Photos from Mongolia - August 07, 2000

Photos from Mongolia - August 07, 2000

nn017/1602.jpg thunderclouds with horse head on roof, my view from my ger door

nn017/1803.jpg milking for airag

nn017/2004.jpg Pulling the foal away

nn017/2205.jpg Horse milking

nn017/2406.jpg Working children

nn017/2607.jpg Paparazzi snapshot

nn017/2808.jpg my host cousin

nn017/3009.jpg my host sister sleeping a dell with ger lattice in the back

nn017/3210.jpg Wrestling staging

nn017/3411.jpg Wrestler's bow

nn017/3612.jpg Archers drawing back

nn017/4014.jpg Preparing Jessica

nn017/4215.jpg arcehery at naadam with traditional bow made of bone and wood

nn017/4416.jpg Awards

nn017/4618.jpg Awards crowd

nn017/4819.jpg mike's host famliy with hilary clinton saddle

nn017/5120.jpg Chase

nn017/5221.jpg children playing on broken ferris wheel

nn017/5422.jpg My

nn017/5623.jpg mike and mat(My's husband) juggling at the PC naadam

nn017/5824.jpg Juggler

nn017/6125.jpg Chess Helper