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15 Feb 2006

Note: Automated spam monitoring stopped several years ago. These web pages are maintained for historical reasons. Some may be updated from time to time as news about the individual sites becomes available.

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Overview of last 7 reports

05 May 2000 3220480.30full headers
28 Apr 2000 48298119.30full headers
21 Apr 2000 59383149.77full headers
07 Apr 2000 77473190.19full headers
14 Mar 2000 3222283.74full headers
25 Feb 2000 54333133.91
24 Jan 2000 137831.84

Overview of history

Total spam since 24 Jan 20003151991 789.05
Peak spam on 7 Apr 200077473 190.19
Peak daily spam on 28 Apr 2000642 17.04(7-day average)
Average daily spam3.018.9 7.50

full history also available

General information about Bfp.net

Added 29 January 1998 due to excessive porn spams in Alt.sexual.abuse.recovery

Bfp is Brooks Fiber Properties, Inc., 160 Blue Ravine Road Suite A Folsom, CA 95630 Contact: Robert W Ingraham, bobi@BFP.NET (916) 353-5151 (FAX) (916) 353-5155 Jerry Lack, jlack@I1.NET 314-579-4655

Spam consists of porn ads with forged headers.

To report spam, contact postmaster@bfp.net

A complete history may also be available.

General notes:

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