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24 Jan 2000

Summary: 25 articles posted to 128 newsgroups total. Breidbart Index is 53.91

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<> 1 # LEISURE NEWS IS A SCAM RIPOFF SITE i3w 80202 (canceled?) <> 1 - LEISURE NEWS IS A RIPOFF SCAM n3w 9795 (canceled?) <> 1 @ LEISURE NEWS IS A SCAM RIPOFF SITE k3e 64545 (canceled?) <> 1 @ LEISURE NEWS IS A SCAM RIPOFF SITE k3e 98397 (canceled?) <> 6 AMBROSE READY TO RESUME TEST CAREER AT 36 (canceled?) <> 6 AMBROSE READY TO RESUME TEST CAREER AT 36 (canceled?) <> 6 AUSTRALIA PILE UP 286, AKRAM TOUCHES 400-WICKET MARK (canceled?) <> 6 BHARAT BEATS ENGLAND, TO FACE SHRI LANKA (canceled?) <> 6 BHARAT CRASHES TO THIRD SUCCESSIVE DEFEAT (canceled?) <> 6 BHARAT FACES MUST-WIN SITUATION AGAINST PAKISTAN (canceled?) <> 6 BHARAT ON VERGE OF ELIMINATION FROM BEST-OF-THREE (canceled?) <> 6 DISAPPOINTING END TO PAES' AUSTRALIAN OPEN CAMPAIGN (canceled?) <> 6 ENGLAND BEGINS HISTORIC RUN CHASE (canceled?) <860cbe$lgk$> 8 Hot passwords . (canceled?) <> 5 KAFELNIKOV PUTS HIS MONEY ON SAMPRAS (canceled?) <> 6 MACGILL SPINS AUSTRALIA TO VICTORY (canceled?) <> 1 NY Post/Page Six: Richard Lewis & Stern Insults Leave Psychic Seething (canceled?) <> 6 Nude RUSSIAN SOLDIERS - Exclusive Pictures !!! (canceled?) <> 6 RAZZAQ LIFTS PAKISTAN TO 262-7 (canceled?) <> 1 RIPOFF SCAM LEISURE NEWS ANONYMISE i4r 11895 (canceled?) <> 6 SACHIN DISAPPOINTED WITH AUSSIE MEDIA OVER SAWDUST ISSUE (canceled?) <> 5 SAMPRAS NOT PLANNING TO PLAY IN SYDNEY OLYMPICS (canceled?) <> 11 Savage Says: We Dont Want Gay Blood Donors in San Francisco (canceled?) <> 6 TENDULKAR KNOCK GOES IN VAIN, BHARAT LOSES AGAIN (canceled?) <86dba0$5mr$> 9 What to do? (canceled?)

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