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CancelMoose statistics (bottom of page)
Pgp key for NoCeM report

How To:

Track netnews spam to its source. Tutorial
A practical example, by Lysander Spooner.
Track email spam to its source. Tutorial
Tracking Spam -- Spam-L mailing list.
Spam-tracking 101 -- email, by Bill Mattocks
Fighting E-Mail Spammers -- tutorial by Todd Burgess, including excellent information on reading sendmail logs.
Finding Hidden Senders in All That E-mail Gobbledygook -- New York Times
Identify a site Spam-tracking 102 -- Deja News, by Bill Mattocks
Spam-tracking 103 -- Whois, by Bill Mattocks
More on whois whois server — various tests and lookups.
Sam Spade.
Identify a spammer Spam-tracking 104 -- spammer unmasked, by Bill Mattocks
Look up a spammer's P.O. Box at Mail Boxes Etc.
use nbtstat to identify a spammer while online.
For an excellent case study, read "Jonah Klimack -- THIS WAS YOUR LIFE!".
Read obfuscated code Use the HayWyre Nullifyer to decode web pages encoded with HayWyre
See these notes from
Reporting Spammers Put a Spammer in the Slammer, by Phil Agre
Identify a canceller Proof of Unauthorized Cancellations, by Julie Haugh
Blocking netnews spam at the personal level. KILL files for rn and trn
Block Spam with Internet Explorer 4 filtering under Windows with Nfilter for Agent, Outlook Express, Netscape, etc..
Blocking email spam at the personal level. Procmail Workshop UIUC ACM
Procmail Recipes
Blocking junkmail with Netscape, by George Eby.
Blocking spam with procmail, MH, Eudora, Netscape, W95/NT, etc.
Mail Filtering by Infinite Ink
Blocking netnews spam at the site level. Cleanfeed spam filter (INN, Cyclone, Typhoon, Breeze, NNTPRelay).
spam blocking info for INN.
Aliasing: A practical example -- (INN)
HighWind Software has a number of anti-spam filters. (INN)
INN software and configuration [John Milburn]
Perl INN Spam Filter [Jeff Garzik]
Panix News Gizmo (INN).
Spam Hippo (INN).
Joe's INN Patch Shop
Cyclone newsrouter spam filtering [John Milburn]
Cyclone Spam Filter [Jeff Garzik]
NNRP Filters
narf: Usenet spam filtering for CNews
Diab-Filter (Diablo)
Disabling relaying in MTA (
Blocking email spam at the site level. For UNIX: install sendmail 8.9 or better.
Use the MAPS Realtime Blackhole List -- realtime tracking of email spam sources which your ISP can use to block incoming spam.
IMRSS -- Internet Mail Relay Services Survey More aggressive than the RBL, more responsible than ORBS.
RRSS -- Radparker Relay Spam Stopper. More aggressive than the RBL, more responsible than ORBS.
ORBS -- Open Relay Blocking System The admins at ORBS use random relay testing. If you ask them not to probe your systems, they respond by adding them to the blocking list out of spite. ORBS is excessively aggressive and probably should not be used. "LOSER" Filtering System -- list of systems you should block; in sendmail "access" format.
Blackberries Yet Another realtime blocklist. Blackberries acts as a multiplexer for querying a configurable list of DNS-based blocklists.
Blocking third-party relaying (excellent reference!)
Configuring Sendmail
Stop Relaying info at Monash Unversity.
Spamdomains and Spamusers -- Chuck Pitre
Securing your mail server with sendmail and procmail, from
Disabling incoming SMTP connections with TCP Wrappers, blocking spam with sendmail, etc. from
Blocking spam with zmailer, PMDF, MMDF
Defend against Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks. Preventing Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) attacks. -- Avleen Vig
Managing an email list Basic Mailing List Management Principles for Preventing Abuse --
Reporting spam to charter
Blocking all IP connections at the site level. Blocking IP connections, from
Securing against hijacking Securing Email: MAPS anti-relay info. -- an excellent resource; read this first.
Securing your NNTP server
Anti-Spam Provisions in Sendmail 8.8
Securing your NNTP 1.5.1x server
Securing your DNEWS server
DNEWS server manual
Securing Email: Sendmail anti-relay rules
Securing Email: Simpler anti-relay rules
Blocking email with sendmail, by David J.N. Begley
Disabling relaying through smail
Help Desk -- Brett Glass
Email server authorization, aka "pop before smtp": Dynamic Relay Authorization Control
in Japanese

Interesting Reading:


These are sites which maintain on-line lists of known spam sites. By using one or more blacklists to block email and/or web access, you can drastically reduce your spam load. These databases can all be queried in real-time.

There's an excellent article about block lists by Quaestor: What are blocklists, what are they about, how do they work, and do they work?

And a compendium of information from Bill Cole.

On-line tools

Help and Advice on Fighting Spam


Penny Arcade -- Village of the Spammed
Three Stages of the Chickenboner
Helen gets spammed
Pitr gets spammed
Erwin the AI gets spammed
Spammers Speak -- audio clips of spammers on the phone. [mirror]
The Humor of*
Liberty Medows
Lysander Spooner writes an ad for PSI.
George Crissman explains what UUNet abuse personel do with their time.
Ziggy gets spam
Sanford Wallace Dart Game
Kevin Deals With a Spammer (See also)
Dilbert & chain mail
Helen deals with spammers at her own company (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
Lysander Spooner characterizes a spammer
Jeffrey Smith's How to see if you qualify to join the Cabal boycott logo
MMF Hall Of Humiliation
Why spam is bad.
Why opt-out doesn't work. (LA Times)
Why opt-in is good.
Good Practice for Combating Unsolicited Bulk Email (RIPE document 206).
How Bulk E-Mail Can Destroy Your Small Business
Current Usenet spam thresholds and guidelines, by Chris Lewis & Tim Skirvin.
The Cancel FAQ
Bincancel FAQ
Newsgroup Care Cancel Cookbook
Dealing with Trolls
Tactical Net Abuse FAQ
"The Parameters of Spam"
Roger Ebert's "Enough!" anti-spam article
A hidden cost of spam -- Norman L. DeForest
Cyberpromo FAQ
Adopt-a-spammer: Cyberpromotions
Hormell's ""
Jeff ("Spam King") Slaton FAQ
another Jeff Slaton FAQ, written by his ex business partners.
Rogue Gallery of Net Abusers
Rogue Sites List
1-800 numbers used by spammers
More FAQs by Phoenix.
Advertising on Usenet: How To Do It, How Not To Do It, by Joel K. Furr
Jayne Hitchcock vs. Woodside
More on Woodside
Newsgroup Charters
newsgroup news.announce.newusers
What is Usenet, by Salzenberg, Spafford and Moraes.
What is Usenet? A second opinion., by Vielmetti.
A Primer on How to Work With the Usenet Community, by Von Rospach, Spafford, et. al.
Rules for posting to Usenet, by Horton, Spafford & Moraes.
Emily Postnews Answers Your Questions on Netiquette, by Templeton et. al.
Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval
Tip of the Day,
Spamhaus: who's behind your spam?
How you can help:
Support the Smith Bill.
Join the Coalition Against UCE (CAUCE)
Coalition Against Uncslicted Bulk Email, Australia
I-Way: Beating the Spammers
JunkBusters Home Page
Agis boycott info
Down With Spam -- more on fighting Agis.
Spam Laws -- info on suing junk faxers -- info on suing spammers.
Washington anti-spam law
Virginia anti-spam law
Californial anti-spam law See section 17538.4(g)
John Marshall Law School intro to spam laws.
John Marshall Law School index.
Spam laws in other countries
For continuing coverage of the lawsuit that Adam Engst and four other editors at TidBITS are filing against WorldTouch Network, see their web page: TidBITS Sues Spammer.
Garbage In: Emerging Media And Regulation Of Unsolicited Commercial Solicitations, by Michael W. Carrol.
Unsolicited E-mail, John Marshall Law School.
USC 47, § 227, the law that makes Junk faxes illegal.
Cauce's Proposed ammendment to USC 47, § 227
Junk e-mail Call To Action, including info on Cyberpromo
E-mail statutes
The Campaign to Stop Junk Email
Spammers may be sued in the damaged party's home state.
Cyberlaw Encyclopedia
Copyright Myths FAQ, by Brad Templeton
Copyright law FAQ, by Terry Carroll
San Jose Mercury News article about a cancelbot run from UUNet that was cancelling articles on a racist basis ("Kikecancel")
New York Times article on cancels. (New York Times may ask you to register first, this is probably benign.)
An article on how email spammers destroyed a valuable geneology research tool.
Media Errors on Spam
More Links:
Spam Eater
The Spammer's Compendium — A public exposition of tricks used by spammers.
Yada Yada Yada — Even more links, courtesy of Doug D.
Net-abuse Bookmarks & news bites
Get that spammer! -- links
The Anti-Spam
Anti-Spam Links
SpamNet Links
Net Abuse Links -- by Phoenix.
Spam-Fighting Utilities -- by Phoenix.
TISPA Spam Information Page

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