Photos from Mongolia - January 02, 2001

Photos from Mongolia - January 02, 2001

n002/N002-0a.jpg Algirmaa's mother with A's son

n002/N002-12a.jpg xen bay in her "somebody loves me" collar

n002/N002-13a.jpg my messy ger(bed, wardrobe, desk, sink)

n002/N002-14a.jpg fridge, table, waterfilter, bed, stove,

n002/N002-15a.jpg door

n002/N002-16a.jpg delguur(all stores look the same)

n002/N002-17a.jpg meat market

n002/N002-18a.jpg meat and veggies sold here

n002/N002-19a.jpg my classroom and cp teaching

n002/N002-1a.jpg A's baby and ?

n002/N002-20a.jpg my 6th grade class

n002/N002-21a.jpg my hashaa

n002/N002-22a.jpg my hashaa

n002/N002-23a.jpg post office

n002/N002-24a.jpg theater and library

n002/N002-2a.jpg a stall in the shower house

n002/N002-3a.jpg my moirn khuir and teacher

n002/N002-4a.jpg the halloween carving with onlookers

n002/N002-6a.jpg sunrise

n002/N002-7a.jpg motorcycle with hand warmers of fur, and the other mongolian horse's saddle

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