January 1997

The Holidays have come and gone and a new year is upon us.
And I hope all of you made it through the rains of 1996 and
the floods of 1997. Even with all the rain and cold weather
December turned out to be one Hot month. Some Hustle
friends joined us for the holidays, Av Shiloh from
Pennsylvania and Drew Axlerod from Florida. They were able
to strut their stuff at the Saturday night Hustle Dance at
The Starlite Ballroom.
Also helping to kick off the New Year were some of our
Hustle friends from the Los Angeles area, Hustle U.S.A.
mascot Sean with Debra Hampton, Dave Sarul, Linda Lees,
Patricia Reeves, Bert Moraga, Stephen Hicks, Jayma Newland
and Robyn Schlesinger. They all came up and joined us at
the Starlite Ballroom for the New Years eve party. And I
would like to thank, Joe Meitz, of the Starlite, for
allowing the Hustle Dance Club to party in the Rhythm
Street Ballroom. We had a super! Hustle! Night of dancing.
I would also like to thank all the Hustle Dance Club
members who came and supported the impromptu dance and made
the Starlite Ballroom's New Years eve party a great
success. Debra Hamptom also extends her personal thank
you's to the following: Sam Howard, Gary Tom, Marc
McGovern, Drew Axlerod, Greg Dalcher, Alex Pepple and Bobby
Concepcion. Now, let me tell you about the New Years Eve
party. It was smoking! The Main Ballroom provided a
Ballroom Dance venue and YUP! You guest it. The Rhythm
Street Ballroom was Hustle, Hustle and more Hustle. The
music was extremely Hot! I made sure of that fact, because
I was the D.J. and the music was provided, to me, by Bobby
Morales, from New York, Randy Atlas and Drew Axlerod from
Miami, Earl Ante, Ava Apple, Marc McGovern and Kenny Gee
from the Bay Area. It was a combination of old classic and
new Hustle sounds plus some "Salsa" that kept the Rhythm
Street Ballroom jumping. In the past Dancers would MIGRATE
from one Ballroom to the other because the music was ....
Dull! There wasn't a dull moment in the Rhythm Street
Ballroom, the Dancers were Hot, The Music was non stop Hot!
The room temperature was Hot, thanks to Debra Hampton and
Dave Sarul's dancing. Every time they hit the floor it was
like watching a dance exhibition! Our own bay area Hustle
Dance Club Dancers were in force with Ava Apple, Ylva
Wintzell, Kyla Kent, Earl Ante, Bobby Concepcion, Dominic
Garcia, Carl Hage, Michael Cohen, Janada and Tom Clark,
Yuko Siato, Laurie Toyama, Jian Xie, Phillip Sienna, Gail
Stevens, Virgina Ynegas, Ginny and Les Robinson, Virgina
Adams, Ruth Cnaany, Rahul Dhesi, Michael Everest, Velva
Hampson, Sam Howard, Pat Jezo, Jay Larrick, Rick Lasslo,
Donna Lee, Susin Lin, Margie Luna, Marja Moyer, Ron
Nicholson and Alex Pepple. Plus Many more dance friends who
were too numerous to mention! Thank you all for braving the
wind, the rain, and the cold and dancing up a storm!

From the U.S. Open Swing Championships and more:
Congratulations to Robert Royston and Laureen Baldovi for
their First place Finnish in the Open Swing Division. Also
receiving a first place, in the Caberet Division were,
Hustle USA and Hustle Dance Club members, Maria Torres and
Angel Figueroa doing a Rumba/Mambo routine. Maria and Angel
also competed at The Ohio Star Ball and received a FIRST
place in the Professional Rising Star, American Rhythm
Division and a fourth place in the Professional Open,
American Rhythm Division. Their next Bay Area appearance
will be in May 1997, so stay tuned.

Here are the results from the Jack-N-Jill contest held at
The Grand Palace, Dec. 10th. Fifteen couples paired up for
the preliminary rounds and six couples returned for the
finals and the results are: First place, Bridget Taylor &
Marc McGovern, 2nd place, Robin Schlesinger & Gary Ulaner,
3rd place, Laurie Nielsen & James Religa, consolation
prizes going to Audrianna Correa, Ray Abaya, Chun Lundgren,
Ken Greer, Ping Lee and Lloyd Guro. Great job by all the
Dancers who participated. And a Special Thank You, to John
Schlight, who kept things running smoothly as usual and to
the Judges, Peggy Religa, Ylva Wintzell, Bobby Concepcion
and Raul Ante, and to The Grand Place for providing some of
the prizes. Next Jack-N-Jill should be around April or May,
so keep dancing and for the out of town Hustle Dancers who
want to join the fun, start planning. More info to follow,
in up coming issues.

Debra Hampton & Dave Sarul will start our 1997 Hustle
Workshop season, Sunday, March 23rd @ The Cubberley
Community Center, Gym "B", 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo
Alto, CA, 1:00pm to 2:30pm, Intermediate New York Style
Hustle, 3:00pm to 4:30pm, Advance New York Style Hustle
Workshop. (More information under "Workshops")

Now some whinny news: I know some of you have seen our
Guests from out of town dance New York Style Hustle, and
ALL EYES seem to be watching, and ALL BRAINS seem to be
calculating and ALL MOUTHS are commenting on how wonderful
New York style Hustle appears on the floor, well it is
about time you all quit watching, calculating and
commenting and start learning some new Hustle. We have
taken steps to insure those of you who do not want to learn
how to dance, but are only interested in patterns, we will
show you patterns, for those of you who want dance
technique and styling, we will show you, technique and
styling, for those of you, who are to cheap to take the
workshop because you think you know everything about
Hustle, and in reality, you know didily squat, we may let
you watch, ... for a price! For those of you who keep
asking me to show you what was taught in the workshop, no
problem, break out your check book! And finally for the
boozo who thinks he can steal all the moves off the dance
floor by watching, forget it, you'll never be able to do it
correctly, save your shelf the agony and take the workshop
or, better yet, take a private lesson, it's faster! There
are some of us who see the advantage, of what is being
taught, and it shows on the dance floor. There were people,
who use to be in the front of the line, but their dancing
hasn't changed or improved over the years, and the line in
front of them just got longer and longer. If you want to do
the same snooze Hustle, or the same Jurassic Hustle, or the
same boring Hustle you've been doing for years, that's O.K.
But don't be surprised when you wake up and find everybody
around you, dancing more interesting patterns than you. If
you want to put some zest in your dancing we have the
answer! Check out the next workshop!

How about some nosey news? Congratulations to Aldine
Koreneff and Keith Dimmick for their wedding engagement,
some time 1997 and to Patricia Kopache, with her new
husband, Dan Fitch. Also to a close friend of mine, Tulsa
Jarvis for her engagement to be married in 1997, we wish
you all the best of luck. Boy! Oh boy! This dance stuff
does strange things to people. Just kidding!

Just remember to keep Dancing and Prancing! Because, to
live is to dance and dancing is life! And, I'll see you on
the dance floor!
Raul Ante,


MONDAY thru SATURDAYS @ Rick's Rendezvous Ballroom Dancing,
32130 Alvarado Blvd, Union City, CA. Ph 510-489-5447.
Mon-Fri. 6-7pm lessons, 7-11pm dancing. Fri 7-1am Dancing,
Sat. 4-6pm lessons, 6-1am Dancing. MUSIC MIX: (Hustle,
Tango, Boogie, Cha Cha). Tuesday Night Hustle Lessons 6-7pm
with Earl Ante & Rosanna Mendoza. $8.00 per person (Monthly
memberships $45.00 before 6/15/97 or $55.00 after 6/15/97.
Good for all group lessons and open floor dancing.

MONDAYS @ Allegro Ballroom, 5855 Christie Ave, Emeryville,
CA. Ph 510-655-2888, Beg. Lesson 7-8pm, Int. Lesson 8-9pm
w/ Carol Ann Miller & Gregory Harrison, Dance Party 9-??,
MUSIC MIX: (West Coast Swing, Hustle, Salsa & Nite Club 2

TUESDAYS @ Grand Palace Restaurant, 711 Town & Country
Village, Sunnyvale, CA  408-733-7466, D.J. John Schlicht
(Sir Dancealot), LESSONS 8-9PM W/Raul Ante & Bobby
Concepcion, (Int/Adv Dancers), DANCING 9-12 $6.00 Cover
Charge, MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE,  WC Swing, Salsa, NC 2 Step)

TUESDAYS-WEDNESDAYS @ Solita's Nite Club, Spruce St.
S.S.F., CA. Hustle Dance Lessons 8-9pm With Nestor (Niko)
Garcia, Dancing 9pm-1am D.J MUSIC MIX: (Hustle, Latin,

2ND FRIDAY OF THE MONTH (Feb. 14th) @ Metronome Ballroom,
1830 17th St @ DeHaro, S.F., CA 415-252-9000, LESSONS
7:30-9PM (HUSTLE), $10.00 Lesson & Party, DANCING 9-12,
$8.00 Party only, HDC MEMBERS $1.00 off Admission MUST SHOW
CARD!!! MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE, Swing, Salsa) Special Note: The
Hustle Dance will held @ 300 De Haro St. just around the
corner from the Metronome Ballroom!

FRIDAYS @ Pavilion (Cubberley Community Ctr), 4000
Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA  415-856-9930, LESSONS
8:00-9PM (call for schedule of dances), DANCING: 9-12AM
$5.00 Cover Charge, HOST: Robin Rebello, MUSIC MIX:
(BALLROOM, Swing, Hustle, Latin)

SATURDAYS @ Starlite Ballroom (Rhythm  Street Ballroom),
1160 N. Fair Oaks, Sunnyvale, CA 94089 PH# 408-745-7827,
LESSON 8-9:15PM Beg/Inter HUSTLE with Bill Carr, Starting
January 4th, every other Saturday with Raul Ante & Bobby
Concepcion. DANCING 9:15-12AM General Admission $7.00,
HUSTLE CLUB MEMBERS $6.00 (SHOW CARD), (Discount only
applies to Saturday night dance), MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE, Latin
& Requests)

2ND SUNDAY OF THE MONTH @ Imperial Dance Studio, 822 Cassia
St., Redwood City,  415-585-6282, DANCING 6-10PM $7.00
Cover Charge, HOST: Michelle Kinkaid, MUSIC MIX: (WEST
COAST SWING, 2 Step, Hustle)

WEDNESDAYS @ at Twelve OO Four Restaurant, 2300 Beverley
Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. Lessons with Jessie Infante,
7:30-9:00pm (Hustle), Dancing 9-1am, MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE,
Cha Cha, Mambo, Tango)

THURSDAYS @ Press Box (inside Westminster Lanes), 6471
Westminster Blvd, Westminster, CA., DANCING 8pm-1am, $5.00 
cover charge, D.J. Ceaser Ricaurte (A.K.A Mr. Hustle),
MUSIC MIX : (HUSTLE, N.C. 2 Step, WC Swing) Special
workshop with Debra Hampton & Dave Sarul, Thursday Feb.
13th, 7:30-8:45 mixed levels, $10.00.

EVERY 2ND SATURDAY @ Starlight Dance Studio, 6506 El Cajon
Blvd Suite "H", San Diego, CA., Info call 619-287-9036,
MUSIC MIX: (WEST COAST SWING, Hustle), Friday Night Group
Classes, Rising Stars Dance Club, Starlight Dance Studio,
6506 El Cajon Blvd Suite "H", San Diego, CA., Lessons 6-7pm
Beginning Hustle, 7-8pm Int/Adv Hustle, $10.00 per class

WEDNESDAYS @ Stepping Out Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio,
1780 Broadway @ 57th St., New York, 212-245-5200, LESSONS
W/Maria Torres 9-9:30PM, DANCING 9:30 to 12:15, $5.00 Cover
(except for special events), D.J.: Bobby Morales and Nelson
Roman, MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE, Latin)

FRIDAYS @ Universal Dance Center, Rt. 130 & Haddon Ave.
near the Cooper River, Collinswood, N.J (609-869-0010)
Classes start 8:30, with Donna Boyle, practice party 9:30,
also every First Friday of the Month "Hustle Party" MUSIC
MIX: HUSTLE, Latin, Wcs. For more info on upcoming events
Call "DISCO AMERICA" @ 215-934-6644

TUESDAYS @ The Ascot, 1708 L St. N.W., Washington D.C.
(202-296-7640) Hot Hustle dancing from 9-12:30am $8.00
cover includes 2 cocktails and open food buffet. D.J.'s
Joyce & Annette. MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE, Latin, Swing)

SATURDAYS @ The Junction, 1330 E. Gude Dr. Rockville, M.D.
(301-217-5820), Group hustle lessons 7-8pm Int level $6.00,
8-9pm Beg level FREE! Dancing 9pm-1am. $5.00, D.J.'s Joyce
& Annette. MUSIC MIX: (HUSTLE, W.C. Swing)

WEDNESDAYS @ Empire Lounge, South West corner of 24th St. &
Camel Back, Phoenix, Az., 7-9pm MUSIC MIX: D.J.'s choice,
for more info call John MacMullin @ 602-943-5240 

FRIDAYS @ Trio's niteclub, in Broward County, Boca Motion,
in West Palm Beach. MUSIC MIX: (Disco-Hustle)

SATURDAYS @ Alacazaba, Coral Gables Hyatt, in Dade County,
Boca Motion, in West Palm Beach
MUSIC MIX: (Disco-Hustle)

Please Note: Dances that are listed first, under MUSIC MIX,
are the Primary dance music being played. All other dances
will be secondary. Dances listed third or fourth may not be
played at all, so beware!


The Allegro Ballroom, 5855 Christie Ave, Emeryville, CA
94608, Starting Monday, Feb. 3rd, four week Series, 7-8pm
drop in Beginning Hustle, 8-9pm Int level, 9pm Dance Party.
For more info call 510-655-2888

California Dance Club, 938 The Alameda, San Jose, CA. Call
408-297-9772, for info and schedule of group classes.
Classes $6.00 ea. Series classes $6.00 X # of classes, drop
in class $8.00. 

Del Monte Ballroom, 100 S. Murphy, Sunnyvale, CA with Jim
Morton, for info on groups and privates call 408-732-9354
Web site info:

Metronome Ballroom, 1830 17th St @ DeHaro, S.F. Call
415-252-9000 for info. Starting in February, Tuesdays,
7-8pm, Beg. Hustle W/ David Weise in the Mezzanine

Moonlight Ballroom (Powerhouse Gym), 950 King Dr., Daly
City, CA, Wednesday, Thursday (Hustle), Friday Group
Classes, Saturday Workshops. For info regarding group
classes and workshops call: Cruz Sumera @ 415-469-0610
pager 415-923-8787 or Lisa Grefaldia @ 415-695-1368, Hustle
classes are all levels (beg/int/adv). 

Premier Ballroom, 4181 Cushing Parkway, Fremont, CA 94539, 
For more info call 510-770-1178  regarding other group
classes. Group classes in HUSTLE are beg/int level, Dancing
8-11pm, $8.00 admission includes lesson & dance.

Rick's Rendezvous Ballroom Dancing, 32130 Alvarado Blvd.
Union City, CA  PH# 510-489-5447, Tuesday night 6-7pm
Beginning Hustle, with Earl Ante & Rosanna Mendoza, $8.00
per person.

Starlite Ballroom, 1160 N. Fair Oaks, Sunnyvale, CA  call
408-745-7827 for info. Group classes are held Monday
through Thursday evenings @ 6:15, 7:15, 8:15, 9:15pm in one
hour sessions for 4 consecutive weeks. Please call for
their schedules. We will list only Hustle Dance information
when available.

Club Xenon Ballroom, 2055 Gellert Blvd Suite #2
Daly City, CA 94015, Beg/Int/Adv Hustle and Latin Dances,
Jam Session parties Fridays and Sundays, Workshops and
Floor rent available for teachers. Call Mario @
415-754-1744 for info. Wednesdays, Hustle group class
8:30-9:30pm with either Raul Ante, Bobby Concepcion or Ylva

Cowboy Country Club, 3550 Bernal Ave (Vintage Hill Shopping
Center), Pleasanton, CA. Beg/Int Hustle with Robert Royston
and Laureen Baldovi, Call 510-417-0881 for schedule or
510-417-1117 for more info on Hustle group classes.


Saturday, February 8th, 1997, Hustle Workshop with Buddy
Schwimmer @ The Starlite Ballroom, 1160 N. Fair Oaks Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA. 1pm to 3pm (Beg. to Int.) 3:30pm to 5:30pm
(Int to Adv.) Cost $32.00 per section, $56.00 for both.
Call 408-745 STAR for more info

Saturday, February 8th, 1997, Hustle Workshop with Raul
Ante & Bobby Concepcion @ Club Xenon Ballroom, 2055 Gellert
Blvd. Suite #2, Daly City, CA. 1:30-4:30pm, New York & Nite
Club Style Hustle, Int/Adv patterns. $24.00 per person,
Call 415-754-1744 for more info.

Sunday, February 23rd, 1997, Hustle Workshop, Mixed levels
with Ava Apple & Raul Ante, @ International Center, 50 Oak
St. 4th floor (between Franklin & Van Ness) S.F., CA,
2-2:30pm review of basic steps, 2:30-5pm, Patterns,
Styling, Lead & Follow. $17.00 in advance, $20.00 @ door,
Hustle Club members $15.00 in advance, $18.00 @ door, to
pre-register send check or money order payable to: Ava
Apple, 683 Haight St. S.F., CA 94117 for more info Ava
415-681-8140 or Raul 415-467-8830

Sunday, March 23rd, 1997, New York Style Hustle Workshop
with Debra Hampton & David Sarul @ The Cubberley Community
Center, Gym "B", 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA.
1:00pm to 2:30pm Int. Level Workshop, 3:00pm to 4:30pm Adv.
Level Workshop. PRICE: $20.00 per workshop or $35.00 for
both workshops! Hustle Dance Club members $15.00 per
workshop or $25.00 for both workshops. MUST PURCHASE IN
ADVANCE BY MARCH 21st, 1997. Day of the Workshop $25.00 per
person NO EXCEPTIONS!! (Club Members who do not pay in
advance will pay the HIGHER price!) For more info Call

Ava Apple 415-681-8140, Arthur Calandrelli. 415-567-3421,
Marge Gabbert 415-334-9914, Michelle Kinkaid 415-585-6282,
Jim Morton 408-732-9354, Adele Poenisch 408-293-0679, Robin
Rebello 415-856-9930, Les Robinson 408-381-5083, Robert
Royston 510-417-1117, Ylva Wintzell 415-583-6507

Donna Boyle 215-934-6644 (Philadelphia), Debra Hampton
213-653-7088 (Los Angeles), Dave Sarul 213-653-7088 (Los
Angeles), Ceasar Ricaurte 714-837-0440 (Los Angeles),
Michael Kiehm 619-287-9036 (San Diego), Mari Kiehm
619-287-9036 (San Diego), Maria Torres 718-802-1999 (New
York), Kenny Gonzales 718-518-0210 (New York), (Aerials
only), Angel Figueroa 212-245-5200 (New York), Barry
Douglas 810-457-3110 (Michigan), Maggie Tennessen
602-973-6134 (Phoenix, AZ), Atlas Griffith 602-413-1517
(Tempe, AZ), Randy Atlas 305-756-5027 (Miami, FL), Bill
Washabough 407-393-0741 (Boca Raton, FL), Joyce Szili,
301-598-2215, (Washington D.C. Metro Area)

DANCE SUPPLIES: (Dance Shoes, Dance Wear and Accessories)

Ballroom Dance Supplies, (BDS), 372 Bird Ave (Off Hwy 280),
San Jose, CA 95126, Tel/Fax 408-293-1727  Bill Rowe,

A Keen Dance Shoe Supplier, Metronome Ballroom, 1830-17th
St @ DeHaro, S.F., CA 94103, 415-547-8483 pager
510-355-4443, Ann Keen

Ballroom Connection, 1111 W. El Camino Real suite #219,
Sunnyvale, CA., Ph# (408)-773-8833 (internet):
(shoes, music, dance wear & accessories)

Jodee Adair Design Emporium. Specializing in practice &
social dancewear, P.O. Box 10440, Santa Ana, CA 92711,

Specializing in "Evenin' Star" Dance Boots call Rosemary
McNally @ 510-769-1845

McKinney Custom Designs, P.O. Box 262, Fairview Village, PA
19406, Call 610-631-5369 or 215-934-6644 for brochures.
Ballroom Jewelry, featuring "Smooth Silhouettes" for,
Latin, Swing, Hustle, and Country.

70'S DISCO D.J. (Mobile D.J. parties & weddings), PLUS
Hustle Dance Music tapes. (1) tape for $20.00, (2) tapes
for $30.00 (3) tapes $40.00. John Schlicht 408-249-3123
(Sir Dancealot), (Tapes are available at the Tuesday Night
dance @ Grand Palace)

$45.00 EACH, $120 FOR THE SET, Tape#1: Beginning/Basic
Hustle, Tape#2: Intermediate Hustle, Tape#3: Advanced
Hustle. Instructors: Michael & Mari Kiehm, For info and to
order call 619-287-9036

$29.95 EACH PLUS $2.00 for shipping & handling. Four videos
available from Barry Douglas & Joyce Stoughton, 1995 Hustle
USA Classic Champions. Beginner 1, Intermediate 1, Advanced
1, Wraps and Turns. Visa, MC or Checks, order from:
Michigan Swing Dance, 6543 Meadowwood, Grand Blanc, MI
48439, call 1-810-694-7625 or E-mail: beverly @  also order from A.R.B.S.P., 1220 Mission
Canyon, Santa Barbara, CA 93105, call 1-888-272-7772 for

$34.95 Int/Adv Hustle, with Robert Royston & Laureen
Baldovi, order from, A.R.B.S.P., 1220 Mission Canyon, Santa
Barbara, CA 93105, or call 1-888-272-7772 for catalog.

$35.00 each or $30.00 each for 3 or more tapes in one order
plus shipping & handling, please allow 1-2 weeks for
delivery. HUSTLE w/ Steve Rebello & Stephanie Au,
Beginning, Intermediate 1 & Intermediate 2, Advanced 1 & 2.
Call (415)-969-5242 for more info. Or write to: Ballroom
Connection, 1111 W. El Camino Real Suite #219, Sunnyvale,
CA 94087

(includes shipping & handling). Video covers two days worth
of competition and general dancing. Send check or money
order to: HUSTLE USA, 724-1/2 N. Croft Ave. Los Angeles, CA
90069 or to Nan Bohrar, 107-40 Queens Blvd. #3C, Forest
Hills, N.Y. 11375  (Make Checks payable to: Hustle USA)


June, 6, 7, & 8th, 1997, Tom Maddox presents, The First
Annual Rising Star Disco Weekend @ The Holiday Inn,
Fullerton , CA. Hustle & Night Club Two Step Competitions
and MORE!!! For additional information call 310-923-2623
after Feb. 1st call 562-923-2623 or Write to: Sun Dance
Club. P.O. Box 1287, Norwalk, CA 90651

June 13, 14, & 15th, 1997 at Warner Center Marriot Hotel,
Bakersfield, CA, Workshops, Dance Parties, Jack-N-Jills and
Dancing by the pool, call People Who Dance at 805-529-8241
for more info.

Sept. 26,27,& 28, 1997, HUSTLE USA Dance Championships for
info call 1-800-92-HUSTLE. More info, in up coming issues.

HUSTLE USA "T" SHIRTS (black w/ white lettering) @ $15.00
plus shipping. (Large & X-large sizes only), Write or call:
Hustle USA @ 1-800-92-HUSTLE, 724-1/2 N. Croft Ave., Los
Angeles, CA 90069.

HUSTLE DANCE CLUB "T" Shirts (black w/red and white) @
$20.00 each plus shipping, both Men and Women styles. Call
Earl Ante @ 415-782-3440 to order.

Back issues of Hustle news can be accessed on the Hustle
For Internet services contact Rahul Dhesi 408-293-8078


#234, Fred Flores. S.F., CA
#235, Yuko Saito, S.F., CA
#236, Keith Dimmick, Milpitas, CA
#237, Timothy Moran, San Jose, CA
#238, Dan Fitch, San Francisco, CA
#239, Tom Clark, Menlo Park, CA
#240, Lynn Goldman, S.F., CA
#241, Beth Rodgers-McKillop, Dixon, CA
#242, Donna Munic, San Jose, CA
#243, Elaine Markman, Baltimore, MD
#244, Margie Luna, Daly City, CA
#245, Stanley Westcott, Chalmette, LA

Concepcion, SEC/TRES: Aldena Duval, NEWS LETTER: Raul Ante,
Ava Apple, Carolyn Jones, Les Robinson, MINISTER OF
INFORMATION: Michael Cohen, INTERNET: Rahul Dhesi, Michael
Cohen, EVENT COORDINATORS: Jay Larrick, Robin Rebello,
EVENT VOLUNTEERS: Stefanie Elkin, Dennis McAffee, Jay
Larrick, Marc McGovern, SOUND EQUIPMENT: Robin Rebello,

For new memberships and renewals send check or money order
to: HUSTLE DANCE CLUB, P.O. Box 945, Brisbane, CA
94005-0945, or call, 415-467-8830, MEMBERSHIP FEES: $15.00