Photos from Mongolia - Feb 02, 2001

Photos from Mongolia - Feb 02, 2001

nn014/nn014-1.jpg The full moon rising behind an apt building

nn014/nn014-2.jpg the scene i see out my hashaa door

nn014/nn014-3.jpg Pat and Tome posing Mongolian style in Tom's classroom

nn014/nn014-4.jpg Tom's house

nn014/nn014-5.jpg Mongolian horses at a water hole

nn014/nn014-6.jpg tom's soum-khoormen

nn014/nn014-7.jpg an old heating radiator from a broken down stove

nn014/nn014-8.jpg horses next to the frozen over well tom uses for water

nn014/nn014-9.jpg The most potent sunset i've ever seen

nn014/nn014-10.jpg sunset in Khoormen.

nn014/nn014-12.jpg Khoormen sunset

nn014/nn014-13.jpg a jeep on the "road" to dalanzadgad from khoormen

nn014/nn014-14.jpg my kids lined up for the alphabet party production, the front row is wearing hats with the letters of the alphabet

nn014/nn014-16.jpg my little indians

nn014/nn014-17.jpg my ten little indians

nn014/nn014-18.jpg my counterpart and i (in my new winter del) in our classroom

nn014/nn014-19.jpg the two russian teachers with my cp

nn014/nn014-20.jpg all the foreign language teachers of school #3-aruna

nn014/nn014-21.jpg my 5b class(my favorite group) who sang row row row your boat for the abc party

nn014/nn014-22.jpg my 10 little indians, only 10 kids were supposed to hold up their fingers, but silly me trying to explain that as the bell was ringing

nn014/nn014-23.jpg Picture

nn014/nn014-24.jpg my christmas tree in class

Sat Feb 10 13:21:38 PST 2001