA. Call
408-297-9772, for info and schedule of group classes.
Classes $6.00 ea. Series classes $6.00 X # of classes, drop
in class $8.00. Sunday, Dec. 22nd, 1996, Hustle Group Class
8-9pm W/ Bobby Concepcion & Raul Ante, Swing Dance 9-12am.

Metronome Ballroom, 1830 17th St @ DeHaro, S.F. Call
415-252-9000 for info. Thursdays, 9-10, Pre Int Hustle W/
Paul Overton @ Monte Cristo Club.

Moonlight Ballroom (Powerhouse Gym), 950 King Dr., Daly
City, CA, Wednesday, Thursday (Hustle), Friday Group
Classes, Saturday Workshops. For info regarding group
classes and workshops call: Cruz Sumera @ 415-469-0610
pager 415-923-8787 or Lisa Grefaldia @ 415-695-1368, Hustle
classes are all levels (beg/int/adv). 

Premier Ballroom, 4181 Cushing Parkway, Fremont, CA 94539, 
For more info call 510-770-1178  regarding other group
classes. Group classes in HUSTLE are beg/int level, Sunday,
Nov., 24th, 7-8pm, Dancing 8-11pm, $8.00 admission includes
lesson & dance.

Starlite Ballroom, 1160 N. Fair Oaks, Sunnyvale, CA  call
408-745-7827 for info. Group classes are held Monday
through Thursday evenings @ 6:15, 7:15, 8:15, 9:15pm in one
hour sessions for 4 consecutive weeks. Please call for
their schedules. We will list only Hustle Dance information
when available.

Club Xenon Ballroom, 2055 Gellert Blvd Suite #2
Daly City, CA 94015, Beg/Int/Adv Hustle and Latin Dances,
Jam Session parties Fridays and Sundays, Workshops and
Floor rent available for teachers. Call Mario @
415-754-1744 for info. Wednesdays, Hustle group class
8:30-9:30pm with either Raul Ante, Bobby Concepcion or Ylva

Cowboy Country Club, 3550 Bernal Ave (Vintage Hill Shopping
Center), Pleasanton, CA. Beg/Int Hustle with Robert Royston
and Laureen Baldovi, Call 510-417-0881 for schedule or
510-417-1117 for more info on Hustle group classes.


HUSTLE Workshop with Atlas Griffith, Saturday, Nov. 23rd @
Imperial Dance Studio, 822 Cassia St. Redwood City, CA.
$20.00 advanced, $25.00 at door. For more info or to
register call Michelle Kinkaid @ 415 585-6282

Saturday, Dec. 14th with Ava Apple & Raul Ante @ The Jon
Sims Center, 1519 Mission St. between 11th St. & South Van
Ness, S.F., CA. 2pm-2:30pm Review of Basic Steps, Free!
2:45pm - 5pm Mixed level Hustle. $17.00 Advanced, $20.00 at
the Door. For Hustle Dance Club Members $15.00 Advanced,
$18.00 at the door. To Pre register send check payable to:
Ava Apple, 683 Haight St. S.F., CA 94117, For more info
call Ava @ 415-681-8140 or Raul @ 415-467-8830.

Ava Apple 415-681-8140, Arthur Calandrelli. 415-567-3421,
Marge Gabbert 415-334-9914, Michelle Kinkaid 415-585-6282,
Adele Poenisch 408-293-0679, Robin Rebello 415-856-9930,
Les Robinson 408-381-5083, Robert Royston 510-417-1117,
Ylva Wintzell 415-583-6507

Donna Boyle 215-934-6644 (Philadelphia), Debra Hampton
213-653-7088 (Los Angeles), Dave Sarul 213-653-7088 (Los
Angeles), Ceasar Ricaurte 714-837-0440 (Los Angeles),
Michael Kiehm 619-287-9036 (San Diego), Mari Kiehm
619-287-9036 (San Diego), Maria Torres 718-802-1999 (New
York), Kenny Gonzales 718-518-0210 (New York), (Aerials
only), Angel Figueroa 212-245-5200 (New York), Barry
Douglas 810-457-3110 (Michigan), Maggie Tennessen
602-973-6134 (Phoenix, AZ), Atlas Griffith 602-413-1517
(Tempe, AZ), Randy Atlas 305-756-5027 (Miami, FL), Bill
Washabough 407-393-0741 (Boca Raton, FL), Joyce Szili,
301-949-6669, (Washington D.C. Metro Area)

DANCE SUPPLIES: (Dance Shoes, Dance Wear and Accessories)  

Ballroom Dance Supplies, (BDS), 372 Bird Ave (Off Hwy 280),
San Jose, CA 95126, Tel/Fax 408-293-1727  Bill Rowe,

A Keen Dance Shoe Supplier, Metronome Ballroom, 1830-17th
St @ DeHaro, S.F., CA 94103, 415-547-8483 pager
510-355-4443, Ann Keen

Jodee Adair Design Emporium. Specializing in practice &
social dancewear, P.O. Box 10440, Santa Ana, CA 92711,

Specializing in "Evenin' Star" Dance Boots call Rosemary
McNally @ 510-769-1845

McKinney Custom Designs, P.O. Box 262, Fairview Village, PA
19406, Call 610-631-5369 or 215-934-6644 for brochures.
Ballroom Jewelry, featuring "Smooth Silhouettes" for,
Latin, Swing, Hustle, and Country.

70'S DISCO D.J. (Mobile D.J. parties & weddings), PLUS
Hustle Dance Music tapes. (1) tape for $20.00, (2) tapes
for $30.00 (3) tapes $40.00. John Schlicht 408-249-3123
(Sir Dancealot), (Tapes are available at the Tuesday Night
dance @ Grand Palace)

HUSTLE MUSIC: Music Tapes by Bobby Morales, New Yorks top
D.J. The official 1996 Hustle U.S.A. Dance mix collection,
four new volumes, 90 non-stop minutes of some of the all
time classic Hustle songs mixed by Hustle U.S.A's D.J. and
music Director, Bobby Morales. Each tape recorded on high
quality chrome, price: $20.00 each, Special Hustle U.S.A.
offer: buy 2 or more tapes and get each tape for only
$15.00 each. For more info or to order call Bobby Morales,

$45.00 EACH, $120 FOR THE SET, Tape#1: Beginning/Basic
Hustle, Tape#2: Intermediate Hustle, Tape#3: Advanced
Hustle. Instructors: Michael & Mari Kiehm, For info and to
order call 619-287-9036

$29.95 EACH PLUS $2.00 for shipping & handling. Four videos
available from Barry Douglas & Joyce Stoughton, 1995 Hustle
USA Classic Champions. Beginner 1, Intermediate 1, Advanced
1, Wraps and Turns. Visa, MC or Checks, order from:
Michigan Swing Dance, 6543 Meadowwood, Grand Blanc, MI
48439, call 1-810-694-7625 or E-mail: beverly @  also order from A.R.B.S.P., 1220 Mission
Canyon, Santa Barbara, CA 93105, call 1-888-272-7772 for

$34.95 Int/Adv Hustle, with Robert Royston & Laureen
Baldovi, order from, A.R.B.S.P., 1220 Mission Canyon, Santa
Barbara, CA 93105, or call 1-888-272-7772 for catalog.


Jack-N-Jill Hustle Contest, Tuesday, Dec. 3rd, Preliminary
round, Dec. 10th Finals, Jack-N-Jill Hustle contest @ The
Grand Palace, 711 Town & Country Village Shopping Ctr.,
Sunnyvale, CA., $5.00 per person cover, $5.00 per entry in
contest, CASH awards for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place. Should be
lots of fun!!!! Host, M.C. & D.J., John Schlicht, Judging:
Ylva Wintzell, Bobby Concepcion & Raul Ante.

Dec. 13, 14, & 15, West Coast Swing, Hustle and Mambo with
Mario Robau at Carrillo Recreation Center, 100 E. Carrillo
St. Santa Barbara, CA, for details call 805-569-1952.

Sunday, Dec. 15th Holiday Hustle Party @ "BUMPERS" in the
Radisson Hotel, New Jersey, 212-638-8300. Great Music, Hot
& Cold Buffet, Dance Contest w/Cash prizes. For more info
call Donna, 215-482-9992 or Ron, 609-234-3352

New Years Dance Camp Dec. 27, 28, 29, 30th. Jack-N-Jill
contests in Novice and Intermediate, 2 Step & West Coast
Swing, Advanced West Coast Swing ($500 cash prize). Plus
over forty classes for only $49.00!!! Hustle, Cha Cha, West
Coast Swing, Tango, NC2 Step, Shag, and many more! To be
held at the beautiful Red Lion Hotel, Bakerfield, CA (805)
323-7111, for more info call Jay Byam (People Who Dance),

Saturday, January 11th, 1997, Santa Cruz Soiree,
Jack-N-Jill Hustle contest (10pm), Hustle lesson w/Robin
Rebello, 8-9pm, Dancing 9-11:30pm @ Midcounty Senor Center,
829 Bay Ave, Capitola, CA., General Admission $8.00 or Two
for $14.00, Newcomers two for $12.00 (Must Ask!). for more
info call Becky Adams @ 408-475-4427.

June 13, 14, & 15th, 1997 at Warner Center Marriot Hotel,
Bakersfield, CA, Workshops, Dance Parties, Jack-N-Jills and
Dancing by the pool, call People Who Dance at 805-529-8241
for more info.

Sept. 26,27,& 28, 1997, HUSTLE USA Dance Championships for
info call 1-800-92-HUSTLE. More info, in up coming issues.

Jeff Chandler and THE TOP HAT DANCERS, present a nostalgic
look back to the 1930's night club scene. With dazzling
floor shows that feature some of the Bay Area's top
professional dancers. For a great evening of fun and
entertainment and for those of you looking for a change of
pace This IS The Place! "TOP HAT CLUB", FOR INFO CALL
415-436-0433, $25.00 Admission, S.F. Press Club, 555 Post
suite 209, S.F.,CA 94117, (Include your name and phone
number) NEXT SHOW: 

HUSTLE USA "T" SHIRTS (black w/ white lettering) @ $15.00
plus shipping. (Large & X-large sizes only), Write or call:
Hustle USA @ 1-800-92-HUSTLE, 724-1/2 N. Croft Ave., Los
Angeles, CA 90069.

HUSTLE DANCE CLUB "T" Shirts (black w/red and white) @
$20.00 each plus shipping, both Men and Women styles. Call
Earl Ante @ 415-782-3440 to order.

Back issues of Hustle news can be accessed on the Hustle
For Internet services contact Rahul Dhesi 408-293-8078


#223, Bill Washabaugh, Boca Raton, FL
#224, Av Shiloh, Huntingdon Valley, PA
#225, Donna Boyle, Philadelphia, PA
#226, John MacMullin, Phoenix, AZ
#227, Bruce Devenow, San Jose, CA
#228, Carol Ann Miller, Campbell, CA
#229, Brenda Joyce Kirkland, Rocky River, OH
#230, Sherry Isaacs, Westerville, OH
#231, Adriana Domocos, San Leandro, CA
#232, Kenny Gee, San Leandro, CA
#233, Pat Jezo, San Jose, CA

Concepcion, SEC/TRES: Aldena Duval, NEWS LETTER: Raul Ante,
Ava Apple, Carolyn Jones, Les Robinson, MINISTER OF
INFORMATION: Michael Cohen, INTERNET: Rahul Dhesi, Michael
Cohen, EVENT COORDINATORS: Jay Larrick, Robin Rebello,
EVENT VOLUNTEERS: Stefanie Elkin, Dennis McAffee, Jay
Larrick, Marc McGovern, SOUND EQUIPMENT: Robin Rebello,

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