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March 1997

Well, since a month has now gone by since the Great Reorganization, I thought it might be interesting to take a look at the statistics breakdown and see what areas most interest our visitors. This level of detail wasn't available before because all the links were contained in one big page. Anyway, here's what we have:

Orbit                  9%
Introduction           7%
General Information   20%
Undernet              24%
San Jose               5%
Scripts               14%
Clients               19%
Links                  7%
These percentages are based on the total number of Extravaganza! visitors for the month. (The fact that the total of the above comes out to anywhere near 100% is a coincidence or means that most people visit only one area.)

If there are items you think are missing from your favorite area, or new things you'd like to see, let's hear your ideas! I'd say we have a lot of people new to IRC stopping by, so there's bound to be a plethora of new perspectives brewing out there.

In Undernet happenings, the Routing Committee is working hard at analyzing the state of the net, and the Admins are organizing so they can help keep all those new issues and improvements flowing right along. I hear that the User Committee has disbanded due to lack of activity, but I'm sure that's because the Channel Service, Documentation Committee, Public Relations Committee, and all those other groups have found good ways to focus on the activities. The tradition of user involvement continues on in them! Speaking of PR-com, they now have a new web page; a link can be found in the Undernet section here at the Extravaganza!


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San Jose

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