Photos from Mongolia - June 30, 2001

Photos from Mongolia - June 30, 2001

4198/4198-03a.jpg camel milking

4198/4198-08a.jpg tally on the edge

4198/4198-09a.jpg tally and marshall

4198/4198-10a.jpg how pat sees oko

4198/4198-11a.jpg how i usually see tom

4198/4198-13a.jpg tom got the camera and caught a typical moment

4198/4198-14a.jpg oko got the camera

4198/4198-15a.jpg family planning? motorcylce safety? the mongolian stationwagon.

4198/4198-16a.jpg pat doing a photoshoot of tom at work in the garden

4198/4198-17a.jpg odhoo in the garden

4198/4198-18a.jpg picturesque gobi

4198/4198-1a.jpg inktuya's sis and uncle

4198/4198-20a.jpg oko

4198/4198-21a.jpg Picture

4198/4198-22a.jpg Picture

4198/4198-23a.jpg curves of an ibex

4198/4198-24a.jpg horse owner proudly showing off his other horse

4198/4198-2a.jpg crew cut camel( they harvest the lower fur for various uses, but leave the top

4198/4198-3.jpg flaming red cliffs

4198/4198-3a.jpg Our flower

4198/4198-4a.jpg bayanzag spring that has been actually built up

4198/4198-5a.jpg retrieving the spring's medicinal water

4198/4198-6a.jpg bayanzag is half gardens

4198/4198-8a.jpg red cliffs

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