Uncle Albert's Military Surplus

Awright troops, lissen up! Uncle Al's Military Surplus is here! Bringing state-of-the-art, genuine government-issue munitions and accessories to you!

HTMLized by Dennis Holmes.

Stealth Missile

Strike silent, strike hard, with these special radar-proof missiles. Let 'em have these babies from below the horizon and they'll never know what hit them!

Stealth missiles -- Missile CPS x 2.5. These missiles cannot be detected by radar at ranges greater then 100". Within that range they can only be detected on a 1 or 2 on 1d.

Rifle-Launched Grenade

Why strain your arms heaving grenades? Let your trusty weapon do the work with this old favorite. Cheap, easy-to-use and oh, so accurate.

Rifle Launched Grenade -- +$150 to the cost of the rifle and +$5 to the cost of each grenade. The grenade may be launched up to 15" away. To-hit is normal for the rifle used, damage is normal for the type of grenade fired. The rifle can be fired normally once the grenade is used. It takes three full seconds to load and fire a rifle-launched grenade. A rifle-launched grenade will land three phases after it's fired. Normal grenade scatter rules apply.

Laser Communications Array

This three-part technological wonder adds up to the ultimate in aircraft communications security. The LCA encodes your messages into an ultra-fast laser pulse. You just point and shoot your turreted communications laser, and your communications are delivered instantly to any other nearby plane with an LCA, with absolutely zero chance of any unwelcome eavesdroppers listening in.

Planes communicating via LCA must be flying parallel to one another at matched speed. Each plane then attempts to paint the other's receiver targets with their lasers. A successful To Hit will allow one-way communication between the planes. If either plane changes speed or makes any maneuver, courses must be rematched and new to-hit rolls must be made.

Communications Laser -- To hit 6, no damage. DP 1. Costs $2,500, weighs 200 lbs., takes 1 space. The above figures include the cost of a zero-space turret. Can also be used as a targeting laser .

Communications Target -- $200 each, no weight or space. The receiver for LCA communications. Must be bought for individual armor locations as a laser-reactive web. Destroyed when armor is breached.

LCA Computer. $3,000, no space or weight. Encodes and decodes LCA transmissions. Must be bought for each aircraft.