Photos from Mongolia - July 30, 2001

Photos from Mongolia - July 30, 2001

Naadaam Opening Parade

048na/048na-3.jpg french horns for Rebecca

048na/048na-10.jpg sukhbaatar square

048na/048na-12.jpg bro and sis at gandan(house of the peace god, not the big budha)

048na/048na-13.jpg traditional music performance

048na/048na-14.jpg contorionist supporting herself by her mouth

048na/048na-15.jpg a tourist tsaam dance, the jinken ones are not announced and haven't happened for years

048na/048na-16.jpg a picture taken by me, choreographed by david, to capture the essence of a mongolian welcome, with unmaintained grass in the foreground

048na/048na-17.jpg our "road"

048na/048na-18.jpg our "road"

048na/048na-19.jpg our "hotel"

048na/048na-20.jpg dad and dave with a wrestler

048na/048na-21.jpg my family with Oyunaa's family

048na/048na-22.jpg Tom's snow leopard project with assembly helpers Odgerel and Oyunaa

048na/048na-23.jpg Pika

048na/048na-24.jpg see, the desert can be green, this is Yolyn Am

048na/048na-25.jpg "wild"(domestic but fenceless) Palamino

048na/048na-6.jpg a naadaam racer watching a different race with the commoners

048na/048na-7.jpg communist paraphanalia

048na/048na-8.jpg communist paraphanalia

048na/048na-9.jpg dave calling jae (he was only here a week!)

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