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19 May 2000

Summary: 24 articles posted to 57 newsgroups total. Breidbart Index is 33.25

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<8g11bb$mff$> 6 **WELL RESPECTED COMPANY**SEEKS YOU!** (canceled?) <> 1 3 Black Guys Rape A White Girl (canceled?) <88p3bo$qku$> 6 800 dollars a month (canceled?) <85sdkn$6vm$> 1 Attn: Consumers 4910 (canceled?) <85sc3j$6fs$> 1 Attn: Consumers 5316 (canceled?) <8cja8r$m7l$> 6 Aurora in Holland (canceled?) <8ci8q1$n8a$> 1 Did I tell you I get paid to surf the Web? (canceled?) <> 1 Gang Raped On Tape (canceled?) <> 1 Gang Raped On Tape (canceled?) <> 1 Gang Raped On Tape (canceled?) <> 1 Gang Raped On Tape (canceled?) <> 1 Rape Videos (canceled?) <8679oi$f4m$> 1 ReferNet Marketing 8956 (canceled?) <85jf6u$ssp$> 1 SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!! (canceled?) <8g02to$8fr$> 6 The system works..For you..& Me... (canceled?) <> 9 WE'VE SHOCKED THE INTERNET WORLD! (canceled?) <83gc0g$bae$> 6 WHAT'S GOING ON? (canceled?) <85se5l$cjd$> 1 We Build. You Save and Earn! 4349 (canceled?) <86nvme$950$> 1 Why not? 7542 (canceled?) <> 1 u_n_c_e_n_s_o_r_e_d_ u_s_e_n_e_t_ p_i_c_s (1227) (canceled?) <> 1 uncensored raunchy sick hardcore pix (canceled?) <> 1 uncensored raunchy sick hardcore pix (canceled?) <> 1 usenet pics uncensored (canceled?) <> 1 usenet pics uncensored (canceled?)

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