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17 Dec 1999

Summary: 12 articles posted to 77 newsgroups total. Breidbart Index is 30.35

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<> 6 DRAVID GIVES BHARATIYA CAUSE FOR CHEER (canceled?) <> 6 DRAVID SCORES 107 IN BHARAT'S 241 FOR SIX (canceled?) <> 6 HAIR TO OFFICIATE IN THIRD TEST (canceled?) <> 6 MARK WAUGH FAILS AGAIN (canceled?) <> 6 MILLER TO TRY OUT VISWANATH'S IDEAS (canceled?) <> 6 NEW ZEALAND 113 FOR 3 AFTER RESTRICTING WINDIES (canceled?) <> 6 NEW ZEALAND BOWL THEMSELVES BACK INTO THE GAME (canceled?) <> 6 Promoting a Networking Company ? If so I want to talk to YOU! (canceled?) <> 6 YOUNIS FACES BAN AFTER CRITICISING AKRAM (canceled?) <> 8 ~ Online Positions Open - Work from Home - Virtual Office Provided ~ (canceled?) <> 8 ~Learn why Downline Builder Programs No Longer Work ! ~ (canceled?) <> 7 ~~ Wealth without risk in the Third Millenium! ~~ (canceled?)

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