Photos from Mongolia - May 15, 2001

Photos from Mongolia - May 15, 2001

n015/n015-10.jpg My CP, oyunbileg on the right with her faimly, the Tsaagan Sar bow is the stack of bread topped with white food with buutz and the ever present vodka on the right and wine and airag on the left

n015/n015-11.jpg family I visited for tsaagan sar

n015/n015-12.jpg a haircutting ceremony

n015/n015-13.jpg a family I visited for TS with sheep rump on the table and drinks in hand

n015/n015-14.jpg a family's buddhist altar

n015/n015-15.jpg a "man's" game

n015/n015-16.jpg Young Oyunbileg's country side ger i visited for TS

n015/n015-17.jpg the men of the house

n015/n015-18.jpg my proud driver with typical jeep(jarnyuus)

n015/n015-19.jpg snow dust flurries

n015/n015-2.jpg my 6th grade class over for pizza at my ger, we were playing a game that involved dares, and the face drawing got carried away

n015/n015-20.jpg we stopped on the road because they got the fancy for a photo

n015/n015-21.jpg my 8th grade class over at my ger for pizza hoshuur

n015/n015-22.jpg a "botog" baby camel

n015/n015-23.jpg lots of crumbling building in the countryside, this one housed the sunset

n015/n015-24.jpg a guanz(small restaurant) on the barren road to UB, with my parties carriage in front, a forgone(russian jeep)

n015/n015-25.jpg Dean and his infamous Spocking action

n015/n015-3.jpg urantsetseg

n015/n015-4.jpg mongenchimeg

n015/n015-5.jpg mendbyer

n015/n015-6.jpg niemsuren

n015/n015-7.jpg odgerel

n015/n015-8.jpg circles! need i say more?

n015/n015-9.jpg preparing for the picture

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