Black And White Photos from Mongolia - June 04, 2001

Black And White Photos from Mongolia - June 04, 2001

bw01/BW01-01.jpg bone candle holder

bw01/BW01-02.jpg camel with lead stick in nose

bw01/BW01-03.jpg the past preserved in the middle of the steppes

bw01/BW01-04.jpg lone mother with child

bw01/BW01-05.jpg street in UB

bw01/BW01-06.jpg hotel in ub next to lee's apt

bw01/BW01-07.jpg rebecca

bw01/BW01-08.jpg pimp daddy ryan with his fly girls backed by mike

bw01/BW01-09.jpg cindy

bw01/BW01-10.jpg matt brophy

bw01/BW01-11.jpg an ovoo with prayer flags

bw01/BW01-12.jpg "yas"(bone)

bw01/BW01-13.jpg birch's wood and ariel's flesh

bw01/BW01-14.jpg our boy ben

bw01/BW01-15.jpg birch veins

bw01/BW01-16.jpg forest gump wanna be's with cloves instead of chocalate(max, ben, matt)

bw01/BW01-17.jpg travis borrowed my camera

bw01/BW01-18.jpg Picture

bw01/BW01-19.jpg travis in thought

bw01/BW01-20.jpg james on harmonica

bw01/BW01-21.jpg layed back, sippin on gin and juice

bw01/BW01-22.jpg peter

bw01/BW01-23.jpg peter

bw01/BW01-24.jpg mike on guitar(close up of hand)

bw01/BW01-25.jpg laura

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