Photos from Mongolia - March 10, 2001

Photos from Mongolia - March 10, 2001

n007/n007-10a.jpg bat-huyag

n007/n007-11a.jpg huygaa's family

n007/n007-12a.jpg the frenchman Michael

n007/n007-14a.jpg pat making pizza at M's

n007/n007-15a.jpg view from huygaa's parents ger

n007/n007-16a.jpg my visitor from a school helping with the fire

n007/n007-17a.jpg Aruna

n007/n007-19a.jpg why i don't eat beef

n007/n007-1a.jpg Picture

n007/n007-20a.jpg a puppy gnawing on a skull

n007/n007-21a.jpg Picture

n007/n007-22a.jpg the hashaa district with all doors facing south

n007/n007-25a.jpg a frozen puppy cradled by a shot dog

2-7 a teacher's family that had me over for new year's

n007/n007-2a.jpg Picture

n007/n007-3a.jpg Picture

n007/n007-4a.jpg Picture

n007/n007-5a.jpg Picture

n007/n007-6a.jpg Picture

n007/n007-7a.jpg Picture

n007/n007-8a.jpg a swaddled baby

n007/n007-9a.jpg Lxa reading Tibetan on New Year's eve

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