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April 1997

It's been a busy month for me with job-related activities and vacation preparations, so I just have a couple of Undernet news items this month. The Pittsburgh server has been discontinued by its administrators; alternative servers can be found on the Undernet server list (a link is available on the Undernet page at this site).

On a related note, the San Jose server is expected to be discontinued at the end of April due to increasing costs. Sadly, this is no April Fool's joke! I didn't have time to work up that type of column.... But I don't feel it's an inappropriate time for this to happen. The Undernet has grown a lot over the past three years or so, and decent servers aren't so hard to come by now. (Now the hard part is picking the best ones out of the deluge of applications and trying to keep up with the growth--who'd have thought!) There are a number of organizations with more server resources than have been available in the past for sanjose, and so the Undernet continues to grow and benefit from fresh ideas as new people join. I hope you'll find your way to one of the other Undernet servers and continue to enjoy the experience! (Other Undernet servers in California include los-angeles.ca.us.undernet.org and sandiego.ca.us.undernet.org.)

But wait, there's more! The Extravaganza! isn't going anywhere! We'll continue to bring you all the strange and silly IRC stuff you've come to expect. As far as the server goes, look for more info on the San Jose page as the event (yeah, event!) approaches.


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