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15 Feb 2006

Note: Automated spam monitoring stopped several years ago. These web pages are maintained for historical reasons. Some may be updated from time to time as news about the individual sites becomes available.

No spam today

Overview of last 3 reports

11 Sep 2000 175930.34full headers
19 May 2000 245733.25full headers
14 Dec 1999 379955.34full headers

Overview of history

Total spam since 14 Dec 199978215 118.93
Peak spam on 19 May 20002457 33.25
Peak daily spam on 11 Sep 200000 0.26(115-day average)
Average daily spam0.20.4 0.23

full history also available

General information about Compuserve

Compuserve is one of the oldest and best-known ISP's on the net. Although there are occasional problems with netnews spam from Compuserve, they are few and far between. Email spam is another matter. In addition, in Aug, 1998, large numbers of rogue cancels began coming from Compuserve.

Compuserve also owns Interserve, presumably to service higher-end customers. Both have been the source of spam on occasion.

Compuserve, like many major service providers, exerts the absolute minimum effort required to stay off the Realtime Black List and avoid the Usenet Death Penalty. Compuserve allowed spam problems to get worse and worse until an actual UDP was instituted against them. They then implemented whatever measures are required to reverse the UDP.

Compuserve admins have requested that I track Sprynet seperately. Sprynet is now owned by Mindspring.

Ownership & Contact Info

Whois identifies Compuserve as
CompuServe Incorporated COMPUSERVE-DOM
   5000 Arlington Centre Blvd.
   Columbus, OH 43220

   Domain Name: COMPUSERVE.COM

   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Hostmaster, Compuserve hostmaster@COMPUSERVE.NET
   Billing Contact:
      Accounts Payable, Compuserve hostmaster@COMPUSERVE.NET

   Record last updated on 27-Aug-96.
   Record created on 06-Oct-88.
   Database last updated on 3-Sep-97 04:53:18 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:

Whois identifies Interserve as
   3535 128th Ave. SE
   Bellevue, WA 98006

   Domain Name: INTERSERV.COM

   Administrative Contact:
      Bruner, James jtb@SPRY.COM
      206 441-8099 (FAX) 206 441-8772
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Operations, Sprynet noc@INTERSERV.NET
      206 441-8099, Fax- 206 441-8772
   Billing Contact:
      Hedman, Bonnie bonnie@SPRY.COM
      206 957-8221

   Record last updated on 02-Apr-97.
   Record created on 16-Aug-93.
   Database last updated on 3-Sep-97 04:53:18 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:


Site history

To report spam, contact abuse@compuserve.com

A complete history may also be available.

General notes:

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