Photos from Mongolia - July 30, 2001

Photos from Mongolia - July 30, 2001

011na/011na-6.JPG Picture

011na/011na-9.JPG view from Undrakh's office

011na/011na-12.JPG argali circles

011na/011na-13.JPG argali circles

011na/011na-14.JPG mega bumbus

011na/011na-15.JPG karen with proof of blair witch pikas

011na/011na-16.JPG karen with azar looking at holes liked out by animals to get to the salt

011na/011na-17.JPG argali was here

011na/011na-18.JPG zolaa

011na/011na-19.JPG hamster

011na/011na-2.JPG undrakh with cage to protect flower from pollinators

011na/011na-20.JPG mouse i helped trap

011na/011na-21.JPG bickhee! my singer!

011na/011na-22.JPG zolaa with her ever adoring fan monkhlay

011na/011na-23.JPG zak M12

011na/011na-24.JPG monkhlay, my best bud

endemic flowers to the Gurvan Saikhan mountain range

Mon Jul 30 17:01:58 PDT 2001