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February 1997

The new year brings a new layout to the Extravaganza! site, with a new front page for easier navigation and quick access to the areas of your interest. Each of the original headings now has its own page to present the topics in an uncluttered format. A fastpath navigation bar is also located near the top of each page, allowing immediate access to other areas from any Extravaganza! section.

Some materials and links may now be referenced in multiple sections in order to make finding these resources easier. The San Jose section has been expanded with some new information about the operators and a specialized FAQ list, so if you're a San Jose Undernet user, come on over! The Links page is expected to grow significantly in the near future as well to bring you a more diverse selection of IRC information.

Of course, the biggest change at the Extravaganza! is Orbit, an information exchange for IRC users. Think of it as a magazine that grows and changes periodically to present a variety of new feature articles, columns, and handy reference materials. I hope to update articles based on reader feedback to make this a truly interactive publication. Now, someone has to write all this stuff, so please send in your submissions! Commitments for full articles (or even regular or semi-regular columns!) are best, but outlines or requests are also welcome if you're not up to writing.

From time to time Orbit may have long-running Specials. These will generally be articles of major significance or which raise public concerns beyond the bounds of IRC.

We'll start things off by taking another look at the original feature articles from The Scoop, which Orbit replaces. Enjoy!


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