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21 Apr 2000

Summary: 14 articles posted to 136 newsgroups total. Breidbart Index is 43.56

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<38dad1fd$0$> 10 ACTION ALERT: Help Stop Legal Abandonment Laws in CA (canceled?) <38d1d599$0$> 10 ACTION ALERT: Support Alabama HB-690 (canceled?) <38f54af1$0$> 10 ALABAMA ADOPTEE RIGHTS ACTION ALERT: Pass HB-690 in the Senate! (canceled?) <38e10005$0$> 10 AWARE ACTION ALERT: Alabama HB-690 RULES!!! And so does the RULES Committee.... (canceled?) <38f5764c$0$> 10 Action Alert - Stop Minnesota Baby Dump Bill on the Governor's Desk! (canceled?) <38d34bed$0$> 10 Action Alert: Baby Dump Laws are Not a Solution! (canceled?) <38c75b92$0$> 10 Action Alert: Stop Connecticut RB 5764 (canceled?) <38d7a6b8$0$> 10 Alabama Adoptee Rights Alert! (canceled?) <38f2bc67$0$> 10 Lawyer's Vacation Suspends Oregon Adoptee Rights Law (canceled?) <3900e6dd$0$> 10 NJ Rep Chris Smith is holding up the Hague Convention! (canceled?) <38c9eb6c$0$> 10 OPPOSE RHODE ISLAND H 7849 (canceled?) <38d827b1$0$> 10 Oregon Supreme Court lets Measure 58 stand. (canceled?) <38c5e098$0$> 6 Question & Test Interop (IMS Q&TI) editor project (canceled?) <38fb5e06$0$> 10 URGENT U.S. FEDERAL ACTION REQUIRED ON INTERCOUNTRY ADOPTION (canceled?)

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