Photos from Mongolia - February 12, 2001

Photos from Mongolia - February 12, 2001

The previous bunch of kids who did nursery rhymes and such are from the ABC party, later ones are from the new years party the kids put on

nn016/nn016-01.jpg my "Baa Baa Black Sheep" group

nn016/nn016-03.jpg my hashaa kids bundled up to play outside

nn016/nn016-05.jpg Urantsesteg, Odgeril, and Mongonchimeg(3 of my 5 6th graders)

nn016/nn016-10.jpg Picture

nn016/nn016-12.jpg snow fairy dance

nn016/nn016-13.jpg traditional music concert

nn016/nn016-15.jpg "new" dancing style

nn016/nn016-18.jpg dancing to Elvis

nn016/nn016-19.jpg cute kids in the audience

nn016/nn016-21.jpg my 8th grader in the middle part of a comedic rap

nn016/nn016-23.jpg I miss my dad

nn016/nn016-25.jpg a lil girl getting a present from grandpa winter

nn016/nn016-28.jpg Tuya and her thrilled student?

nn016/nn016-29.jpg a lil girl getting a present from grandpa winter

nn016/nn016-31.jpg the Back Street Boys as my students called them

nn016/nn016-34.jpg snow fairies with the representive of the year 2000, we couldn't find 2001

nn016/nn016-35.jpg my oec emmay(water grandma),i get my water from the pipe in the back left,my jugs are at their feet

nn016/nn016-37.jpg the family that lives there, grandma and grandkids(so they can go to school) one is my student

nn016/nn016-39.jpg this is now at the teacher new year's party, the old teachers are doing the snow fairy dance

nn016/nn016-43.jpg Picture

nn016/nn016-45.jpg Picture

nn016/nn016-48.jpg the new teacher's dressed in traditional style(i'm 4th from the right, Aruna is 3rd) with Santa(the guy in red)

nn016/nn016-49.jpg the old and new teacher's

nn016/nn016-7.jpg my moirn khur teacher with his class

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