Photos from Mongolia - November 27, 2000

Photos from Mongolia - November 27, 2000

1127/1127-1.jpg Tom, posing mongolian style in front of my ger during the first snow

1127/1127-10.jpg taking pix of xen bay in her bed

1127/1127-11.jpg dalanzadgad in distance?

1127/1127-12.jpg xenbay devouring goat ears (she was tossing them making her have 4 ears but I co uldn't catch her)

1127/1127-13.jpg typical lone ger at the mountains edge

1127/1127-14.jpg a wrestler and his son with a moirn khuur

1127/1127-15.jpg looking for argali

1127/1127-16.jpg DZ in isolation taken from mtns

1127/1127-19.jpg our teacher transport to the mtns-tuya is singing to me

1127/1127-2.jpg algirmaa's baby

1127/1127-20.jpg the finger game that results in airag drinking

1127/1127-22.jpg my peers tuya and oyunbileg

1127/1127-24.jpg getting ready for the group shot

Concert in the Gym

1127/1127-3.jpg my student urantsetseg preparing her yaduk for the concert

1127/1127-4.jpg my home room class

1127/1127-5.jpg traditional dance

1127/1127-6.jpg Picture

1127/1127-7.jpg prose reciting holding haddock

1127/1127-8.jpg Picture

1127/1127-9.jpg Picture

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