Photos from Mongolia - August 24, 2000

Photos from Mongolia - Aug 24, 2000

nn031-0201a.jpg Grass Valley

nn031-0402a.jpg Picnic time

nn031-0603a.jpg PCV M11 Ben with a baby(practicing?)

nn031-0804a.jpg Jess, the host dad, and Cindy's host dad

nn031-1005a.jpg PCV prepared for food toss to a kite

nn031-1206a.jpg Kite food toss

nn031-1407a.jpg Fire and Kite

nn031-1608a.jpg Tossing food to a kite

nn031-1809a.jpg PCV M11 Sean, doing a preparatory dance before wrestling, with PCV M11 James as his "caller".

nn031-2010a.jpg PCV M10 Steph, a mongolian girl with flowers, and PCV M11 Greg, watching wrestling.

nn031-2211a.jpg My host cousin and sister

nn031-2312a.jpg Ariel (PCV M11) with his host family

nn031-2613a.jpg Jess and the casual family

nn031-2814a.jpg PCV M11 Leanne chilling after a long family picnic

nn031-3015a.jpg My grandma with cousin

nn031-3216a.jpg The formal family

nn031-3417a.jpg Jessica and the extended family

nn031-3618a.jpg Jessica, the mom, and the aunt

nn031-3819a.jpg Jess and the family

nn031-4020a.jpg Jess and the two "sisters"

nn031-4221a.jpg Formal Jessica Dold

nn031-4422a.jpg Host couple

nn031-4623a.jpg Host foursome

nn031-4724a.jpg My host family bricked their wooden house