Sept, 1998

July was a HOT month, especial with Angel Figueroa in town. He had two great
workshops in Salsa and Hustle plus twenty hours of private lessons during his
brief stay. I would like to thank all of you who booked private lessons and
attended both workshops, plus a special thank you to Kim Berquist, Robert
Royston, Steve Ahl, Robin Rebello, Jay Larrick, Stefanie Elkin, James Religa,
Dennis McAffee, Michelle Kinkaid, James and Jodee Adair and Oliva Dasso, for all
your help and hospitality during Angels stay. We will resume our workshop
schedule after the Hustle USA Dance Championships, in September. 

Great news, for you crazy Hustle dance fanatics attending the Hustle USA Dance
Championships. As you know Hustle USA is just around the corner, that is
September 25th thru the 27th. There will be an abundance of Hustle Dancing that
weekend alone. If the Hustle USA dance competition is not enough dancing for you,
Donna Boyle, is having an after Hustle USA Dance party & competition at Dance
Manhattan Sunday night after the Hustle USA dance competition has concluded. If
that's not enough, DanceSport has another Hustle dance party & competition Monday
night. So here's a bit of advice for those of you who are attending Hustle USA,
bring a GOOD pair(s) of dance shoes.

Since I'm on the subject of Great News, here's some great news. The World Hustle
Dance Council will have "Hustlemania" here on the west coast?... World Hustle
Dance Council?... Hustlemania?... O.K. Let me back track a bit. Introducing! 
The World Hustle Dance Council, Phil Adams, Debra Hampton, Martin Parker, Patty
Straight and Steve Zenner, If you don't know who these people are you've been
living under a cabbage patch way to long. WHDC will have a Hustle Competition,
"Hustlemania", August 6th, 7th & 8th, 1999, in Fresno, at the Centre Plaza
Holiday Inn. So there, one years advance notice. Mark your calendars and I will
release more information as time goes on, so stay tuned!

Pay Attention! Here are some Friday nights to remember, second Friday of the
month, Hustle dance @ Metronome Ballroom (Block Party) S.F., third Friday of the
month, Variety dance @ Monte Cristo Club, S.F., and the fourth Friday of the
month, Swing & Hustle Dance at California Dance Center, San Jose. Plus, the
third Sunday of the month, Hustle Dance at California Dance Center, San Jose.
These once a month dances are very hard to keep track of so I will try my best
to keep you informed. If you can remember any of these new dance nights and need
to try something different, a change of pace, try one or two or all of these
new dance nights. 

Here's a little something extra, Angel Figueroa and Debbie Bernard will be here
in the Bay Area for the S.F. Dance Festival held at the Wyndham Hotel in San
Jose, anyone wishing to book privates lessons with either Angel or Debbie please
call me (Raul Ante) at 415-467-8830. Angel can teach all the Ballroom Latin
dances plus Salsa, West Coast Swing, Hustle and Argentine Tango, Debbie can teach
Country Western, West Coast Swing and Hustle. 

Here's some food for thought. It's very easy to dance bad, it's very hard to
dance well. There are many dancer's who want to take the easy road, some how
taking some magical pill and they become "dancers". Wake up! Good dancing doesn't
work that way! It takes many hours of hard work, lots of practice, practice,
practice. I see a number of dancers with lots of patterns but no technique, or
lots of so called technique, like standing around, but no movement. Leading well
or following well takes some hard work. Leaders who muscle their partners through
a pattern are not dancing, I think they call that type of dancing, wrestling.
I once took a workshop with Maria Torres and Arte Phillips and during the
workshop Arte said to the class, "The dance is called "Hustle" NOT "Muscle" and
that statement hit the nail square on the head! I wish there was an easy answer
to being a good dancer. I know a lot of us dancers say we dance, just to have
FUN. In reality if you do not dance well you will not dance with much frequency,
unless you're "really good looking" and in that scenario, it is no longer social
dancing but social slimming. Sitting on your hind quarters is not my idea of fun.
Going to a dance and being asked to dance just about every dance and going home
feeling tired, sweaty and aching from head to toe, this may sound masochistic
but I had one heck of a good time! The intensity to become a better dancer will
vary from each individual. There are some people who feel they are already so
good they do not need any coaching or lessons, but some of the best dancers I
know continually seek knowledge from their peers or people from other venues of
dance such as country western dancers seeking advise from Ballroom competitors.
That intensity to be better or the best, separates the good dancers from the
average dancer. All dancers should strive to be better. What every your intensity
levels is, whether you feel you need a lot of help or just, some help, always
seek that little extra to become better a dancer. That little extra can make a
difference. Well that's enough food for thought, my brain is full. Keep dancing
and prancing and I'll see you on the dance floor.

Raul Ante    
MONDAY thru SATURDAYS @ Rick's Rendezvous Ballroom Dancing, 32130 Alvarado Blvd., 
Union City, CA., PH# 510-489-5447. Mon-Thur, 7-8pm lessons, 8-11pm dancing.  
Fri-Sat. Lessons 8-9pm, dancing 9-1am. MUSIC MIX: Hustle, Tango, Boogie, Cha  
Cha. Monday night Hustle lessons 7-8pm, $8.00 per person.    

TUESDAYS @ Grand Palace Restaurant, 711 Town & Country Village (corner of    
Washington & Mathilda), Sunnyvale, CA., PH# 408-733-7466 with D.J. John Schlicht 
"Sir Dancealot". Group lessons, 8-9pm, Beg. & Int./Adv. lessons with Raul Ante 
and Bobby Concepcion. Dancing 9-12am, $7.00 Cover, MUSIC MIX: Hustle, WC Swing, 
Salsa, Nite Club 2 step.    

THURSDAYS @ Club BDS (Ballroom Dance Supply), 46 E. Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA. 
Ph# 408-871-1895, $5.00 cover charge, free refreshments, lessons 8-9pm, dancing 
9-??. Ballroom Dance Supply proudly  presents C.A.N. dances (Customer  
Appreciation Night). Hustle Away at Club BDS with D.J. Raul Ante.  
2ND FRIDAY OF THE MONTH @ Metronome Ballroom's "Block Party", 300 DeHaro, between 
16th and 17th street, San Francisco, CA., PH# 415-252-9000, Beg. Hustle lesson 
7:30pm-8:15pm, Int. Hustle lesson, 8:15pm-9pm, with Raul Ante. Dancing 9-12am, 
$12.00 lesson & dancing, $8.00 dancing only. Hustle Club Members $1.00 off with 
membership card, MUSIC MIX: Hustle, Salsa, NC2S and West Coast Swing.     
FRIDAYS @ Pavilion (Cubberley Community Center) 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, 
CA., PH# 415-856-9930, Dance lesson 8-9pm (call for schedule of dances), Dancing 
9-12am, $5.00 Cover, Host: Robin Rebello, MUSIC MIX: Ballroom, Swing, Hustle, 
FRIDAYS @ Club Xenon Ballroom, 2055 Gellert Blvd, Suite #2, Daly City, CA. PH# 
415-754-1744. Dancing 9pm-1am, Host & D.J., Mario Rulloda, MUSIC MIX: Latin,  
E.C. Swing, Hustle    
SATURDAYS @ Starlite Ballroom (Rhythm Street Ballroom), 1160 N. Fair Oaks Ave. 
Sunnyvale, CA., PH#408-745-7827. Beg. Hustle lessons 8:15pm-8:45pm, Int. Hustle 
lessons 8:45pm-9:15pm with either Bill Carr or Raul Ante (Alternating Saturdays). 
Dancing 9:15-12am. $7.00 Cover, Hustle Dance Club Members $1.00 off with    
membership card. MUSIC MIX: Hustle, Swing, Latin.    
2ND SUNDAY OF THE MONTH @ Imperial Dance Studio, 822 Cassia St. Redwood City, 
CA., PH# 415-585-6282, Dancing 6-10pm, $7.00 Cover, Host: Michelle Kinkaid, MUSIC 
MIX: WC Swing, NC 2 Step, Hustle.    
3RD SUNDAY OF THE MONTH @ California Dance Center, 938 The Alameda, San Jose, 
CA. Beginning & Intermediate Hustle lessons 6-7pm with Raul Ante and Bobby  
Concepcion, dancing 7-11pm. $8.00 cover. MUSIC MIX: Hustle, WCS, Salsa, NC2S & 
THURSDAYS @ The Ballroom, 6009 Folsom Blvd, with D.J., Linda "I" WCS or HUSTLE 
lesson 7-8pm, dancing 8-11pm. *For more info and locations please call Brian  
Colbert 916-348-0430 of The Hustle Dance Club of Sacramento or his "Dance Hot 
line" @ 916-348-3116    
SATURDAYS @ Swing Time Dance Studio, 16542 Bellflower Blvd.  Bellflower, CA
90706, Ph# 562-867-2928. Two dance floors one for Swing & Country  the other for
HUSTLE, with D.J. Cesar Ricuarte.  

SUNDAYS @ The Club House, 733 Dunn Way (Orangethorpe Ave. & The 57 Freeway),  
Placentia, CA. Beg. Hustle Lesson 6pm., Int. Hustle Lesson 7pm. with Tom Mattox, 
Dancing at 8pm, $6.00 admission, Sundance Club Members $4.00. D.J. Jumpin' Jack 
Smith. MUSIC MIX: Swing, Hustle, for more info call (562) 92-DANCE. One day dance
Festivals, Sunday, July 26th, and Sunday, October 18th, "Disco Daze", Disco dance
spectacular, dance lessons and competitions all day & night.    

EVERY 1st & 3rd SATURDAYS of the month @ Starlight Dance Studio, 6506 El Cajon 
Blvd., Suite "H", San Diego, CA., PH# 619-287-9036, MUSIC MIX: WC Swing, Hustle. 
Friday night group classes, Beg. Hustle 6-7pm, Int./Adv. 7-8pm, $10.00 per class. 
MONDAYS @ DanceSport Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio, 1845 Broadway @ 60th St. 
New York City, N.Y. Dancing 9:30pm 12 midnight. PH# 212-307-1111 for more info. 

WEDNESDAYS @ Stepping Out Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio, 1780 Broadway @ 57th 
St., New York City, N.Y., PH# 212-245-5200, Lessons with Maria Torres, 9-9:30pm 
Dancing 9:30pm-12:15am, Last Wednesday of each month, party till 1am, $7.00 Cover 
(except for special events) D.J's Bobby Morales & Nelson Roman, MUSIC MIX:  
Hustle, Latin.    

LAST SUNDAY of the Month, Hustle party @ Dance Manhattan, 39 W. 19th St. 5th 
floor, New York, N.Y. 3-4pm hustle lesson, 4-8pm Dancing. $10.00 for lesson only, 
$9.00 for Dance, $15.00 for both. For more info call "Disco America" @ (215)

Universal Dance center, Rt. 130 & Haddon Ave.(near Cooper River), Collinswood, 
N.J., PH# 609-869-0010, Tuesdays lessons start 7pm with Donna Boyle, also Friday 
7pm Sampler, 8pm Hustle I, 9pm Hustle III, Dancing -??  MUSIC MIX: Hustle, Latin. 
For more info call "Disco America" @ 215-233-5507    

Mondays, Hustle, Latin and West Coast swing dance with Donna Boyle at Club 925
in the Valley Forge Sherton, King of Prussia, $5.00 cover charge. Dancing

Thursdays in August, "Hustle Night" with Host Diane Nardone @ V.F.W. Hall of
Washington Township, 639 Jefferson Ave. Washington Township, New Jersey. 8-11pm
Dance party, $7.00 admission, coffee and cake provided. For more info call V.F.W.
(201)666-8220 or Diane Nardone @ (201)666-6224. 

Thursdays In September @ V.F.W. Hall of Washington Township, 639 Jefferson Ave.,
Washington Township, New Jersey. Hustle Lessons with Diane Nardone, 7-8pm Beg.
Hustle, 8-9pm Int. Hustle lesson, 9-11:30pm Dancing. Admission $14.00 for 1
lesson and dance, $20.00 for both lessons and dance, $7.00 for dance only. For
more info call V.F.W. (201)666-8220 or Diane Nardone (201)666-6224.

Saturday, August 15th, 1998 Hustle Party with Diane Nardone, dance to the music
of D.J. "Johnny O" at V.F.W. Hall, 24 Jefferson Ave. Washington Township, New
Jersey, 7-8pm Hustle Technique class, 8-12 Dance Party. $15.00 for class and
dance, $10.00 for Hustle Dance, light refreshments & snacks provided, you may
bring your own *** NO LIQUOR, PLEASE!! For more info call V.F.W. (201)666-0882
or Diane Nardone (201)666-6224

MONDAYS @ The Vienna Grill, 146 Maple Ave., Vienna, Virginia, Ph# 703-255-0800 
Beg. & Int. Hustle Lessons 7-8:30pm with Joyce Szili, Hustle dancing 8:30-11:00pm 
with D.J. Doug "The Gator", $10.00 lesson and dancing, $7.00 dancing only. MUSIC 
MIX: Hustle, W.C. Swing 

WEDNESDAYS @ Moondoggies in The Arizona Center, N.W. corner 5th St. & Van Bueren, 
Phoenix, Dancing 7-9pm. MUSIC MIX: D.J.'s choice. for more info call John   
MacMullin @ 602-943-5240    
FRIDAYS the South Florida Hustle Club @ Dancesation, 56 N. Federal Hwy, Dania 
(South Ft. Lauderdale), PH#954-927-9010, Katie Marlow, Hustle Lessons, 8:30pm- 
9:30pm, with Bill Washabaugh, alternating Fridays with Dino Georgio, Dancing, 
9:30 to ???, MUSIC MIX: Hustle, ??. Special note, call before you go, this is 
an off and on dance.   
SATURDAYS @ Alacazaba, in Coral Gables Hyatt Hotel, 50 Alhambra Way, Coral   
Gables, FL., in West Palm Beach. MUSIC MIX: Disco-Hustle, Salsa.    
The Allegro Ballroom, 5855 Christie Ave. Emeryville, CA., For More info call  
California Dance Center, 938 The Alameda, San Jose, CA., call 408-297-9772 for 
schedule and additional info, Drop in $8.00, group series $6.00 x # of classes. 
Dance Spectrum, 1707-d S. Bascom Ave. Campbell, CA., Group classes $7.00, call 
for schedule and info 408-371-9722.    
Metronome Ballroom, 1830 17th St. @ DeHaro, S.F., CA., for schedule and info call 
Monte Cristo Club, 136 Missouri St. S.F., CA. 1st & 2nd Mondays of the month. 
7:30pm Beginning Hustle, 8:30pm Intermediate Hustle, Beginning Series (two hours) 
$16.00, Intermediate series (two hours) $16.00, All four classes $24.00. Drop 
in, $10.00 per class. To register send check payable to: Michelle Kinkaid, 671 
Athens St. S.F., CA 94112-3530 or call 415-585-6282 for more info.    
Premier Ballroom, 4181 Cushing Parkway, Fremont, CA. for more information    
concerning group classes & workshops call 510-770-1178.    
Rick's Rendezvous Ballroom Dancing, 32130, Alvarado Blvd., Union City, CA., for 
info call 510-489-5447, Mondays, Hustle group lessons 6-7pm, $8.00 per person. 
Royal Ballroom, 475 Redwood St., Vallejo Plaza, Vallejo, CA. Ph# 707-552-7177 
for more info and schedule. Group classes $9.00 in advance or $10.00 drop in. 

Starlite Ballroom, 1160 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Sunnyvale, CA. Group classes are   
Tuesdays-Thursdays, call 408-745-7827 for class schedules. Drop in group Hustle 
lessons on Saturdays 8:15-8:45 beg., 8:45-9:15 int.   
Club Xenon Ballroom, 2055 Gellert Blvd. Suite #2, Daly City, CA., Wednesdays  
Hustle group classes 9:00pm-10:00pm, Call 415-754-1744 for more info.    
Cowboy Country Club, 3550 Bernal Ave (Vintage Hill Shopping Center), Pleasanton, 
CA.94566-6861, for schedule call 510-417-1117    
Saturday, September 12th, 1998 @ The Metronome Ballroom, 1830 17th St. S.F.,
Int/Adv Hustle Workshop with Ava Apple and Luis Rosa, 1-3pm, $26.00 in advance,
$30.00 at the door. For more info please call 415-252-9000 or call Ava Apple @
Ava Apple 415-681-8140, Arthur Calandrelli 415-567-3421, Michelle Kinkaid 415- 
585-6282, Jim Morton 408-732-9354, Adele Poenisch 408-293-0679, Robin Rebello 
650-856-9930, Les Robinson 408-369-9137, Robert Royston 510-417-1117, Ylva   
Wintzell 650-583-6507. 
Phil & Michelle Adams (Bellflower) 652-867-2928, Debra Hampton & David Sarul (Los
Angeles) 213-653-7088, Cesar Ricaurte (Los Angeles) 714-837-0440, Michael & Mari
Kiehm (San Diego) 619-287-9036,    
Maria Torres (New York) 718-802-1999, Angel Figueroa (New York) 212-245-5200, 
Kenny Gonzales (New York) Aerials only 718-518-0210, Donna Boyle (Philadelphia) 
215-233-5507, Barry Douglas (Detroit) 810-457-3110, Atlas Griffith (Tempe, AZ) 
602-413-1517, Randy Atlas (Miami, FL) 305-756-5027, Bill Washabaugh (Coconut
Creek, FL) 954-427-6490, Joyce Szili (Washington D.C.) 301-598-2215, Diane
Nardone (New Jersey) 201-666-6224 
DANCE SUPPLIES (Dance shoes, dancewear & Accessories)    
NEW LOCATION!, Ballroom Dance Supply (BDS) is 4X bigger! With permanent costume 
exchange area. Leave/Display your costumes for sale, also dancers lounge, a  
mini-dance floor for those who just can't keep still, Distributor of: Supadance, 
International, Werner Kern, Diamant, John March, also stocking, Freed & Gamba, 
plus BDS brand. Ballroom Dance Supply ("BDS"), 46 E. Campbell Ave. & Winchester 
Blvd, Campbell, CA., 408-871-1895, Bill Rowe, Internet:    
A Keen Dance Shoe Supplier, Metronome Ballroom, 1830 17th St. S.F., CA 415-547- 
8483, pager 510-355-4443, Ann Keen    
Ballroom Connection, 1111 W. El Camino Real Suite #219, Sunnyvale, CA., 408-773- 
8833 (shoes, music, dancewear, videos & accessories), Steve Rebello & Stephanie 
Au, internet:    
Jodee Adair Design Emporium, Specializing in practice & social dance wear, P.O. 
Box 10440, Santa Ana, CA., 92711, 1-800-70-JODEE    
Ria's Ballroom Dance Supply @ Club Xenon Ballroom, 2055 Gellert Ste. #2, Daly 
City, CA. Ph#: 415-584-3865 pgr# 415-764-5244. Hrs Tue 7-9pm, Fri 8-9pm or by 
apt. Ria Garrison     
McKinney Custom Design, P.O. Box 262, Fairview Village, PA 19406, featuring   
"Smooth Silhouettes" for Latin, Swing, Hustle and Country, call 610-631-5369 or 
215-233-5507 for Brochures.    
70's Disco D.J. (mobile D.J. parties & weddings, special events), Sir Dancealot, 
John Schlicht 408-249-3123    
Ballroom Connection, 1111 W. El Camino Real Suite #219, Sunnyvale, CA., Please 
call, 408-773-8833 for selection or catalog.    
Ballroom Dance Supply (BDS), 46 E. Campbell Ave., Campbell, CA. Call 408-871- 
1895 for selections or info.  
$40.00 each, $105.00 per set, #1 Beg Hustle, #2 Intermediate Hustle, #3 Advance 
Hustle with Michael & Mari Kiehm. Call 619-287-9036    
$29.95 each plus $2.00 shipping & handling, Four videos from Barry Douglas and 
Joyce Stoughton (1995 Hustle USA Classic Champions), Beginner 1, Intermediate 
1, Advanced 1, Wraps & Turns, Call 1-810-694-7625 to order.    

$30.00 each, Beginning, Intermediate and Advance (Hot moves) Hustle with Atlas 
Griffith, for more info or to order call 602-413-1517.   
$33.00 each, Beginning & Intermediate Street Hustle with Tom Mattox and Julie 
Weiskircher, for more info or to order contact, Sundance Dance Club, P.O. Box 
1287, Norwalk, CA 90651, or call (562) 92-DANCE.    
$34.95 each, Int/Adv Hustle with Robert Royston & Laureen Baldovi, call 1-888- 
272-7772 to order.    
$35.00 each, Hustle Teaching Dance Video tapes with Debra Hampton & David Sarul, 
to order or for more information call 213-653-7088.   
80.00 per set, 1997 HUSTLE USA Dance Championships, Videos cover three days of 
competitions and general dancing. To order send check or money order payable to: 
Hustle USA, mail to, Maria Torres, 85 Livingston St. #2C, Brooklyn, N.Y., 11201 
Hustle USA 1997 cassettes, mixed by D.J. Bobby Morales, available in the Bay Area 
thru Ava Apple, Five volumes, 90 minutes each, $20.00 each or two or more tapes 
$15.00 each, call 415 681-8140.  
San Francisco Festival of Dance, September 4th-7th, at the Wyndham Hotel, 1350
N. First St. San Jose, CA. Featuring UCWDC World Champions & U.S. Open Swing
Champions Robert Royston & Laureen Baldovi with special guest Angel Figueroa.
Nightly Swing and Hustle Ballroom, Hustle competitions in "Strictly Dance" and
"Jack-N-Jill" divisions, Novice, Advance & Champion levels. For Tickets &
Brochure call or write Pam Butler: P.O. Box 548, Downey, CA 90241, 1-800-558-
6879, for special concerns call Dave Getty or Monique Rouleau @ 1-714-899-4099.

Labor Day Weekend Swing Dance Festival, September 4th-7th, at the Westin Hotel,
in Long Beach, CA. $79.00, 1-4 persons, call 1-562-436-3000 for hotel
accommodations. Hustle competitions in "Just Dance", "Divisional" and "Pro/Am".
4 day ticket $85.00, teen/Jr $54.00 before August 24th, for more info call
Sundance Dance club (562)-92-DANCE, E-Mail: or visit their
web site: @ 

Hustle and West Coast Swing Workshop! With Philip Lamothe and Diane Nardone
Sunday, September 13, 1998 at MOORE DANC'IN, 161 W. Lakeshore Drive, Rockaway,
New Jersey, $30.00 per person for each session or $45.00 for the entire day!
9:30am to 4:30pm. First session, Hustle, 9:30-11:30am (Learn the pattern
structures for Hustle), 11:30am-12:30pm (learn arm styling and syncopations to
advance your Hustle dancing). Second session, West Coast Swing, 1:30-2:30pm
(syncopations for the 1st two beats of any figure), 2:30-3:30pm (syncopations
for the last two beat of any figure), 3:30-4;30pm (fun leverage patterns), light
refreshments will be served, for more info or to register call Philip Lamothe
(973)982-7807 or Diane Nardone (201)666-6224 or write to: Workshop, 161 W.
Lakeshore Dr., Rockaway, N.J. 07866.

Inn, 440 W. 57th St., in New York City, N.Y. September 25th, 26th & 27th, 1998. 
So you call yourself a Hustle Dancer? Well, this is THE event for all Hustle 
Dancers. Ten great Dance workshops, plus hours  of general dancing. Teachers &
Judges include Angel Figueroa, Raul Ante, Kenny  Gonzales, Artie Phillips,
Lourdes Jones, Ester Don, Pierre Dulaine, Tony  Meredith, Melanie LaPatin, John
Festa, Lisa Vineyard, Randy Clements, David Melendez, Phil & Michelle Adams,
Maria Torres, Debra Hampton and David Sarul, M.C. Barry Durant. Dance divisions
are Classic Hustle, Theatre Arts, Pro/Am Just Hustle (novice & advance),
Professional and Amateur Just Hustle, Jack-N-Jill & Bookends Hustle, Open
Cabaret, Night Club Salsa. Dance to the Hot sounds of D.J.'s Bobby Morales and
Nelson Roman. Every night, dance till you drop on a new larger dance floor. For
Hotel reservations call the Holiday Inn (212)-581-8100, $169.00/day MUST MENTION 
HUSTLE USA when making reservations . Other hotel accommodations at The
Wellington Hotel, 7th Ave @ 55th St, (212) 247-3900, Park Central, 870 7th Ave,
(212) 484-3300. Make reservations before July 1st. 1998. For tickets $80.00
before July 1st, 1998, $95.00 after July 1st. Make checks payable to Hustle USA,
c/o Maria Torres, 85 Livingston St #2C, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201. Hustle USA web site 

W. 19th St. New York City, 212-807-0802. Dance away from 7:30pm till ???. with
Host Donna Boyle and D.J. Bobby Morales, Hustle dance contests, Jack-N-Jill and
more. $9.00 cover!

If you thinks that's not enough how about MONDAY, September 28th. Hustle Dance
Party @ DanceSport Ballroom, 1845 Broadway @ 60th St. New York City, More Hustle
dancing plus more competitions. That is, IF, you survive HUSTLE USA!

Golden State Swing Dance Championships, November 6th-8th. At the Holiday Inn,
222 West Houston Ave. Fullerton, CA. Room rates 1-4 persons $66.00 per night
call, (714)-992-1700 for reservations. This event will offer the same Hustle
Competitions as the "Labor Day Weekend Swing Dance Festival". Advance Weekend
tickets $75.00, Teen/Jr $39.00 (ages 6-17), before October 27th. For more info
call or write to: Sundance Dance Club. P.O. Box 1287, Norwalk, CA. 90651, call

The World Hustle Dance Council proudly presents, "HUSTLEMANIA", August 6th-8th,
1999, Hustle Dance competitions, workshops and much MORE! At the Holiday Inn,
Centre Plaza, Ventura Blvd, Fresno. More info to follow.

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