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16 Dec 1999

Summary: 22 articles posted to 148 newsgroups total. Breidbart Index is 56.93

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<> 6 >Internet Marketing Expert - Wants YOU on his Team < (canceled?) <> 6 Australia & New Zealand Launch in February ! (canceled?) <> 6 BAD LUCK BEHIND MY LOW SCORES: MARK WAUGH (canceled?) <> 6 BHARATIYA TEAM MANAGEMENT WANTED DIGHE, NOT MONGIA (canceled?) <> 7 CHRISTCHURCH TO HOST 2ND WORLD CUP CRICKET FOR BLIND (canceled?) <> 6 I AM NOT RUINING YOUNIS' CAREER: AKRAM (canceled?) <> 6 IT WAS A LUCKY DISMISSAL: MCGRATH (canceled?) <> 6 LEE SELECTION SET TO SPARK FRESH 'CHUCKING' CONTROVERSY (canceled?) <> 6 MAN WHO DRANK BLOOD TO CURE AIDS ARRESTED (canceled?) <> 8 New passwords for you . (canceled?) <> 8 New passwords for you . (canceled?) <> 8 New passwords for you ............ (canceled?) <> 8 New passwords for you ............. (canceled?) <> 8 New passwords for you .............. (canceled?) <> 8 New passwords for you ............... (canceled?) <> 6 PCB CONTEMPLATING ACTION AGAINST WAQAR YOUNIS (canceled?) <> 7 SHRI LANKA 248 FOR 7 IN THIRD ONE-DAYER AGAINST ZIMBABWE (canceled?) <> 6 TENDULKAR TO SIT OUT MATCH AGAINST TASMANIA (canceled?) <> 6 UMPIRING APPOINTMENTS NOT QUESTIONED: KAPIL (canceled?) <> 6 WEST INDIES PILE UP 282 FOR ONE (canceled?) <> 6 WINDIES IN CONTROL OF HAMILTON TEST (canceled?) <> 8 ~ Online Positions Available - Work from Home - Virtual Office Provided ~ (canceled?)

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