Photos from Mongolia - July 30, 2001

Photos from Mongolia - July 30, 2001

ana2/ana2-0a.jpg a carver in the Yolyn Am Glacier canyon

ana2/ana2-1a.jpg only a lil ice left, and it's post ice form, in Yolyn Am

ana2/ana2-2a.jpg ibex doing proud stance, really he is there, above and left of the green.

ana2/ana2-3a.jpg dave taking his shortcut up the mountain

ana2/ana2-4a.jpg pix for ma: od, oyunaa, and me

ana2/ana2-5a.jpg da bald boys

ana2/ana2-6a.jpg camel closeup, they're so cute

ana2/ana2-7a.jpg dad on a not calm camel

ana2/ana2-8a.jpg camel butt, just thought it was a stricking image

ana2/ana2-9a.jpg dave's camel posing

ana2/ana2-10a.jpg dune sunset

ana2/ana2-11a.jpg dave chillin after too much airag

ana2/ana2-12a.jpg a baby camel

ana2/ana2-13a.jpg a scary camel (he hissed and growled at me! but dad wanted us to take a pic together)

ana2/ana2-14a.jpg What's a Confluence?

ana2/ana2-15a.jpg yag end (Mongolian for "exactly here")

ana2/ana2-16a.jpg solitary juggler, passing through on his way from Holland

ana2/ana2-18a.jpg bataar(our driver), tumour(my previous driver), and Od with a dinosaur

Nasa web page showing a Triceratops skull that might be the same place

ana2/ana2-19a.jpg Dinosaur bones "stick" to your lip, other bones don't

ana2/ana2-20a.jpg Is this a dinosaur bone?

ana2/ana2-21a.jpg family with od

ana2/ana2-22a.jpg my family with od's family at a vodka stop along the road

ana2/ana2-23a.jpg the Russians are the Mongolians' friends (so they say), as represented in the Russian-constructed Ziason monument

ana2/ana2-24a.jpg captain america with peace corps voluneteer (Dave and Jess) at Ziason. I think Jeff Baker's place is the white building at the far right

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