Photos from Mongolia - July 30, 2001

Photos from Mongolia - July 30, 2001

t003na/003na-0a.jpg communism and shamanism still existing together at Ziason

t003na/003na-1a.jpg maintenance? this building is still used

t003na/003na-2a.jpg getza (all the innard stuff) being prepared for buutz

t003na/003na-3a.jpg my overly patient sister filling a bottle with a cap

t003na/003na-4a.jpg the professionals (my host aunt and uncle) shearing sheep

t003na/003na-5a.jpg the traditional, still done today, way to stir milk tea

t003na/003na-6a.jpg stirring airag

t003na/003na-7a.jpg making oorem (a butter type stuff) from boiling milk's foam

t003na/003na-8a.jpg amy, sis, and our ma

t003na/003na-9a.jpg our little helper

t003na/003na-10a.jpg look at that butt!! yummy

t003na/003na-11a.jpg Jessica shearing sheep

t003na/003na-12a.jpg Amy shearing sheep

t003na/003na-13a.jpg lil boy looking out his bedroom(trailer) window

t003na/003na-14a.jpg Hitching up a steer to a water cart

t003na/003na-15a.jpg mongolian saddle, note the large metal stubs right where the thigh should go

t003na/003na-16a.jpg amy m12, my new sis, on the steppes, as it should be

t003na/003na-17a.jpg Too far away to see Amy's over the shoulder pose

t003na/003na-18a.jpg Jessica getting caught being a proud horse woman

t003na/003na-19a.jpg Back from the well (a two hour trip) with the water cart

t003na/003na-20a.jpg amy, our shared host fam, and my dad

t003na/003na-21a.jpg oreo cookie cows are in Mongolia in abundance!

t003na/003na-22a.jpg erdene zoe

t003na/003na-23a.jpg kharkhourin wall

t003na/003na-24a.jpg kharkhourin monastery with ovoos existing amidst modern life

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