San Jose Undernet IRC Server

Frequently Asked Questions List

Updated: 1 June 1997

This document contains some of the questions most commonly received by the San Jose Undernet server operators. If you have a question, we encourage you to read this document first in order to obtain an answer more rapidly than you will by mail. This FAQ list is written as a supplement to the more general Undernet FAQ, and we encourage you to read this document as well. Please note that the sanjose FAQ does not replace or override the sanjose policy document; in cases where the two may be in conflict, the policy document takes precedence.

Questions List

Questions and Answers

Why can't I connect to sanjose?

The San Jose Undernet Server was discontinued April 30, 1997. The Undernet is alive and well, however, so please feel free to use another Undernet server.

How can I get on IRC?

You need to obtain an IRC client program for your system. If you're using a home computer with a dialup IP connection (SLIP or PPP), you can use a client designed for your system. To find an appropriate client, check the links available in the Clients section at or see the clients directory at the Undernet ftp site (

Most clients come with a list of servers already installed. If you find that your client's list is outdated or doesn't include Undernet servers, you can find a current list at

For more details, or information about using IRC on different types of systems, please see Part 1 of the Undernet FAQ. An HTML version can be found in the General Information section at

I have a general IRC question.

Please consult the various FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) documents first; most people don't like answering questions that have already been answered in a well organized and widely available document. You will get an answer more quickly, and in some cases it may be more accurate and complete. Links to several FAQ documents are available in the General Information section at

If your question isn't answered in a FAQ, you may want to try the Undernet Help mailing list. Please remember that the people on this list are a group of hard-working volunteers, and you may not get an answer if your question is addressed in the FAQ. If your question pertains to a problem installing or configuring your client software, or a problem accessing a particular server, you should probably try to contact the author of the client or the administrator of the server first, as they are likely to be the ones best able to resolve your problem. If you still need help, the address for the help list is

When I try to connect, I get a message saying I must register first, or I just get a "ping timeout".

This is due to a security feature used on the Undernet. You need to upgrade to the newest version of your IRC client software or use a more recently developed client. Look for details of how to obtain upgrades in your client software documentation. Alternatively, or to find other client programs, see the IRC Clients section at

How do I make a new channel?

All you have to do is make up a new channel name and then use your client's JOIN command to join it. In most clients with a command line, you can do this with:
   /join #channelname

If you want to make a channel "permanent", you will need to register the channel. Please visit the Undernet Channel Service home page at for instructions.

Can you help me get unbanned from a channel?

The server operators are not responsible for the administration of channels on the network. The operators of a channel can use that channel to discuss whatever they like with whomever they prefer; this also means that they can ban whomever they wish from the channel. You'll need to discuss your complaint with the operator(s) of the channel. If you can't work things out, start your own channel and invite your friends to join you.

Another user is harrassing me or my channel, can you stop him?

The Undernet has implemented some very effective features against flooding and harrassment that do not require server operator intervention. To stop a user from bothering your channel, simply ban the offender. In some clients, this can be done with the command:
   /mode #channel +b nick!user@host
Wildcards (* and ?) are permitted in the nick!user@host mask. Even without kicking the user out of the channel, this will prevent the user from:

To stop a user who is bothering individual users, use the SILENCE command. This will stop the user from sending any information to you over IRC. The idea is similar to the IGNORE command, but SILENCE stops the messages at the server so your client doesn't have to process them. Each affected user should send this command directly to the server:

   /quote silence +nick!user@host
In the mIRC client, use /raw in place of /quote. Users of other clients should check your client documentation to see whether /quote, /raw, or another mechanism is used to send server commands.

I got a message that says my user ID is invalid.

As stated in the policy document, each user (including bots) of the sanjose server must use his or her (or its) correct user ID. Your user ID is the ID you supply when logging in to your system account. This does NOT exclude dialup IP (SLIP or PPP) users! You still have an ID which you type (or have configured your dialup/Internet software to send) when you connect, and this is what you are expected to use. No exceptions. If you still don't understand what this is, please ask your system administrator or Internet service provider.

But I don't want to use my real name or ID...

Some users claim they wish to remain anonymous to avoid harrassment. This is a personal choice, but if it's your choice then you need to find another place to use IRC. There are no exceptions to the sanjose user ID policy. The Undernet does not endorse anonymous use, as was discussed some time ago on its mailing lists, and such use is explicitly prohibited on sanjose.

I've been banned from the network!

Please make SURE that you are using the San Jose Undernet server before writing. Sanjose is not in the round-robin list, so if you are using this name to connect, please try to determine the actual server from the information displayed in your window. The string "[sanjose]" appears at the beginning of all sanjose K-line messages, so if you don't see this, chances are it's another server that has banned you. Please address the situation with the appropriate server administrator.

If you are in fact using sanjose and need to write concerning a K-line, please be sure to include ALL of the following information:

It may also be beneficial in some cases to know the nickname and client software you were using.

I was only running clones for testing or to defend myself.

Clonebots aren't permitted for ANY reason. Why no testing? If you can't run your clonebots, there isn't much point in testing them (or wasting server and network resources to do so).

Clonebots don't defend you against an attack, so that reason is invalid. At best you could claim they're for revenge, but that's not allowed either (see above).

NO CLONEBOTS. Period. Finito. Lalalala. <--(fat lady singing)
Use ignore, silence, and ban commands or facilities if you need to defend yourself.

Can I run a bot on sanjose?

It is strongly preferred that you use the Undernet Channel Service instead. This service provides for most bot users' needs without the risks that arise from running bots that are inadequately designed or have "backdoors" planted by the programmer. It also uses less network resources than a horde of user-run bots and leaves more server connections available for live human users (who generally hold more interesting conversations). Find out more about this service at

All bots MUST comply with the sanjose policy document. Explicit permission will not be given for any particular bot, or any particular user's bot, to run on sanjose. Because server connections are limited, the sanjose operators may disconnect or ban bots at their discretion if they feel that the bot serves no useful purpose, detracts from the image or standing of the server or network, or detracts from other users' enjoyment of IRC.

Can I connect my new IRC server to sanjose?

No; sanjose is not a hub server. Also, Undernet hub server administrators do not accept new links on their own. This is done by the Undernet Routing Committee, which has an application process for new servers. To get the form, look for the "newlinks" file at the Undernet ftp site ( or contact the committee at

How can I become an IRC operator?

Sanjose has been extremely fortunate to have an experienced and dedicated staff of operators. As such, we are not actively seeking new operators. If it is felt that another operator is needed in the future, the decision will likely be based on recommendations from the operators and other server administrators rather than user requests. If you are looking for a way to become more involved with the Undernet, please take a look at some of the committees and projects linked in the Undernet section at These are where most of the exciting work is done, and there are always groups that could use another helping hand!