September 1997


Summer's come and gone and we're into the Fall season. Our first Hustle workshop
will be with Atlas Griffith at The Cubberley Community Center, Sunday October
26th. (see workshops)

Here are some Hustle results from Tom Maddox's Swing/Hustle Competition held in
Palm Springs, CA. on July 26th and 27th. Pro/Am Junior, 1st. Alicia Sumrall and
Martin Parker, 2nd. Jordan Frisbee and Michele French, 3rd. Andrew Davis and
Denise Davis. Pro/Am Novice, 1st. Sarah Burrows and Phil Adams, 2nd. Catherine
Modesitt and Ed Van Ornum, 3rd. Dave Head and Michele French. Pro/Am Intermediate
1st. Suzanne Hogan and Phil Adams, 2nd. Alan Bryon and Lisa Fay, 3rd. Jess Tarin
and Lyndee Campbell. Pro/Am Advance, 1st. Carrie Bianco and Kevin Cruz. "Just
Dance" Novice 1st. Frank Oliva (HDC) and Betty Waldron (HDC), 2nd. Victor Eijhout
and Valyn Carenza, 3rd. Lyndra Uzan and David Head. "Just Dance" Intermediate,
1st. Dennis Rose and Shani Goldberg, 2nd. Martin Tracy and Karen Mainer, 3rd.
Don Baker and Catherine Modesitt. "Just Dance" Advance, 1st. Alex Seguritan and
Casey Lloyd, 2nd. Michael Monarch and Liz Baldwin, 3rd. Eric Myers and Colleen
Shepard. "Just Dance" Champion, 1st Martin and Lisa Parker, 2nd. Bob Bahrs and
Debbie Bernard, 3rd. Jessie Infante and Rosie Campos. "Jack-N-Jill" Novice, 1st.
Allan Uy and Michelle Frost, 2nd. Dave Head, Catherine Modesitt, 3rd. Kenny Souza
and Helen Adams. "Jack-N-Jill Intermediate, 1st. Robby Valois and Louise
Longdorf, 2nd. Jack Trew and Kathie Lyon, 3rd. Frank Oliva (HDC) and Janne
Anderson. "Jack-N-Jill" Advance, 1st Eric Myers and Deanna Mollman, 2nd. Michael
Monarch and Marina Mollman, 3rd. Dennis Rose and Liz Baldwin. "Jack-N-Jill
Champion, 1st. Toby Munroe and Melody Cochran, 2nd. Edward Van Ornum and Michele
French, 3rd. Martin Parker and Rosie Campos. (These results are courtesy of
Sundance Dance Club)

Here's some non-Hustle notes, HDC member Steve Gavazza with his partner Marilyn
Lund won, a Lindy Hop contest at The Top Of The Mark, in the Mark Hopkins Hotel,
June 13th. Congratulations to Steve and Marilyn..., next time try a Hustle
contest! Just kidding. Also, HDC members Ava Apple and Luis Rosa, won a Salsa
contest at Shabooms, in San Jose, CA. Sunday August 10th. Salsa and chips? Humm,
they must be warming up for something? I wonder what it could be? Great job by
all of you, keep up the good dancing. 

We have had several out of state quests sampling the Hustle Dance scene here in
the Bay Area. A hearty welcome to Cherly Israel, Crispin & Beckey Pierce, from
the State of Washington, Luis Rosa from the Bronx, N.Y. Mike Falcone, Av Shiloh
and Lois Sablich, from Philadelphia and Drew Axlerod from Miami, Florida. It was
nice having all of you here dancing and prancing.

Luis Rosa, teaming up with his partner Ava Apple, taught several Hustle workshops
and group classes. Those of you who had the pleasure of watching Ava and Luis
perform at The Allegro, and the Metronome Ballrooms or just fooling around at
the Starlite Ballroom and Grand Palace, were treated to some impressive lifts,
drops and sweeps plus some exciting floor dancing. They should be one of the top
couples competing in the Theatre Arts and Classic Hustle divisions at the Hustle
USA dance championships in New York. Good luck to the both of them.

Here is an interesting development, Brian Colbert, from the Sacramento Area will
soon be organizing The Hustle Dance Club of Sacramento. All members of HDC will
receive the benefits of the membership, such as discounts from dances and from 
workshops. Soon to follow, will be New York City, thanks to Nan Bohrar's efforts
and possibly Miami, Florida. All of you, who are current members, will enjoy the
Hustle scene from East coast to West coast. Bay Area HDC members now receive
discounts from the Allegro, Metronome and Starlite Ballrooms and enjoy great
prices from our workshops. Soon you will be able to travel and enjoy the benefits
of being members of the Hustle Dance Club.

Keep dancing and prancing, and I'll see you on the dance floor!


Raul Ante


MONDAY thru SATURDAYS @ Rick's Rendezvous Ballroom Dancing, 32130 Alvarado Blvd.,
Union City, CA., PH# 510-489-5447. Mon-Thur, 7-8pm lessons, 8-11pm dancing.
Fri.Fri-Sat. Lessons 8-9pm, dancing 9-1am. MUSIC MIX: Hustle, Tango, Boogie,
Cha Cha.  Monday night Hustle lessons 7-8pm with Earl Ante & Rosanna
Mendoza. $8.00 per person.

MONDAYS @ Allegro Ballroom, 5855 Christie Ave. Emeryville, CA.(Powell St. exit
off I-80), PH# 510-655-2888. Beg. Hustle lesson 7:30-8:30pm, Int. Hustle lesson
8:30-9:30pm with Ava Apple. Dancing 9:30-11pm. MUSIC MIX: Hustle, Salsa, Nite
Club 2 step, & requests. Drop in single class $9.00, two classes $15.00, party
only $4.00 or free with class. Hustle Club Members $1.00 off with membership

TUESDAYS @ Grand Palace Restaurant, 711 Town & Country Village (corner of
Washington & Mathilda), Sunnyvale, CA., PH# 408-733-7466 with D.J. John Schlicht
"Sir Dancealot". Beg. lessons with Rosanna Mendoza & Earl Ante, Int./Adv. lessons
8-9pm with Raul Ante. Dancing 9-12am, $6.00 Cover, MUSIC MIX: Hustle, WC Swing,
Salsa, Nite Club 2 step.

TUESDAYS to THURSDAYS @ Solita's Night Club, 120 Hazelwood St. South San
Francisco, CA., lessons 8-9pm with Niko Garcia. Dancing 9-??. MUSIC MIX: Hustle

THURSDAYS @ Allegro Ballroom, 5855 Christie Ave. Emeryville, CA (Powell St. exit 
off I-80), Ph# 510-655-2888. Beg. Hustle lesson 7:30-8:30pm, Int. Hustle lesson
8:30-9:30pm with Cruz Summera & Lisa Grefaldia. Dancing 9:30-11pm. MUSIC MIX:
Hustle, Latin, NC2Step & requests. Drop in single class $9.00, both classes
$15.00, party only $4.00 or free with class. HDC members $1.00 off with
membership card.

2ND FRIDAY OF THE MONTH @ Metronome Ballroom's "Block Party", 300 DeHaro, between
16th and 17th street, San Francisco, CA., PH# 415-252-9000, Beg. Hustle lesson
7:30pm-8:15pm, Int. Hustle lesson, 8:15pm-9pm, with Raul Ante. Dancing 9-12am,
$10.00 lesson & dancing, $8.00 dancing only. Hustle Club Members $1.00 off with
membership card, MUSIC MIX: Hustle, Salsa and West Coast Swing. 

FRIDAYS @ Pavilion (Cubberley Community Center) 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto,
CA., PH# 415-856-9930, Dance lesson 8-9pm (call for schedule of dances), Dancing
9-12am, $5.00 Cover, Host: Robin Rebello, MUSIC MIX: Ballroom, Swing, Hustle,

FRIDAYS @ Club Xenon Ballroom, 2055 Gellert Blvd, Suite #2, Daly City, CA. PH#
415-754-1744. Dancing 9pm-1am, Host & D.J., Mario Rulloda, MUSIC MIX: Latin,
E.C. Swing, Hustle

SATURDAYS @ Starlite Ballroom (Rhythm Street Ballroom), 1160 N. Fair Oaks Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA., PH#408-745-7827. Beg. Hustle lessons 8:15pm-8:45pm, Int. Hustle
lessons 8:45pm-9:15pm with either Bill Carr or Raul Ante (Alternating Saturdays).
Dancing 9:15-12am. $7.00 Cover, Hustle Dance Club Members $1.00 off with
membership card. MUSIC MIX: Hustle, Swing, Latin.

2ND SUNDAY OF THE MONTH @ Imperial Dance Studio, 822 Cassia St. Redwood City,
CA., PH# 415-585-6282, Dancing 6-10pm, $7.00 Cover, Host: Michelle Kinkaid, MUSIC
MIX: WC Swing, NC 2 Step, Hustle.

MONDAYS @ Moose's Cafe & Pub in Marina Del Rey, lessons with Leba Shana 7:30-
8:30pm Hustle & West Coast Swing, Dancing 8:30pm 1am. D.J. Ceasar Ricaurte, (AKA:
Mr. Hustle) MUSIC MIX: Hustle, WC Swing.

THURSDAYS @ The Press Box (inside Westminster Lanes), 6471 Westminster Blvd.,
Westminster, CA., $5.00 cover, D.J., Ceasar Ricaurte "Mr. Hustle", MUSIC MIX:
Hustle, NC2 Step, WC Swing.

FRIDAYS Sept. 5th & 19th, Oct. 10th & 31st @ The Club House, 743 Dunn Way @
Orangethorpe Ave & the 57 freeway, Placentia, CA. $5.00 cover w/membership, $7.00
for non-members. D.J. Tom Mattox, MUSIC MIX: Swing, Country Two Step, Disco Two
Step, Hustle, Waltz, Cha Cha, Salsa and other partner dances.

EVERY 2ND SATURDAY @ Starlight Dance Studio, 6506 El Cajon Blvd., Suite "H", San
Diego, CA., PH# 619-287-9036, MUSIC MIX: WC Swing, Hustle. Friday night group
classes, Beg. Hustle 6-7pm, Int./Adv. 7-8pm, $10.00 per class.

WEDNESDAYS @ Stepping Out Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio, 1780 Broadway @ 57th
St., New York, N.Y., PH# 212-245-5200, Lessons with Maria Torres, 9-9:30pm
Dancing 9:30pm-12:15am, $5.00 Cover (except for special events) D.J's Bobby
Morales & Nelson Roman, MUSIC MIX: Hustle, Latin.

Universal Dance center, Rt. 130 & Haddon Ave.(near Cooper River), Collinswood,
N.J., PH# 609-869-0010, lessons start 8:30 with Donna Boyle, Dancing 9:30-??
MUSIC MIX: Hustle, Latin. For more info call "Disco America" @ 215-233-5507

MONDAYS @ The Vienna Grill, 146 Maple Ave., Vienna, Virginia, Ph# 703-255-0800
Beg. & Int. Hustle Lessons 7-8:30pm with Joyce Szili, Hustle dancing 8:30-11:00pm
with D.J. "The Gator", $10.00 lesson and dancing, $7.00 dancing only. MUSIC MIX:
Hustle, W.C. Swing

SATURDAYS @ The Junction, 1330 E. Gude Dr., Rockville, M.D., PH# 301-217-5820,
Group Hustle lessons 7-8pm Int. level $6.00, 8-9pm Beg. level FREE!. Dancing 9pm-
1am, MUSIC MIX: Hustle, Latin, Swing.

WEDNESDAYS @ Empire Lounge, South West corner of 24th St. & Camel Back, Phoenix,
Dancing 7-9pm. MUSIC MIX: D.J.'s choice. for more info call John MacMullin @ 602-

FRIDAYS @ Club Boca, 7000 Palmetto Rd. Boca Raton, dancing 9-midnight. MUSIC MIX:

SATURDAYS @ Alacazaba, in Coral Gables Hyatt Hotel, 50 Alhambra Way, Coral
Gables, FL., in West Palm Beach. MUSIC MIX: Disco-Hustle, Salsa.

The Allegro Ballroom, 5855 Christie Ave. Emeryville, CA., Mondays & Thursdays,
7:30-8:30pm Beg. Hustle, 8:30-9:30pm Int. Hustle. For More info call 510-655-

California Dance Center, 938 The Alameda, San Jose, CA., call 408-297-9772 for
schedule and additional info, Drop in $8.00, group series $6.00 x # of classes.

Dance Spectrum, 1707-d S. Bascom Ave. Campbell, CA., Group classes $7.00, call
for schedule and info 408-371-9722.

Del Monte Ballroom, 100 S. Murphy, Sunnyvale, CA., for info on groups & privates
call 408-732-9354 Web site info:

Metronome Ballroom, 1830 17th St. @ DeHaro, S.F., CA., for schedule and info call

Monte Cristo Club, 136 Missouri St. S.F., CA. 1st & 2nd Mondays of the month.
7:30pm Beginning Hustle, 8:30pm Intermediate Hustle, Beginning Series (two hours)
$16.00, Intermediate series (two hours) $16.00, All four classes $24.00 must pre-
register. Drop in, $10.00 per class. To register send check payable to: Michelle
Kinkaid, 671 Athens St. S.F., CA 94112-3530 or call 415-585-6282 for more info.

Premier Ballroom, 4181 Cushing Parkway, Fremont, CA. for more information
concerning group classes & workshops call 510-770-1178.

Rick's Rendezvous Ballroom Dancing, 32130, Alvarado Blvd., Union City, CA., for
info call 510-489-5447, Mondays, Hustle group lessons 6-7pm, $8.00 per person.

Starlite Ballroom, 1160 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Sunnyvale, CA. Group classes are
Tuesdays-Thursdays, call 408-745-7827 for class schedules. Group Hustle lessons
on Saturdays 8:15-8:45 beg., 8:45-9:15 int. 

Club Xenon Ballroom, 2055 Gellert Blvd. Suite #2, Daly City, CA., Wednesdays
Hustle group classes 8:45pm-9:45pm, Call 415-754-1744 for more info.

Cowboy Country Club, 3550 Bernal Ave (Vintage Hill Shopping Center), Pleasanton,
CA., for schedule call 510-417-1117

Saturday, October 4th, 1997 at Imperial Dance Studio, 822 Cassia St. Redwood
City, CA. 2pm-4pm, Intermediate Hustle Workshop with Michelle Kinkaid. $20.00
in advance, $25.00 at the door. Make check payable to Michelle Kinkaid, 671
Athens St., S.F., CA 94112 or call 415-585-6282

Sunday, October 26th Hustle Workshops with Atlas Griffith, Int. Hustle Workshop
12-1:30pm, Int/Adv Workshop 2-3:30pm at The Cubberley Community Center (Pavilion)
GYM B, 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA. Advanced registration: $30.00 for
(1) workshop, $55.00 for both workshops. HDC members, $25.00 for (1) workshop,
$45.00 for both. Payment must be received by October 24th for advanced
registration, or call 415-467-8830 to reserve an advanced registration. Day of
workshop $35.00 per workshop or $60.00 for both NO EXCEPTIONS!! Private lessons
can be booked for Saturday Oct. 25th.

Saturday, November 22nd, Hustle Workshop with Luis Rosa and Ava Apple at The
Allegro Ballroom, Intermediate to Advance. Please call 510-655-2888 or 415-681-
8140 for times and prices.

Ava Apple 415-681-8140, Arthur Calandrelli 415-567-3421, Michelle Kinkaid 415-
585-6282, Jim Morton 408-732-9354, Adele Poenisch 408-293-0679, Robin Rebello
650-856-9930, Les Robinson 408-313-8447, Robert Royston 510-417-1117, Ylva
Wintzell 415-583-6507.
Debra Hampton & David Sarul (Los Angeles) 213-653-7088, Ceasar Ricaurte (Los
Angeles) 714-837-0440, Michael & Mari Kiehm (San Diego) 619-287-9036,
Maria Torres (New York) 718-802-1999, Angel Figueroa (New York) 212-245-5200,
Kenny Gonzales (New York) Aerials only 718-518-0210, Donna Boyle (Philadelphia)
215-233-5507, Barry Douglas (Detroit) 810-457-3110, Atlas Griffith (Tempe, AZ)
602-413-1517, Randy Atlas (Miami) 305-756-5027, Bill Washabough (Boca Raton) 407-
393-0741, Joyce Szili (Washington D.C.) 301-598-2215, Diane Nardone (New Jersey)

DANCE SUPPLIES (Dance shoes, dancewear & Accessories)
BDS (Ballroom Dance Supply)
OPENING. October 1, 1997, NEW LOCATION, Ballroom Dance Supply (BDS) is 4X bigger!
With permanent costume exchange area. Leave/Display your costumes for sale, also
dancers lounge, a mini-dance floor for those who just can't keep still,
"Starbucks-like" drop in atmosphere! Distributor of: Supadance, International,
Werner Kern, Diamant, John March, also stocking, Freed & Gamba, plus BDS brand.
Ballroom Dance Supply ("BDS"), 46 E. Campbell Ave. & Winchester Blvd, Campbell,
CA., 408-293-1727, Bill Rowe, Internet:

A Keen Dance Shoe Supplier, Metronome Ballroom, 1830 17th St. S.F., CA 415-547-
8483, pager 510-355-4443, Ann Keen

Ballroom Connection, 1111 W. El Camino Real Suite #219, Sunnyvale, CA., 408-773-
8833 (shoes, music, dancewear, videos & accessories), Steve Rebello & Jennifer
Au, internet:

Jodee Adair Design Emporium, Specializing in practice & social dance wear, P.O.
Box 10440, Santa Ana, CA., 92711, 1-800-70-JODEE

Ria's Ballroom Dance Supply @ Club Xenon Ballroom, 2055 Gellert Ste. #2, Daly
City, CA. Ph#: 415-584-3865 pgr# 415-764-5244. Hrs Tue 7-9pm, Fri 8-9pm or by
apt. Ria Garrison 

Specializing in "Evenin' Star" Dance Boots call Rosemary McNally @ 510-769-1845

McKinney Custom Design, P.O. Box 262, Fairview Village, PA 19406, featuring
"Smooth Silhouettes" for Latin, Swing, Hustle and Country, call 610-631-5369 or
215-233-5507 for Brochures.

70's Disco D.J. (mobile D.J. parties & weddings, special events), Sir Dancealot,
John Schlicht 408-249-3123

Ballroom Connection, 1111 W. El Camino Real Suite #219, Sunnyvale, CA., Please
call, 408-773-8833 for selection or catalog.

$45.00 each, $120 per set, #1 Beg Hustle, #2 Intermediate Hustle, #3 Advance
Hustle with Michael & Mari Kiehm. Call 619-287-9036

$29.95 each plus $2.00 shipping & handling, Four videos from Barry Douglas and
Joyce Stoughton (1995 Hustle USA Classic Champions), Beginner 1, Intermediate
1, Advanced 1, Wraps & Turns, Call 1-810-694-7625 to order.

$33.00 each, Beginning & Intermediate Street Hustle with Tom Mattox and Julie
Weiskircher, for more info or to order contact, Sundance Dance Club, P.O. Box
1287, Norwalk, CA 90651, or call (562) 92-DANCE.

$34.95 each, Int/Adv Hustle with Robert Royston & Laureen Baldovi, call 1-888-
272-7772 to order.

$80.00 per set, 1996 HUSTLE USA Dance Championships, Videos cover two days of
competitions and general dancing. To order send check or money order to: Hustle
USA, 724-1/2 N. Croft Ave. L.A., CA 90069 or to: Nan Bohrar, 107-40 Queens Blvd.,
#3c, Forest Hills, N.Y., 11375 (make check payable to: Hustle USA)

Sept. 26th, 27th & 28th , 1997, HUSTLE USA Dance Championships @ The Holiday Inn,
440 West 57th St. New York, N.Y. Call 212-581-8100 for Hotel accommodations, 
MUST MENTION HUSTLE USA for hotel reservations. Tickets are $75.00 for all three
days. Make checks payable to: HUSTLE USA, 724-1/2 N. Croft Ave. Los Angeles, CA
90069 or call 1-800-92-HUSTLE, Workshop price for ticket holders $10.00 each,
non ticket holders, $15.00 each. (Pay for workshops at the door) This event will
include eight great workshops with top teachers Ramiro Gonzales, Beata Howe,
Angel Figueroa, Randy Clements, Jimmy Anton, John Festa, Maria Torres, Debra
Hampton and David Sarul. Workshops will include Hustle, West Coast Swing and
Latin. Plus hours and hours of general dancing and fifteen dance divisions. 

GOLDEN STATE DANCE CLASSIC, Oct. 17-19, 1997, at The Holiday Inn, 222 W. Houston
Ave. Fullerton, CA., 1-4 persons: $64.00, ph# 1-714-992-1700, mention golden
state dance classic for group rate, for more info call 1-562-92- DANCE, Advance
tickets $59.00 for adults, teens (6-17) $39.00 must be postmarked before Oct.
1st. Mail to Sundance Dance Club, P.O. Box 1287, Norwalk, CA 90651, tickets
include all 10 workshops, Saturday buffet dinner, 3 days & nights of dancing.
Jack-N-Jill Hustle competitions, Just dance Hustle & Pro-Am Hustle competitions,
plus Swing and Cha Cha.

SWING INTO SPRING, March 12-15, 1998, at the Ramada Resort Deauville Hotel, Miami
Beach, Florida. Workshop instructors include Jackie and Charlie Womble, Ramiro
Gonzalez and Robert Cordoba plus many more, teaching Shag, WC Swing, Latin &
Hustle. Raffle drawings, Hospitality Room with FREE pours, FREE & paid dance
workshops, dancing pool side with two other ballrooms for Swing, the other for
Hustle and Latin dancing, 4000 sq. ft. of dance floor overlooking the ocean. DJ's
Judy Collins, Jerry Munson, Doug "Gator" Levitas and Randy Atlas. Weekend tickets
before Janaury 31st 1998, $40.00, after February 1st $50.00 per person, one day
tickets $30.00. Make Checks payable to: SFSDS Swing into Spring. Mail to: SFSDS,
P.O. Box 52-7723, Miami FL. 33152-7723. Travel and hotel information will be sent
with ticket conformation. For registration info call (954)-424-4499 or check out
their web site at HTTP://

RISING STAR DISCO WEEKEND II, March 20th-22nd 1998, Holiday Inn, Fullerton, CA.
Hotel accommodations $65.00, 1-4 persons, 714-992-1700. For more info call
Sundance Dance Club, 562-92-DANCE, (923-2623).

CALIFORNIA SWING DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS, April 24th-26th 1998, Buena Park Hotel,
Buena Park, CA. Hotel accommodations $65.00, 1-4 persons (800)-422-4444. For more
info call Sundance Dance Club, 562-92 DANCE, (923-2623)

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#291, Joelle Babula, Kings Beach, CA
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#293, Deborah Mayne, Campbell, CA
#294, Carolyn Lipschultz, Danville, CA
#295, Lois Sablich, Huntingdon Valley, PA
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